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Krugman Gets A Tip In

The day's still young, but it's going to be hard beat this comment on Paul Krugman's column at Left Bank Blog for sheer stupidity.

Reason # 2) Let's face it- Liberals are smarter and therefore more likely to have the PhD qualifications needed to teach at universities. I know it sounds arrogant, but there's some truth to it. Krugman doesn't make this point in his op-ed, so I thought I'd help out amd add it.
How to tell you've ventured way too far into stereotype-land? Replace the word "liberal," with "white" or "men" and consider whether you'd get brought up on insensitivity charges at those same liberal universities.


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Comments (32)

Didn't someone once say "Th... (Below threshold)
Joe L.:

Didn't someone once say "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach"?

Way to condemn a person for... (Below threshold)

Way to condemn a person for something he didn't say. Do you think these sort of tactics might have something to do with the fact that a majority of university professors are liberals? Maybe throwing bullshit based on political bias around is somewhat intellectually dishonest. But then again, so is the "science" of creationism and "the climate isn't changing, it's just fine" theories (if half-baked conjectures and pseudo-scientific babble can be considered theories). And where do you get the idea that liberals are all white men? Oh, I guess you just looked to your right and left, and assumed that liberals looked the same. Visit a university sometime, and see if that assumption holds.

Science/Universities: Let's have a look around, see what's happening, and what conclusions we can draw from it.

Wizbang: Fire BAAAD!!!! Errrrr!!! Fire BAAAADDD!!!!!!!

"And where do you get the i... (Below threshold)

"And where do you get the idea that liberals are all white men? Oh, I guess you just looked to your right and left, and assumed that liberals looked the same"

Now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle the same relective light index

Tit for tat, Scott.... (Below threshold)

Tit for tat, Scott.

Mantis, for such a smurt li... (Below threshold)

Mantis, for such a smurt librul, you can't read very well can you?

Kevin simply said that if you replace the word liberals with whites or men that you'd be instantly chastised for un-pc-ness. Geeze, you'd think with the amazing IQ you claim to have you'd (a) have some reading comphrehension and (b) wouldn't be reading Wizbang and instead solving the world's energy crisis by creating solar powered SUV's that could run at night.

The reason that they can't ... (Below threshold)

The reason that they can't teach at colleges is because Conservatives are idiots.

Well, I would agree with th... (Below threshold)

Well, I would agree with the opinion that liberals are more likely to be PhDs, but smarter?

Here's a question: are liberals more likely to measure intellegence and/or knowledge based on educational degrees or certifications? 'Cus in the business world, I've found that PhDs or people who have certifications based on a given 'organization' are usually the weaker team members when it comes to critical thinking and problem solving.

Well, first of all, I do no... (Below threshold)

Well, first of all, I do not claim to have an amazing IQ, and second, were you confused as to what Kevin was implying with his "replace the word liberal" bit?

BTW Solar powered cars do run at night. Henry E. Willsie developed the technology a century ago.

Kevin, good thing you quali... (Below threshold)

Kevin, good thing you qualified your post.

The day was still young.

I would say that mantis' post topped the Krugman posters comment.

"Tit for tat, Scott."... (Below threshold)

"Tit for tat, Scott."

Mantis, no where does Kevin make any comments about the color of any liberal, I think you came up with that on your own. The comment Kevin made was regarding what would happen if someone said "Men are more likely..." as opposed to "Liberals are more likely..." Do you emember the remember umbrage at Harvard?

Well seems like somebody re... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well seems like somebody recently almost made the "men are more likely" comment, and he has been raked over the coals and back.

Also having a specific degree doesn't make or mean somebody is automatically smarter.

Some of the people I know with really high IQ's are some of the dumbest when it comes to common sense.

Liberals are more likely to... (Below threshold)

Liberals are more likely to have PhDs because they're more likely to place value on advanced degrees, and are also more likely to enter professions (e.g., being a professor!) where having an advanced degree is demanded.

Conservatives and libertarians? We wanna get rich NOW. Screw eight years of college.

The business world facilitates this. Most jobs claim they need someone with such and such degree, but in reality, most companies will hire if you can demonstrate deep knowledge and equivalent experience in a field. This is especially true in software development.

A Ph.D is something only go... (Below threshold)

A Ph.D is something only good for wiping your ass with.

My son in law is an electrician, and he makes a much better living than most Ph.Ds

God bless the people who can do with their hands, as opposed to having to hide in school for decades

So mantis and trollee are ... (Below threshold)

So mantis and trollee are today's designated leftie WIZBANG monitors in the Army of Truth and Righteousness. Knock yourselves out, guys.

No, really. Knock yourselves out.

Considering that these PhDs... (Below threshold)

Considering that these PhDs are in the liberal arts (not much brain power needed there to spout off the arcane victimization theory of the day and how some revisionist history supports it), I would not be very impressed.

On the other hand, in engineering and the hard sciences, I think the situation might be different.

Once we have the PhD, what do we do with it? Who is making the innovations that add to our society? Even then, what does that have to do with political awareness and affiliation?

Normally, the people looking for reasons to claim that they are "smart" are looking for those reasons for a reason.

If liberals were so smart t... (Below threshold)

If liberals were so smart they would be accepting of other people's political opinions...


Liberals claim they stand up for low income earners. Wouldn't high income earners be smart? So then why are low income so liberal.

More men than women (at lea... (Below threshold)

More men than women (at least for now) teach at universities. More whites than others teach at universities. More liberals than conservatives teach at universities.

With me so far, mantis?

Why are the above statements true?.... "Let's face it - Liberals are smarter... etc." "Let's face it - men are smarter... etc." "Let's face it - whites are smarter... etc."

Actually... it seems pretty obvious to me that university professors tend to self select for people who 1) prefer that environment, this includes the perpetual student who is simply staying with what she knows best 2) can deal with the unique and twisted social game playing required 3) and who gains personal satisfaction from influencing and guiding students.

"More men than women (at le... (Below threshold)

"More men than women (at least for now) teach at universities. More whites than others teach at universities. More liberals than conservatives teach at universities."

Nice point, Synova... If I remember correctly, racial and religious diversity among staff and students at most major universities is pretty representive of the diversity of the population in general.

It seems like the place where it is skewed, in your example, would be in the liberal vs conservative area. Maybe we need some affirmative action in this area to make sure that we can fairly represent politial diversity. Since everyone has a constitutional right to have politial opinions and express them, it would seem that all parties of any particular political leaning could be a protected class if it could be shown that there was bias against them based on those beliefs. Wouldn't that be a kicker?

Many, if not most folks wit... (Below threshold)

Many, if not most folks with graduate degrees from U of CA never *have a job* until after graduation. They are taken care of by their parents and/or Uncle Sam until their mid-twenties. And they have a grand sense of entitlement. Their politics reflect this -- they think the government owes them and others *a lot.* Their lack of "real jobs" often blinds them to concepts like efficiency and market realities.

Conservatives jumping hoops toward professorship are weeded out (or changed) with lots of red marks on papers. Most conservatives realize early and often that Universities are not the place for them. In this sense, Universities are not open-minded liberal, but narrow-minded leftist.

I have a Ph.D. in Psych (on... (Below threshold)

I have a Ph.D. in Psych (one of the many areas noted to be left-leaning in the University world). My main interest is in stats and exp. design so after the hooding I went into medical research and some light teaching.

After 5 years of dealing with a host of snotty lefties (and some very nice ones too I must say:An atheistic card-carrying socialist was among the best, brilliant and delightful, very pleasant and polite, a true scholar who did not faint at the possibility of being in error from time to time), I noticed that those in power tended to mix political views with science. Even to the point of retribution being cast down upon those who disagreed with their sacred viewpoints.

These people had the sort of blind obedience to certain viewpoints bled over into science; I won’t digress but suffice it to say that they would somehow know in advance that various research questions were worth doing and others were not. To block the path of inquiry is the worst sin in science (which is why I forgive Wizbang’s non-support of evolutionary theory, he seems to me to be pointing out that science is an ever-changing beast and it is unusual that a theory stands for so long—not that evolutionary theory has stayed static but he is not trained in that area so is forgiven even if I think he is wildly wrong 'cause science, in the end, is always self-correcting) and these chaps were doing it.

So I fled to private medical research where I am free to do the work that interests me without having to toe some silly political line.

Anyway, I don’t understand the lefty logic that accepts as fact that if there is an absence of a minority in an institution then that is evidence for discrimination but not in this case. Again, the lefty blinders are applied and logic is discard for what? Not for science, but for some political ideology that claims that my viewpoint is always correct. Always. And that is not good for science.

I ramble. But hey, these blogs are fun! Anyone know of any science blogging going on anywhere?

None you make a good point ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

None you make a good point that some with the education choose not to stick around in academia.

"Pile" it "higher" and "Dee... (Below threshold)
SSG Pooh:

"Pile" it "higher" and "Deeper."

Why a degree that forces increasingly narrow focus is so respected is beyond me. My kids were smarter when they were two.

I work in the engineering f... (Below threshold)

I work in the engineering field. Most engineers I work with are conservatives. There are a smattering of moonbats, but for engineers, they are very illogical. One wonders how they can do engineering. Answer: its a trade like any other. Has no relation to your political bias. So much for Krugman's head-up-his-ass theory.

Didn't someone once say ... (Below threshold)

Didn't someone once say "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach"?

And those who can't teach, teach teachers. But I'm drifting off-topic...

Engineers are conservative ... (Below threshold)

Engineers are conservative because they know so little about the rest of the world and are emotionally immature.

The 2004 exit polls (yeah, ... (Below threshold)

The 2004 exit polls (yeah, those reliable exit polls) showed that both high-school dropouts and postgrads tended to vote Kerry. So the really dumb, and the mostly confused, vote Democrat. The rest get jobs.

Krugman makes (the quite st... (Below threshold)

Krugman makes (the quite stupid) error of trying to equate having a Ph.D. with being not stupid, with being more intelligent than others.

The degree indicates competency about academics and the willingness to get along with a system or systems but it hardly is inherent as to intelligence advantage.

Talk about knuckle-dragging! Liberals cannot discern the subtle advantages of success in areas of life outside or apart from some academic campus. Or at least Krugman cannot as cannot a few liberals who deign to descend from their high-toned thrones o' advantage and loiter among the thread.

I am finding this whole "liberals are intellectuals, conservatives are not" line of argument by self-promoting liberals to be among the most stupid ongoing. All those "intellectuals" on all those college campuses, railing against the Light and anyone who dares to question, um, remaining in college for a lifetime.

Most of the by-far most int... (Below threshold)

Most of the by-far most intelligent folks I ever knew while in my years of college went on to work in their fields of study. Two of my brothers are among the most intelligent folks I've ever encountered (family or not) and one of them is a very talented Pathologist (has an M.D.) but he also works in a world-renowkned medical pathology lab that diagnosis for other pathologists that which they cannot (thus, they ask for my brother's medical review of an issue) -- while the other brother earned an M.A. AFTER he was financially successful and AFTER he sold a banking corporation that HE created and founded with two others (that means while he and his two partners had B.A. degrees).

Otherwise, most of the people I knew in college who remained involved in academics also displayed emotional and/or psychological problems, mostly of the grandiose and intolerant kind about everyone else -- thus, they found the inherent cloistering of remaining in academics with a guarantee that they'd be surrounded with those of similar intolerance and subservient "administration" and/or "students", to be comfortable. And there they remained, fostering similiar intolerance and dismissing anyone else, or at least focusing that high-beam of intolerant critique upon (some) others and almost always due to innate suspicions.

I recognize academic ethics and processes and do not demean the significance or value of those. However, the purpose of an education is to become an educated person and to practice in your field of interest and study. People who gloat and glory about their actual stats are simply obnoxious personalities, whether they have "a Ph.D." or not, whether they remain in academics or not. Most the rest of us apply our abilities to our interests...if you do not appreciate the idea of industry, having the yards mowed, calendar prearranged, secured employment without challenge possible, housing provided, cloistered social groups and such, well, that's institutionalization. Many who remain throughout their lifetimes in academics truly are institutionalized and cannot perceive of functioning otherwise, and, unfortunately, foster the same sort of underlings. It's a self-perpetuating problem.

Engineers are typically con... (Below threshold)

Engineers are typically conservative, Steve J, because they believe that everyone has the intelligence to make their own decisions about how much or how little they want our government to regulate their lifestyle. Remember that every bridge, aircraft, automobile, or other mechanical device you depend on to live, excel, and provide your family with food on the table, was originally designed and built by Engineers. Without engineers, you would still be in a cave, without any light to read, and there would be no books to read.

Educators, on the other hand add no real value to this world. They only serve as a conduit of knowledge. Liberal arts educators are extreme examples of this fact. Knowledge can be obtained without ever interfacing with an educator. However, advancement of civilization cannot happen without engineers and scientists.

A dedicated Materials Engineer and dreaded NEOCON!!!!

Engineers are conservative ... (Below threshold)
Mark Flacy:

Engineers are conservative because they know so little about the rest of the world and are emotionally immature.

Thanks Steve J.! I really needed the laugh.

Has anyone else noticed the... (Below threshold)

Has anyone else noticed the typo in the original quote?

"amd" for "and."

Now, I make spelling mistakes every day, and don't consider lazy grammar to be an reliable indication of intelligence, but the day I write a comment claiming to be really, really, smart... I would probably hit that spell-check.

Just sayin'...

Joe got it right in the fir... (Below threshold)

Joe got it right in the first post.

Conservatives are in fact more intelligent if you think about it.

I mean take Bill Gates. I don't know if he's conservative or what, it's a good bet, but why teach computer science when you can start Microsoft. In fact old Billy only got in one year of college before he got bored and left. So who is smarter, Bill or his first year comp sci prof.

For example, I knew even when I was 18, that a liberal arts degree isn't worth the paper it is written on and I pursued a degree in an area with lots of career options. Those with the useless liberal arts degrees who didn't apply to the practical faculties thereafter, either applied to Teacher's College, [in fact it explains a lot about the education system - I'm talking about the people who graduate and then realize they can't get a job so they go to Teacher's College as their only employment option, a cushy one in Canada, not the people who always wanted to be a teacher and one wonders how many people who really want to be teachers get pushed out by the other crowd, but I digress] or went into the professional student route - Masters, PhD and on to Professorship.

So I imagine most conservative types had better things to pursue than several [expensive] degrees necessary to qualify as Professor and were able to make way more money and achieve more in the real world.

And I expect the more conservative professors on campuses are the professors in areas like medicine, business, engineering and science where politics doesn't really play a role in the classroom and therefore not in the hiring process either. And where the professors are making real contributions to the world in those areas through their research unlike say Mr. Ward Churchill and his "Ethnic Studies".

The last reality is that most people in the real world become more conservative as time goes on. I was far more liberal in my day but having conservative parental influence, I was not as far off the centre as many of my colleagues in school. I've become more conservative as I have seen more of the world [I've had the privilege to do some travelling to different parts of the world] and as you cope everyday in the real world, you lose that naive idealism most of us had in our youth.

The people who stay on campus, the world of academia, tend live in their own bubble in my opinion, call it the Ivory Tower or whatever Add to that everyone else thinks like you, you don't tend to get your views challenged.

Just a theory.






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