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Those Stupid, Stupid Scientists

Via McGehee I learn that some scientists ain't as smart as you would expect.

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Paul writes: Cate... (Below threshold)

Paul writes: Category: Humor

...and remember to tip your waitresses, folks.

Two reasons (besides the ob... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Two reasons (besides the obvious ones) spring to mind:

1) Greater genetic diversity gained by relying on the genetic heritage of two individuals, allowing genes to combine in new and possibly more beneficial ways.

2) As cited in David Gerrold's "War Against The Chtorr" books (which I'm re-reading), libido is a self-selecting hereditary trait. Creatures that like to boink more often than others tend to have more offspring, so any boinking-related genes are more likely to be passed on.

Happy now, Paul? I FINALLY commented on one of your "Oozer" pieces...


It *is* a mystery why sexua... (Below threshold)

It *is* a mystery why sexual (as opposed to asexual) reproduction started, and why it became so common. Though Jay Tea's comment about greater genetic diversity is probebly a good start.

BTW, I reconize the humor of taking the scientists words out of context, but it is a completely legitimate area of scientific research and thought.

Bah, sexual reproduction is... (Below threshold)

Bah, sexual reproduction isn't common. In fact, in the rest of the galaxy, it's completely unkown. Every race simply knows that "when you got to bud, you got to bud." Planets only have three of four species of multicelular life tops. Heaven forbid a planet would spawn quickly evolving non-budding forms of life. If ever found, that planet would have to be destroyed, lest such life come to dominate the galaxy.</asimov>

I knew Paul would get a kic... (Below threshold)

I knew Paul would get a kick out of it.

McGehee, on my resume', und... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

McGehee, on my resume', under hobbies, for years I've listed "instigator." You might want to consider adding that to yours, as well. Didn't you learn ANYTHING last Friday?


Gahhh! Sexual reproduction... (Below threshold)

Gahhh! Sexual reproduction makes greater diversity possible. D'oh! Asexual reproduction does not allow for as great a diversity, even after reproduction...you have an opportunity to exchange greater variations by two with opposite genders, than otherwise.

It's not "a mystery" as to why it began any more than it's a mystery that life is complex.

FINDING that a mystery is moreorless proof to my read that Paul's oozer conclusion was correct.

There is one good reason:</... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

There is one good reason:

Sexual reproduction is a helluva lot of fun.

Well, Steve L., just to pos... (Below threshold)

Well, Steve L., just to pose the obvious here, you haven't any reference on what asexual reproduction was/is within any 'fun factor' rating of experience. Thus, if what you're suggesting is that a fun factor was motivation to ooze from asexual reproduction process to sexual reproduction, unless and until there's some capacity to understand what the former's fun factor was/is, there's no room to compare one with the other within that consideration (the fun factor consideration).

But, the idea of physical a... (Below threshold)

But, the idea of physical and emotional pleasure involved with reproduction is also pretty obvious: to induce and be conducive to ongoing reproduction.

If reproduction (asexual/sexual) was a bad experience, even an unpleasant one for whatever reason, there'd be far less of it. Thus, the sensory amplifications in the process makes for a greater liklihood that individuals will reproduce.

God's got a great mind, doesn't He?






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