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Big rocks keep falling on my head...

Yet more wonderful news from Boston's Big Dig...

For those who would like a brief recap: yesterday rocks and other debris started falling from the roof of one of the Big Dig's tunnels, damaging quite a few cars and an ambulance. It turned out that it wasn't from the tunnel crumbling, but from construction going on up above -- it turned out someone hadn't closed off an air intake, and the rubble was falling down the air vent and into the tunnel.

Officials say that it isn't related to shoddy construction, and the company's accepted responsibility and will be paying for all damaged vehicles. But the ambulance company says it's gonna keep its ambulances out of the tunnels until they're certified as safe. And let's not forget that the same company that didn't close off that airshaft is one of the same companies that is building the tunnels...



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This thing just gets better... (Below threshold)

This thing just gets better and better. Think we need to create a new video game, "Dodge the debris thru the Tunnel of Doom" otherwise known as A Daily commute to Boston.

Jay: Is this your way of t... (Below threshold)

Jay: Is this your way of telling us you're back?

We have very few tunnels in... (Below threshold)

We have very few tunnels in New Jersey - don't need them, our potholes are deep enough. Send some of your Bog Dig money down here, so New Jersey DOT can fix our roads.

Just wait until Lucas Wall ... (Below threshold)

Just wait until Lucas Wall arrives in Boston.

He's been METRO's #1 fan in Houston for the Houston Chronicle, and you can look forward to "The Big Dig Is A Bit Hit!" headlines.

I swear, if Baghdad Bob were a traffic beat reporter, he'd be Lucas Wall.

LINE ITEM VETO....LINE ITEM... (Below threshold)


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