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Quote Of The Day - Reporting For Duty Edition

"[I]t was an outpatient procedure to repair cartilage in his knee, which was damaged by "years of soccer, hockey and marathon running."
Spokeswoman April Boyd, referring to the knee surgery Sen. John Kerry recently underwent. Kerry's soccer prowess is legendary, though his marathon running is a bit suspect.

[Source: AP]


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Comments (17)

What, no Vietnam reference?... (Below threshold)

What, no Vietnam reference?

Maybe it was from the jarr... (Below threshold)

Maybe it was from the jarring of the waves on his knee on his his boat (scroll down a little) or here . Or maybe it was from his Senate intramural football training.

He was down on his knees a ... (Below threshold)

He was down on his knees a lot during the campaign begging Teresa to stop talking to the press.

Two possibilities:... (Below threshold)

Two possibilities:

1) Chasing heiresses for several decades exacts a terrible toll.


2) Service connected wound from racing exploding rice. Fourth Purple Heart is to be awarded. Update of records will result in indefinite delay in signing Form 180.

Do I detect the odor of a m... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Do I detect the odor of a moonbat trolling in this thread?

Sure smells like a moonbat.... (Below threshold)

Sure smells like a moonbat.

Excellent catch Kevin.

I heard it was the Secret S... (Below threshold)

I heard it was the Secret Service agent's fault.

And how about the wind surf... (Below threshold)

And how about the wind surfing? Are we to believe this played no part in Kerry's damaged knee?

Somebody tell the moonbat h... (Below threshold)

Somebody tell the moonbat he's typing the "L" in his name backwards.

This is a perfect example o... (Below threshold)

This is a perfect example of what Princeton University Philosophy Professor Harry Frankfurt refers to as "Bullshit" in his highly respect book On Bullshit. http://screenshotblog.blogspot.com/2005/03/on-bullshit.html

And we in Massachusetts that have known him for 25 years, Republican and Democrat alike, have known it all along.

Mendacity. It's certainly an equal opportunity vice, but it did not evade John Kerry by a long shot.

They appear to have overloo... (Below threshold)

They appear to have overlooked mentioning Clinton and Clinton mentioning Clinton.

<a href="http://www.footbal... (Below threshold)

The Marathon thing just gets me laughing every time. As it did every time last year whenever Kerry made his bombastic misrepresentations as to his running prowess and, um, marathon experience.

He really, really NEEDED to write his own reports about his "combat" service because, otherwise, someone actually deserving of them might have taken all the limelight.

P.S.: anyone who HAS run "years of Marathon" activity knows that he would not have, could not have, had he/she had torn knee cartilege. Maybe around the house, up and down the street, but not plural Marathons. Kerry's very problem is a surefire indication that he's again being bombastic, or at least his spokesperson is.

Suzi, you're being too kind... (Below threshold)

Suzi, you're being too kind. It's not bombast. It's prevarication.

He not only ran the maratho... (Below threshold)

He not only ran the marathon, he kept going all the way to Cambodia, where he dropped off guns to the Khmer Rouge and picked up a CIA agent.

He still carries the lucky jockstrap the CIA agent gave him.

Remeber Rosie Ruiz, who fra... (Below threshold)

Remeber Rosie Ruiz, who fraudulently claimed to have run and won the entire Boston Marathon about 1980?

Maybe that was kerry in drag. After all, he did have 3 purple hearts.

Hey, Maybe they took the sa... (Below threshold)

Hey, Maybe they took the same cab from Heartbreak Hill to Clarendon Street!!!!

More likely its anterior cr... (Below threshold)
Cap'n Bob:

More likely its anterior cruciate ligament damage due to sidestepping the issues all his career.






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