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Pardon Our Apprehension

Shuttle launch director Mike Leinbach chats with the media as space shuttle Discovery, right, slowly moves towards the pad at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla,Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2005. Discovery is scheduled for launch no earlier than May 15 on a mission to the international space station carrying a crew of seven.(AP Photo/Terry Renna)

Space Shuttle launch director Mike Leinbach (shown above) chats with the media about a crack that was discovered in the foam insulation on the external fuel tank. The NASA spokesman said the crack was no reason for concern. After sending images of the crack to the tank's manufacturer in Louisiana, the space agency concluded it did not need to make any repairs.

Hearing the words "crack", "foam insulation," and "shuttle" in the same sentence still has us a bit jittery...

Small Crack Delays Space Shuttle Launch [AP]

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That sounds like a particul... (Below threshold)

That sounds like a particularly bad combination.

I wonder what the atronauts... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I wonder what the atronauts who are slated to go up in that shuttle think there is no reason for concern?

I think I would be calling in sick.

Caption: The rock was this... (Below threshold)

Caption: The rock was this big.

Oh wait, those cracks. Never mind.

"If this crack were to pose... (Below threshold)

"If this crack were to pose a problem, the pieces of the space shuttle would be no larger than this."

You missed a golden opportu... (Below threshold)

You missed a golden opportunity. Imagine how much traffic your blog would get if you went with the alternative headline:

"Space Shuttle Astronauts Have Crack Problem"

Something like that could make you famous. Or infamous.

I keep wanting to say "Mari... (Below threshold)

I keep wanting to say "Marion Barry."

What's with that picture?</... (Below threshold)

What's with that picture?

The shuttle has a funny look...kinda like it has been "cut & pasted"...

Sure this isn't a doctored photo...

Oh, pardon me....it's the shuttle that needs the doctor.

Remember when the accident ... (Below threshold)

Remember when the accident first happened and all of the NASA engineers were sure that the foam wouldn't cause a problem? There was no way that the fluffy foam could cause the problem.
If I were making a wager on the whole thing, I'd have to say that the foam that got soaked from sitting under a leaky warehouse roof turned to a solid block of ice (liquid H2 is a bit cold) that was blown off at mach whatever was far more dangerous than fluffy foam.
Going into orbit on a chemical rocket will always be a 1 in 50 or 1 in 100 chance. I wonder why they keep everybody back 3 miles or thereabouts. What reason could there be?

That hypocrite is a hell of... (Below threshold)

That hypocrite is a hell of a long way away from his dangerous vehicle.

famous last words... (Below threshold)

famous last words






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