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The Bush Girls Earn The Pat O'Brien Seal Of Approval

Pat O'Brien Says...

The Bush Family Has Good Genes [Say Anything]

Have you visited the Say Anything yet and experienced the wholesome goodness of Lauren, Barbara, and Jenna Bush? Do it now because I'm about to spoil it for you for good...

Lauren Bush, Barbara Bush, and Vincent Gallo

That's director Vincent Gallo. Gallo was last seen wishing death on Roger Ebert and depositing a load of goo on big-time Hollywood actress Chloe Sevigny in Brown Bunny. Even for the edgy Sevigny, the Brown Bunny scene [extreme NSFW] was shocking. It's just creepy to see him there, hovering in the background.

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May I suggest some <a href=... (Below threshold)

May I suggest some mood music, Kev?

Gallo's a republican!... (Below threshold)

Gallo's a republican!

Here's the video on IFILM f... (Below threshold)

Here's the video on IFILM for you sick bastards. Yeah, it's Pr0n.

For God's sake, man, cro... (Below threshold)

For God's sake, man, crop!

I sense that Paris Hilton i... (Below threshold)

I sense that Paris Hilton is somehow behind this.

Hmmm...I thought that was J... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...I thought that was John Tesh, post-nasty 60-second tanning incident.

Not sure who that is in the... (Below threshold)

Not sure who that is in the pics, but it's not the scene from the movie. Someone put the name on some low-budget pr0n (as opposed to Gallo's big-budget pr0n).

Sorry, guys. But the really... (Below threshold)

Sorry, guys. But the really wholesome goodlooking one in the family is George P. Bush.

Well, I looked at that nons... (Below threshold)

Well, I looked at that nonsense on IFILM.

Let me say this: There's no art to that whatsoever. I suppose it COULD have been done artfully, but there's no there there. Its got about as much composition as a $4.95 a month internet porn site, and (I assume this was in line with the them of the movie), I don't ever think I've seen woman on man oral sex portrayed quite that degradingly outside of the what I hear is portrayed on hummiliation sites on the 'net.

That girl's career ought to be in the toilet.

Interestingly, Google teaches that Ebert and this jackass have "made up nice" and Ebert gave a pretty good review to the "recut" version of the film.

If I were GWB, I'd have Gallow tossed by the Secret Service 5 or 6 times a day just for having the stones to sit next to the first daughters.

Compare and contrast Barbar... (Below threshold)

Compare and contrast Barbara Bush to ... Chelsea Clinton. CC looks like something the cat dragged in (naturally).

Wait, is Ace guestblogging?... (Below threshold)

Wait, is Ace guestblogging? Is that where he went??

I looked for the "edgy" par... (Below threshold)

I looked for the "edgy" part of Sevigny and couldn't find it. Seems to me that everything is straight down the middle.

Vincent Gallo is a very tal... (Below threshold)
you are wrong.:

Vincent Gallo is a very talented man. The Bush girls should consider themselves lucky to be seated next to such a man. The Brown Bunny was an artistic masterpiece that should be viewed in its entirity and understood before commenting on its appeal or non-appeal as a pornographic film. You should be ashamed.

I cant believe that for onc... (Below threshold)

I cant believe that for once, I would have wanted to be a Bush daughter.






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