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Quote Of The Day - Copycat Edition

"In disunity there is strength."
David Brooks in The New York Times, on conservative success and liberal failure. It's also an indirect rebuttal to the charges that the Schiavo case, Social Security, et. all, are bound to "break up" the right.

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I really don't think that's... (Below threshold)

I really don't think that's Karl Rove's motto.

Some of my Liberal friends ... (Below threshold)

Some of my Liberal friends are convinced that there are certain societies incapable of representative self-governement. I hope they can understand why I believe Liberals are incapable of forming think tanks.

OT - Then There Were None</... (Below threshold)

OT - Then There Were None

Along with Rather and Brokaw, Peter Jennings was also prominent on the big three, free-TV elite news operations. Now, with Peter's chemo to start soon, all three are gone or fading.

Jennings is going to stay o... (Below threshold)

Jennings is going to stay on the air as much as his chemo regimen allows.

I'm not sure this is something to take pleasure in, anyway.

Brooks is right about conse... (Below threshold)

Brooks is right about conservative = smart = fashion.

However, seeing the Right-to-Zombie phonies run on and on with their glaring misstatements and transparent fallacies, didn't inspire great expectations for Conservatives in the 2006 elections.






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