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Support Lebanon's struggle for freedom

Lebanese opposition protester shouts anti-Syrian slogans during a demonstration in Beirut Martyrs square, Lebanon, Monday March 14, 2005. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese answered an opposition call for a massive protest to demand a full Syrian troop withdrawal, resignations of security chiefs and an international investigation into the death of former Premier Rafik Hariri.(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Support pro-democracy demonstrators in Beirut's "tent city" and keep attention on Lebanon's struggle for freedom.

Lebanon is at an historic crossroads. It has been under foreign occupation for more than a generation. But, as the result of pro-democracy demonstrations in Beirut, free elections and independence are now within Lebanon's reach. The focal point of these demonstrations is a "tent city" where pro-democracy demonstrators representing many different religions and political groups have united to form a permanent presence until Lebanon wins its independence.

Spirit of America is asking for your donations to support pro-democracy demonstrators in Beirut's "tent city." Even protest babes need a shower every now and again.


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Comments (7)

Um, you need to fix the spe... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Um, you need to fix the spelling in the headline. As it is, juxtaposed with the photo, it looks, well, uh, ahem...

I see something I wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

I see something I wouldn't mind liberating.

These protest babes are giv... (Below threshold)

These protest babes are giving me a tent city.

"tent city" indeed... (Below threshold)

"tent city" indeed

Is it me or is there anothe... (Below threshold)

Is it me or is there another part of this picture that's "struggling for freedom"?

That Lebanese hottie doesn'... (Below threshold)

That Lebanese hottie doesn't look like she needs much support...

If she is loaning out her w... (Below threshold)

If she is loaning out her watch, I'll settle for half-past a freckle.






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