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DeLay Families Values

Captain Ed examines the charges that Rep. Tom DeLay's payments to his wife and daughter were out of the ordinary, and excessive. I'd been waiting to see if either Daily Kos or MyDD had pithy comments on the DeLay payments, considering the recent dustup about their payments while consulting for the Dean campaign. Kos didn't bite, but Jerome sort of did.

Just to give an example of how un-grandiose the pay received by DeLay's wife and daughter were, consider the monthly pay each received as opposed to the Armstrong/Zuniga LLC's pay from just the Dean campaign alone. All data is publicly available via FEC records.

Jerome Armstrong - $7,000 ($84K/yr)
Christine DeLay - $4,028 (~$48K/yr)
Dani DeLay Ferro - $3,681 (~$44K/yr)
Markos Moulitsas Zuniga - $3,000 ($36K/yr)
Neither of the 4 are going to get rich off that unless they play Powerball religiously. I have neither the time nor inclination to document how it now appears that DeLay's days are numbered in the House leadership. It appears he's headed to Congressional equivalent of the dead letter office or a permanent seat at Senator Trent Lott's dinner table.

Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader [NYT]

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I agree that Delay seems he... (Below threshold)

I agree that Delay seems headed down the tubes. The Democrats finally succeeded at creating a bogeyman to rival Gingrich. The evil genius Karl Rove just wasn't exciting the public enough. It is both discouraging and amusing that the electorate is so shallow as to require bogeyman to funnel their anger, whether it be Tom Delay or the darn old monolithically liberal judiciary. The parties understand this very well, but darn them for it.

Oh come on. I'd be willing ... (Below threshold)

Oh come on. I'd be willing to bet that every single member of the U.S. Congress does this. Not that makes it okay. It's just kind of hypocritical for everyone else to pile on DeLay for it.

Term limits. The removal of Gerrymandering. That'll fix them. Two simple things that will never be done.

HaHaHa would like to see th... (Below threshold)

HaHaHa would like to see that dead letter.

Delay will be sitting pretty long after Pelooser is retired.

These old stories about Tom... (Below threshold)

These old stories about Tom DeLay could not matter less, that he pulled the plug on his own Father's life and then hired Trial Lawyers to sue some company for a whole bunch of pain and suffering money, or that he was widely known as Tom "Hot Tub" DeLay when he was down here in Texas, or any of that nonsense. I mean, who cares, if he is representing us and good Republican Values and supporting President Bush and the Culture of Life, isn't that what matters really, not all this other stuff?

We need to stop paying attention to those Liberal Media who are just trying to smear Tom DeLay. He represents the very best of the Republican Party of America, despite all the lies being spread about his so-called "ethical violations", which were merely him (and his wife and daughter) getting his payback which is his due for all the hard work he has put in to help elect Our President and Republican Congress.

That's called Free Enterprise, and it's what we stand for here in America. If you don't like it, you can just go somewhere that Al-Jazeera is the only news, so you won't have to listen to it.

Armstrong and Zuniga got a ... (Below threshold)
Mr Truth:

Armstrong and Zuniga got a total of $12K for 4 months of paid work combined. Armstrong gave up blogging during the time, and Zuniga had a prominent disclosure. What's your point?

I think this is far more co... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think this is far more common than anyone realizes, it just makes for more mud for the dems to throw at Delay.

But I bet if you targeted almost any politician in Washington you could make him look corrupt in no matter of time.

You know, there's a differe... (Below threshold)

You know, there's a difference between PACs and a campaign (for instance, DeLay's PAC rakes in loads of money from various businesses having ... ummm ... "business" before the House). ANd there's a difference beteween paying a politicalprofessional for specific services, and shovelling off PAC money by the boatload into your own household.

DeLay's as crooked as the day is long. But sure, go ahead, defend this as just the "usual course of business" and keep DeLay around as a poster child for Repuiblican ethics. In fact, thanks so much for your support of DeLay. :-)


It's just kind of hypocr... (Below threshold)

It's just kind of hypocritical for everyone else to pile on DeLay for it.

Term limits. The removal of Gerrymandering.

Hmmmm. Looked at how DeLay's bunch carved up the Texas electoral map (and mid-census to boot)?


But Arne, doesn't the curre... (Below threshold)

But Arne, doesn't the current Texas congressional delegation better represent the political ideology of the people of that state? In other words, isn't Delay a champion for democracy by aligning the people with their representatives? You announce that Delay carved up the Texas electoral map as if that is necessarily a bad thing. Pray tell why.

Hmmm.I live in Dem... (Below threshold)


I live in Democrat controlled New Jersey, the most corrupt state in America. The Democrats here wouldn't even consider that junior varsity league corruption.

McCain:Not saying ... (Below threshold)


Not saying it's "bad" or "good". But one thing those misshapen districts running skinnily across the breadth of Texas are is ... gerrymandering.

FWIW, the Republicans crowed about how the redistricting would enable a Republican pickup of six or so seats. So it's not only gerrymandering, but gerrymandering for relative political advantage.

My own feeling is that districts should be drawn in a non-partisan, geographic manner. But that's just my personal opinion, and there is a case to be made that districts should be made either as diverse as can be, or alternatively, as homogeneous as can be. Depends on your preferred model of democracy and how people are "best" represented....


Re: Texas redistricting.<b... (Below threshold)

Re: Texas redistricting.
As a Texas resident, I can tell you that the gerrymandering here mid-census was a blatant show of power for the Republicans here. My district (conservative to begin with) was chopped into so many pieces that where before, my neighbors and I were all the same district. Now there are no fewer than three districts on one four block stretch of Dallas neighborhood.
It was designed solely to insure that the Democrats could never solidify. It is the kind of repulsive behavior that has me seriously considering leaving the party.

bark...bark....bark....bark... (Below threshold)
minnie the barking moonbat:


I was under the impression ... (Below threshold)

I was under the impression that it was the democrats who re-carved up texas in the first place, and the republicans were just recarving it back....

Ed don't you know by now, c... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Ed don't you know by now, corruption is only a bad thing, when the GOP does it, corruption for the DNC is perfectly acceptable.

I used to live in a small t... (Below threshold)

I used to live in a small town with 3 Congressional districts. It was the Democrats who gerrymandered Texas unmercifully, for generations. DeLay worked to undo much of that damage.

Go ahead and rationalize it... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Go ahead and rationalize it all you want Just Me, but House Speaker Jim Wright was brought down in 1989 over one impropriety connected to a book deal.

Take a look at the evidence building against DeLay and it reflects an arrogant recklessness, in blatant violation of campaign finance laws. And apparently, this was going on while the Gingrich Republicans were morally indicting the corruption of the Democrats.

The tepid outrage expressed here, leads me to believe that no one in your Party has the guts to confront DeLay. You're all saying he's 'toast', but who's gonna push him out the door when you seem to have no problems with his behavior?

Clive -- his fellow Republi... (Below threshold)

Clive -- his fellow Republicans in Congress, and for the same reason they showed Gingrich the door and elevated the innocuous Denny Hastert. An election is coming and they don't need a bogeyman.

I think this is the political reality, whether or not Delay's acts are the norm or whatever. Doesn't matter. Republicans DO call their own to the carpet more willingly than Democrats, and in this case it will be politically expedient whether or not is is also the proper ethical decision.

Sorry Senator, But... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Sorry Senator,

But, Gingrich was not pushed out, he jumped!

I think this is the political reality, whether or not Delay's acts are the norm or whatever. Doesn't matter. Republicans DO call their own to the carpet more willingly than Democrats

Oh, it's the 'everybody does it' defense when the Republicans get caught! DeLay had ethics rules changed and sacked the head of the Ethics Comte., and replaced him with a sycophant.

Like I said earlier, your half-assed condemnations and 'predictions', but no 'demands' for his head, will prolong this scandal.

Clive do you remember Toric... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Clive do you remember Toricelli? He barely got slapped on the wrist, and was still running for re election (it was only when the polls showed he wasn't going to win that they pulled their second big act of corruption and got him off the ticket and filled it with another dem).

Clive par for the course when it comes to the DNC is to ignore acts of corruption, and they usually have the help of the MSM to ignore them.

Shoot does anyone wonder what the DNC and the MSM would be squalling about right now, if Condi Rice had been stuffing secret documents in her skirt, and removing them from the archive to destroy them?

Just Me,The mounta... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Just Me,

The mountain of evidence against DeLay has reached the level of James Trafficant. Remember him? And, all you're ranting about is the Liberal Media?

DeLay's defiant statement must've galvanized your support, right? Go ahead, fight the DNC/media conspiracy!

Republicans DO call thei... (Below threshold)

Republicans DO call their own to the carpet more willingly than Democrats,

And you're basing this upon what? My guess is nothing, other than your tendency to agree with Republicans.

if Condi Rice had been stuffing secret documents in her skirt, and removing them from the archive to destroy them?

Ok, Berger's a twit, but what makes you think the documents he took were originals that would be lost forever after he took them? Nothing? Oh, ok.

Mantis it doesn't matter wh... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Mantis it doesn't matter whether they were originals or not, he took documents from the archive and destroyed them, when it was illegal to do so.

The man was the NSA for Clinton, he should have known better, and if he didn't, then what in the world was he doing in that position in the first place?

And the facts are that if Condi was only removing copies, the MSM, the liberals and every democrat in congress would be wanting her head on a silver platter.

Instead Berger gets a small fine, and the man gets his security clearence back in three years-that is scary.

"And you're basing this upon what? My guess is nothing, other than your tendency to agree with Republicans. "

History, just look at what happend to Trent Lott verses Byrd (and the other dem can't think of his name right now).

Look at Newt.

Look at the DNC judicial committee memo thing. The GOP staffer lost his job, because he took a memo, but not one democrat condemned what was in those memos. The MSM decided to ignore what was in the memos as well.

Clive -Yes, I reme... (Below threshold)

Clive -

Yes, I remember James Traficant. He was expelled from the House ONLY AFTER he was conficted in court. You just made my case for me, and I thank you for it. By the way, I didn't make the everybody does it defense. That is a lame defense. What I said was that defense is irrelevant because he has to go. If I had some power to make him go, I would do it for you Clive, but I am only a lowly blogger.

Mantis -

James Traficant. (thanks again Clive)

and soon to be...Delay

Ok? Republicans DO call their own to the carpet more willingly than Democrats,






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