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The Plame Game Winds Down

According the Newsday the special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame case is basically done.

WASHINGTON -- The investigation into the leak of an undercover CIA operative's identity to a columnist was "for all practical purposes" completed in October, according to recent court filings by the special prosecutor.

In two motions filed in a Washington appellate court, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said the only thing stalling the probe's conclusion is the refusal to testify by New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Time's Matt Cooper.

...The filing, however, does not tip Fitzgerald's hand on whether he has determined if a Bush administration official or anyone else involved in the case has violated the law.

"Either he's got a lot of information and wants to conclude, or he's got nothing and needs this testimony," said Gregg Leslie, the legal defense director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

I'm guessing he's got a lot of information but no case, hence the determined pursuit of Miller and Cooper.

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I agree, I suspect he has i... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I agree, I suspect he has information but no case.

I'm confused. I thought th... (Below threshold)

I'm confused. I thought the media was very upset about somebody breaking her cover and wanted the investigation- but members of that same media are stonewalling the investigation? Why wouldn't they cooperate?

Because they want to protec... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Because they want to protect their sources-but I agree I don't quite get it either. Although only certain reporters got the leak, so you can't neccessarily say all the media wants answers.

I don't blame reporters for not wanting to reveal sources, but in this case the source may have been committing a crime, so I think reporters should spill.

I don't know why these repo... (Below threshold)

I don't know why these reporters are still claming up since former Assistant Deputy Attorney General Victoria Toensing, who helped write the law in question says, "The Novak column and the surrounding facts do not support evidence of criminal conduct."







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