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Been There, Done That


If today's Page Six story about Jenna Bush getting wild and crazy at a bachelorette party at a New York bar sounds a little familiar, it's probably because the Bush twin hasn't exactly been a shrinking violet in the past. In fact the whole thing seems like a case of deja vu. Here's a couple pictures that have been floating around for a few years of Jenna at a bachelorette party.

Jenna Bush and friends


All indications are that plenty of people have seen Jenna shake her booty at a bars over the years. The only unique thing about this incident is the fact that it may have been caught on tape.

Hat Tip: Jeff Quinton and several others.


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Comments (14)

I see nothing wrong with th... (Below threshold)

I see nothing wrong with these pics. It looks like girls having fun.

Normal fun. Not throwing your shirt up or dirty dancing like a tijuana whore.

You know, like the typical MTV spring break girl.

I think the Bush girls are great.

Nerveana has pictures on th... (Below threshold)

Nerveana has pictures on their site and pictures on a Joonbug album from last Saturday night. I didn't see her in any of them but there were several bachelorette parties in the pictures on the joonbug album.

These photos of the Bush gi... (Below threshold)

These photos of the Bush girls look to be about 3-4 years old. I guess that the MSM is so desperate for something on the Bush daughters, they have to dredge up old worn out stuff. Now that they are of legal drinking age, what the f**k is wrong with that? Enough of the Bush bashing already.

One must admit that Jenna a... (Below threshold)

One must admit that Jenna and her pals are hotties.

I just thought I'd add that to keep the level of discourse up.

You know while Jenna should... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

You know while Jenna should try to strap her brain on and use some common sense, I really don't see anything evil in a 24 year old going to a party, drinking and dancing-she is of legal age.

If she went around preaching the evils of bars, drinking and dancing, I might feel compelled to think her a hypocrit, but she doesn't, and she isn't doing anything illegal, this is just mud slinging, and in many ways I think unfair to them. Sure they are in the public eye by virtue of their fathers position, but I don't think being the presidents daughter means you have to swear off bachlorette parties and your friends either.

As long as she stays away f... (Below threshold)

As long as she stays away from blue dresses, berets, and -- well, she isn't going to the Pope's funeral so she's safe for the next few days.

(for the subtlety impaired:... (Below threshold)

(for the subtlety impaired: the above from me is a cheap shot at BILL CLINTON!)

I'm sick of these blogs out... (Below threshold)

I'm sick of these blogs outing repugs as lesbians.

While sensible people every... (Below threshold)

While sensible people everywhere are really tired of Trollee and Trollee's stupid comments.

On the other hand, go with it, Trollee, you just ensure that the legacy of stupidit lives on. Maybe you'll even win a Peabody Award.

I think Jenna just looks an... (Below threshold)

I think Jenna just looks and always has like a very optimistic and happy person. As does her twin. It's the age, as to the spate of photos about her and usually people who try to force-feed some purient thing (someone here comes to mind) onto youthful fun like this are pretty non-happy persons themselves. Gossip mongers always are a troubled bunch at heart, not that they even tolerate those of their own kind...Denton comes to mind here.

Leave the girls alone. The... (Below threshold)

Leave the girls alone. They aren't President, their father is.

This is news, because, we r... (Below threshold)

This is news, because, we red staters would never do anything like attend bachelor or bachelorette parties. Never. It would offend our "Left Behind", "The Passion of the Christ", evangelical Christian sensibilities. Besides, it makes the baby Jesus cry. And of course, we would never have voted for President Bush if we had known that he raised such heathen daughters. Remember the election was all about morals, nothing more, nothing less.

They're just kids, legal, c... (Below threshold)

They're just kids, legal, comfortable in their own skin and wish the paparizzi would go mind their own damn business and I agree, there is nothing wrong in this picture at all.

geesh, what's all the fuss about?


just looks like some girls ... (Below threshold)

just looks like some girls having fun to me.
what does this have to do with anything that's actually important?






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