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Unclear on the concept

I was just perusing the television listings, and I noticed that tonight on the ABC Family Channel, they're airing Blazing Saddles.

Now, I love that movie, but I don't think it qualifies as "family" entertainment. Unless your family is the Bundys.

I'm half-tempted to watch it, though. I'm curious to see how they deal with a few key essential portions of the story.

1) The repeated dropping of "the n-word." Especially when Sheriff Bart arrives, and is greeted with "As chairman of the welcoming committee, it's a pleasure to present a Laurel, and Hardy handshake to our new nigger."

B) The campfire scene. 'Nuff said.

III) The whole character of Lili Von Schtupp, from her song, to her "Oh. It's twue! It's twue!" moment.

Nah, I think I'll skip it. I'm still disgusted with how AMC gutted "The Blues Brothers" to make it "suitable" for airing. Besides, looks like there's a new Mythbusters on tonight.

And they wonder why DVDs are getting more and more popular...



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Comments (37)

Farting? DEAR GOD NO! SOME... (Below threshold)



I've seen it, and it's not ... (Below threshold)
John S.:

I've seen it, and it's not pretty. The "N" word gets blanked. It's like watching rap on MTV. The campfire scene get changed to a burpfest, which ultimately makes no sense.

Even an old mythbusters sou... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Even an old mythbusters sounds more interesting.

The family channel has chan... (Below threshold)

The family channel has changed ownership and now shows some other PG-13 and R rated movies that are not appropriate for young children like Austin Powers (along with the 700 Club).

What's on the Family Channe... (Below threshold)

What's on the Family Channel tomorrow night, Animal House?

Mythbusters is better than ... (Below threshold)

Mythbusters is better than Blazing Saddles any day, plus tonight they're talking about equipment.

There was a "TV" version of... (Below threshold)

There was a "TV" version of the movie cut, with some additional scenes with Bart and Mongo, and additional scenes with Gabby Johnson, but a lot of the Lili scenes were severely edited, and most of the scenes with the Minister are also gone.

But "Blazing Saddles" without the N-bomb is like watching "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" or "Midnight Run" without the foul language. It just doesn't compute.

This is the TV version. Su... (Below threshold)

This is the TV version. Sucks except that it contains my favorite scene.... When Bart and the KId run away from Hedley in the KKK robes and meet up with the baptists. It's not in the theatrical cut.

The movie is actually prett... (Below threshold)

The movie is actually pretty tame by today's standards. I bought it on DVD a while back, and after a screening concluded that it was within the acceptable range for my 14 year old son. It is perhaps a credit to the progress that we have made that he did not really get the joke when Slim Pickins rescues the manual railcar from the quicksand and leaves Clevon Little to sink. He is otherwise a very perceptive kid!

If producers have to elimin... (Below threshold)

If producers have to eliminate key content of a movie to make it "family-friendly," it shouldn't be aired.

Blazing Saddles was a masterpiece with an underlying message that everyone is equal -- the constant dropping of "nigger" is the way Mel Brooks deals with it.

And as for farting, anyone older than two can handle a fart joke. Ask any toddler -- poop is funny. Adults who have a problem with such a tame scene are likely uncomfortable because they are at the age where a little flatulence can lead to so much more.

Now if you think Lili's scene where she says "it's twue, it's twue!" is bad now, Brooks cut a line from the script in which Cleavon Little responded, "You're sucking on my arm."

actually in the versions i'... (Below threshold)

actually in the versions i've seen, the campire scene is NOT a burpfest.
I've seen 2 versions
1: The campfire scene is rendered completely silent

2: The campire scene has horses neighing and whinneying sounds.

both make completely NO sense at all, 'cause then when the governor's sidekick (forgot his name, its the outlaw band's leader), waves his hat around, it looks like he's clearing the smoke instead of clearing the smell.

"Mythbusters" rocks. Loved... (Below threshold)
Bucky Katt:

"Mythbusters" rocks. Loved it when they blew up the cement truck. :-)

Quick, someone call PETA...... (Below threshold)

Quick, someone call PETA....it's been a while but as I remember it a poor Longhorn took one right on the snout!

Ya'll can't be beating up a sacred cows!

Kids would find the campfir... (Below threshold)

Kids would find the campfire scene and the horse getting coldcocked *extremely* funny.

As far as Blues Brothers, I have never seen a more 'coked-out movie' Except for the Last Waltz - but that was a documentary.

skybird:That big g... (Below threshold)


That big guy's name is Mongo.

I like it when he first shows up. Some guy exclaims in terror "Mongo!" and next a Spanish dude mutters to himself "Santa Maria!" Kids today wouldn't know that Mongo (or Mondo, I forget which) Santa Maria was the name of some one-hit wonder band back in the early 70s. Forget the name of their one hit, though...

I'm betting that they won't... (Below threshold)

I'm betting that they won't say Anal Johnson's name...

Actually, I have seen both edited versions too.

Its kinda like a Quarter Pounder without cheese.

There's a reason McDonald's doesn't sell them any more.

Yeah, it's one of the few f... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's one of the few films from the 70's that still aren't tame enough by modern standards to work on the family channel. Why did they bother?

New Mythbusters! Ahhh, mann... (Below threshold)

New Mythbusters! Ahhh, manna from heaven.

Mythbusters? What's that?</... (Below threshold)

Mythbusters? What's that?

(Just trying to act like I don't know, so I might seem less of a nerd)

Don't know. Mongo just a p... (Below threshold)

Don't know. Mongo just a pawn in great game of life.

Not sure I ever got that "L... (Below threshold)

Not sure I ever got that "Laurel and Hardy" think until seeing it in writing, and misspelled.


Can someone take the "anti-... (Below threshold)

Can someone take the "anti-farting" position and explain why the fuss?

Like most of his movies it ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Like most of his movies it is good. But it is not for kids. Seen it many times the last 30 years and LOL every time even though I know what is coming.
Now Spaceballs may bo OK for kids. Lot of inside MOT humor that goys may not get.

Yeah, how in the **#[email protected]#@ co... (Below threshold)

Yeah, how in the **#[email protected]#@ could you put Blazing Saddles on broadcast tv?????

All the "good" parts that make it so damn funny would HAVE to be cut out...

Next up on the Family Chann... (Below threshold)

Next up on the Family Channel: The Rocky Horror Picture Show... with authentic theater crowd responses added in!

Jay, this is a great topic.... (Below threshold)

Jay, this is a great topic.

I love Mel Brooks. I have always been a fan of Blazing Saddles. I remember one of the first times they broadcast it on TV. They cutout all the farts and n-bombs. I was disappointed. It was one of the first movies I bought on VHS when it was released.

But since Blazing Saddles was first released on broadcast TV 25 years ago, it has been on cable TV numerous times. It has even been on the Comedy Network recently. TV standards have changed quite a bit in 25 years, but they seem to still show the same old TV edited version. Even though they show it on the Comedy Network that shows SouthPark's Longer and Uncut movie with it's numerous f-bombs.

I just do not get it. When can we see unedited versions of Blazing Saddles, Animal House and etc on cable TV?. Is it really to much to ask since I pay for cable channels?

I pay you people to Blog, n... (Below threshold)

I pay you people to Blog, not to dance around like a bunch of Kansas City Faggots!

Rick13:You forgot to... (Below threshold)

You forgot to precede your comment with "What in the Wide Wide World a' Sports is a-goin' on here?"

I believe the recently-released 30th anniversary edition actually has the theatrical cut as well as the scenes that have only ever been shown in the TV edit, such as the additional "Warner Brothers" Mongo scenes and the "Governor! These people are dummies!" "I know that, you idiot! How do you think I got elected?" fake Rock Ridge scene.

It's a shame that all the extra content has never been available until now.

AMC, used to be. Great, cla... (Below threshold)

AMC, used to be. Great, classic, old movies.

Now, commercials, "new" classics, and very few good old movies.

Not really American Movie Classics anymore.

Hey, funny is funny. BS is... (Below threshold)

Hey, funny is funny. BS is perhaps the funniest movie ever made. It's brilliance is not totally lost by being hacked-up for TV standards. I agree that it's different, but that doesn't render it bad.
Now, somebody better go back and get a shit-load of dimes!

What really doesn't make se... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

What really doesn't make sense re: the campfire farting scene is the fake PSA on Nickelodeon that's all about farting. If Nick can show that "PSA" to kids all day long, why can't we see the campfire farting scene?

ABC Family has a very weird... (Below threshold)

ABC Family has a very weird concept of what "family" values are. Last year they showed that awful Jennifer Aniston movie "The Object of My Affection", where Jen dumps her boyfriend after getting pregnant with him, then seduces her gay best friend, the gay friend finds a boyfriend who then dumps his older sugar daddy, and Jen ends up shacking up with a black policeman and the baby ends up having three "daddies" - the boyfriend, the gay guy and the policeman.

I personally make no moral judgments about any of that, but there is a topic in there to offend almost everyone, and certainly a lot of issues that parents would like to take on with their kids themselves rather than seeing them protrayed onscreen as normal "family" life.

ABC Family does that a lot - the COMMERCIAL for their new reality show about a Vegas wedding chapel talks about a couple "grinding away" right there in the aisle - more wholesome family entertainment! They also had on a made-for-TV movie awhile back that was about a couple who already lived together planning their wedding.

I think parents bear the responsibility of what their children watch on TV, but if ABC Family is going to put themselves up as a "family friendly" channel they should steer clear of things like the above that could easily offend a lot of parents. I bet a lot of parents hear "Family" in the name and think they can just just let their kids watch it without any supervision, and would be really surprised at what is actually on.

BTW, I love Blazing Saddles and I watched it with my older son with some discussions about the racy parts. (yes, he thought the fart scene was the funniest thing EVER). That's the way to handle it - decide when your kids are ready to watch it and discuss any touchy issues with them, not to chop it up and make it "family-friendly". What a joke.

How are Adam and Jamie ever... (Below threshold)

How are Adam and Jamie ever going to top blowing up that cement truck?

"Mythbusters" rocks. Lov... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

"Mythbusters" rocks. Loved it when they blew up the cement truck. :-)

The cement truck was the best explosion they have ever pulled off. My wife still doesn't get why guys like seeing things destroyed.

FWIW, <a href="http://www.d... (Below threshold)

FWIW, here's Mongo Santamaria in a nutshell.

But just think what would h... (Below threshold)

But just think what would happen if Mel Brooks went to Warner Brothers with the "Blazing Saddles" script in today's cultural era. The film has been described as "playing 1874 in 1974," but in 2004 the actors, producers and distributors would probably be lined up and shot by the PC Police.

Maybe they could replace all the N-bombs with Schvartzes!

JD,Forget Blazing ... (Below threshold)


Forget Blazing Saddles... Could you imagine them trying to make "Heathers" nowadays?






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