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Finger Food May Soon Be Off Wendy's Menu

You might have about the woman who found a finger in her bowl of chili from Wendy's fast-food restaurant in San Jose, California [MSNBC] in March 2005. It's starting to look more and more like a shakedown. Anna Ayala has been involved in at least half a dozen legal battles in the San Francisco Bay area, according to more than a decade of court records.

Woman who claimed to find finger at Wendy's has litigious history (w/ ranting and raving video) [AP/U-T]


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Comments (15)

I love the quote from the s... (Below threshold)

I love the quote from the spokesman of Wendy's Int'l: "All of our employees have ten digits."

I wonder who she paid how m... (Below threshold)

I wonder who she paid how much to cut off their finger? And is it an index or a pinky?

As they say, don't bite the... (Below threshold)

As they say, don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Police seemed to have finge... (Below threshold)

Police seemed to have fingered Anna Ayala as the real suspect.

I am wringing my hands over... (Below threshold)

I am wringing my hands over frivolous lawsuits.

When the story was first re... (Below threshold)

When the story was first reported Anna Ayala had the media eating out of the palm of her hands.

I can't believe the idiots ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe the idiots at ABC had her on their morning program.......I bet most of these claims end up being bogus, and by having her on their program they just encourage more people to do the same to get seen on TV. I hope it turns out to be a set up, and that ABC and anyone else who irresponsibly promoted this woman is humiliated.

The invisible hand of capit... (Below threshold)

The invisible hand of capitalism is wincing in pain.

My D'oh-Factor question: w... (Below threshold)

My D'oh-Factor question: what about the finger's print?

Hasn't anyone just made a print from the dismembered digit? Seems like an obvious place to start as to determining whose digit it is, was.

And abstract a DNA example, which would make the process secure as to identifying whose digit it is/was and also whose near-relative it belonged to. Good place to start looking, at least.

To further compliment my D'... (Below threshold)

To further compliment my D'oh Factor:

I have now read the full article (one of your links) and understand that someone has already *thought of* fingerprinting and DNA evaluations.

Complete coverage at <a hre... (Below threshold)

Complete coverage at Tannerball. Come on over.

My favorite is the "victim reaction" to the cops executing a search warrant at her house. That, and the lawyer quitting the earlier case because she threatened him. "Sue those bastards or I will eat your finger!"

I'll still never eat Wendy'... (Below threshold)

I'll still never eat Wendy's chili again.

I had no idea they make it with old burgers left sitting out for hours until this woman performed her public service of scaring people out of eating it, and Wendy's employees began describing the way the chili is actually made.

What strikes me about this ... (Below threshold)

What strikes me about this case is, she's acting like she's the only injured party -- but it isn't her finger that wound up in the chili.

That it happened in NoCal s... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

That it happened in NoCal should have been the first clue it was a shake down.

In my way of thinking this ... (Below threshold)
ray nuss:

In my way of thinking this gal is telling a 'tale'
However we find the courts support the fools most of the time, such as the lady who decided her crotch was the best place to store her cup of hot McDonalds coffee while driving.






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