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Jim Jeffords Tin Foil Hat Fits Just Fine

Senator Jim "Turncoat" Jeffords who has mostly disappeared off the national political radar since his defection from the Republican Party in 2001. While he calls himself an Independent, as the story below indicates he appears to be most comfortable in the Tin Foil Brigade.

U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords, the Vermont Independent, may face a clear field right now in a 2006 re-election bid, but his March 22 performance on Vermont Public Radio's Switchboard program raised a few eyebrows.

For starters, Jeffords, who opposes the war in Iraq, predicted the Bush administration would start a war in Iran to help elect a third member of the Bush clan to the White House.

"I think it was all done to get oil," Jeffords said of invading Iraq. "And the loss of life that we had, and the cost of it, was to me just a re-election move, and they're going to try to live off it. Probably start another war, wouldn't be surprised, next year. Probably in Iran."

"Do you think that's likely?" VPR host Bob Kinzel asked.

"I probably shouldn't even talk on it, I just feel so bitter about the thinking that's gone on behind them, and the reasons they go to war and went to war," Jeffords replied. "But I feel very strongly that they are looking ahead, and that there will be an opportunity to go into Iran and try to get their son elected president. I don't know, but you do it each time they (are) going to have a new president. I'm very, very (Jeffords chuckles). Oh, well, I better be quiet."

The part about being quiet was the only semi-intelligent thing he said.


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Comments (41)

Wow -- it's been months sin... (Below threshold)

Wow -- it's been months since I heard the "it's all about the oil!" chant that I thought it had gone out of style...guess Jeffords is trying to kick-start that silly meme again. Idiot.

First, what with oil prices... (Below threshold)

First, what with oil prices now high and from what is being reported are going to remain that way if not become even more costly, referring to anything oil-related or oil-specific as to anything is a very low risk gamble for anyone.

And, second, because of that, Jeffords seems even more stupid than I thought he was before, taking that low-risk gamble with the public, as if no one will notice he's taking such an easy way out, about something impossible to prove or disprove.

The whole "war for oil" thing, not like there's any way to confirm or discredit the accusation, not like anything can be undone or even reworked, or that the accusation makes any sense because of all of those, such that, the people flinging the accusation about (Jeffords, for example) just prove their foolishness, like someone decrying the air, the fact that the sun is hot, that the ocean is wet, that birds eat seeds...

It only ensures that whoever uses this sort of foolish, unsubstantiated and unsupportable accusation (about anyone in past tense and in speculative futures) is the stupid one because it's language that relies on Boogie Man fears and that somewhere, certain people will get frightened and catch the Boogie Man Fear Factor fever. Jeffords isn't fooling anyone but himself. Or else he's suffering from dementia. Probably both.

I wonder if Jeffords motiva... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Jeffords motivated by bipedal action his way to that radio meet.

As if he's not consuming "oil" in one way or another on a daily basis, as if his supporters are not, as if their individual consumption is devoid of personal responsibility for our United States energy issues.

And let's not forget who ar... (Below threshold)

And let's not forget who are Jeffords' fellow Green Mountain Staters on the national stage -- Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean (former governor) and Independent Representative Bernie Sanders (former mayor of Burlington on the Socialist ticket). And let's not forget Ben and Jerry.

While I am a proud Cow Hampshirite, I did spend about half my life living right on the Vermont border. I'm pretty sure there's something in the water over there.


"Talk to the hand, Frenchy,... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"Talk to the hand, Frenchy, 'cuz the face ain't interested."


He's from Vermont. He opera... (Below threshold)

He's from Vermont. He operates in the same bull sphere as Leahy and um, oh yes, Howard "I sealed my records for ten years but yours should be open" Dean. Must be something with the fumes from the ice cream plant.

Interesting that des... (Below threshold)

Interesting that despite no WMD's you pathetic weenies still cling to the notion that this is about freedom for Iraq. You keep buying Bush's BS as he feeds it to you. When we go into Iran you'll call run along his side like good little children.

Jeffords is a true independant thinker.

"Jeffords is a true indepen... (Below threshold)

"Jeffords is a true independant thinker."

Oh he's independent all right. Independent from rational thought.

Jeffords is a true indep... (Below threshold)

Jeffords is a true independant thinker.

Independent of reality.

The part where he admitted to being "bitter" is the only true statement in his tirade. Before he bolted the GOP he thought he should be deferred to on what the party stood for. After he bolted, he expected his "brave stand" to make voters reject Bush and the Republicans.

And after the 2002 elections when his party-switching was made irrelevant, he expected the Republican caucus to welcome him back home.

Hell, his party-switching just weeks after his re-election to the Senate as a Republican was a betrayal of Vermont voters -- if they re-elect him again they'll only prove they're insane.

john: please share with th... (Below threshold)

john: please share with the rest of us "pathetic weenies" just what your SuperPowers of Perception assure you are the facts and aren't as to substantiating much of anything, if not all of it beyond Jeffords' "bitter(ness)" (we don't need more substantiation about that), of what Jeffords has said there (quote at top of thread).

Inorder for your pejorative to actually stick (that we are "pathetic weenies"), you have to provide some sort of substantiation about Jeffords' content, and even your own. Otherwise, what I think it is is that the spoon is in YOUR mouth. A great big liberally position pacifier. I'm surprised you can iterate around it!

You can start with providing some substance as to your allegation that we are "pathetic weenies" who have been/are being 'spoonfed' anything, since it's YOU who is blindly endorsing Jeffords' screed, without much else to support what you/he allege...just yell, "blood for oil, blood for oil" and you'll fit in with every lunatic in every asylum all over the country. And most among Democrats who also, after all these years, can only chant "blood for oil" but have yet to prove anything related, much less make any sense. And, I still don't see any of them/you abandoning your vehicles to "reduce" the "blood for oil" problem that you allege exists.

Now, WHO is the "weenie"?

"Interesting that despite n... (Below threshold)

"Interesting that despite no WMD's "

Interesting that you didn't meantion the Food-for-Oil scam that people have been reporting on since at least spring 2003. You remember, the one that diverted billions of USD into accounts that were used to bribe various officials of goverenments "opposed" to the war, insted of buying "food". Money that was being used to build palaces. Money that was being funnelled into accounts earmarked for military spending... Once sancetions were lifted, Iraq was going to rearm.

Granted, the WMD was a serious lapse and it was one that more countries than the US was guilty of. Do you remember the meantion that Bush made of "yellow cake" uranium from Niger? Most people forget the first part, where he meantioned that the Brits gave us that tidbit, and it was reported in several sources that that information was given to the Brits by the French (if you are interested enough to read a variety of news sources, it was easy to find). The French wanted sanctions lifted (lots of money to be made there for the French), so why would they report something like that?

Don't forget the rape chanbers, that the man had a proven historu of using such weapons or that political dissent was fatal.

Do you believe that the homicide-bombers (it only counts as a suicide bomber if they stand in the middle of a distant field an only detonate themselves) actually want "freedon" for the Iraqi population? Murdering the people you would free seems to be an odd way to accomplish that. Now as a way to CONTROL these people, yes, it could effective, much as Saddam's rape-chamber and fatal disent.

I suppose you will comeback with all civilian casualties "caused" by the war. I'll bet ya a Krispy Kreme donut that more civilians have be killed as a result of bombings and insurgants and Saddam's forces over the last 20 years than the US caused in this conflict and the first Gulf War combined.

People who might have overthrown Saddam after the first Gulf War were basically abandoned by the US, and most killed. The US helped put that man in power, foolishly thinking that one dictactor could really help us against another.

We had a moral responsibility to stop that regime.

Doonesbury cartoon from yes... (Below threshold)

Doonesbury cartoon from yesterday: THE WAR IS OVER. Time to move on, liberals. There are no more planets to the left of Gary Trudeau.

I keep hearing we are doing... (Below threshold)

I keep hearing we are doing it for oil but I'll be damned if I'm seeing all this seiazed oil making much of a difference to the prices. I mean, come on, if we're supposed to be seizing up all this oil then where the hell is it?

As for Jeffords he's a fine... (Below threshold)

As for Jeffords he's a fine example of how someone moving from the Right to the Left ans subsequently raised the average IQ of both parties.

"But I feel very strongl... (Below threshold)

"But I feel very strongly that they are looking ahead, and that there will be an opportunity to go into Iran and try to get their son elected president."

Not only has Jeffords had the courage to speak up about the true motivations of Bush & Co., but he dares to reveal the deep dark secret of the Bush administration: George Bush and Dick Cheney have a secret love child whom they will be promoting in the 2008 elections!

I fully expect Jeffords to now be terminated by the CIA. They will probably make it look like a heart attack. Either that, or Bush will call down lightning from his angry evangelical Christian God.

I could see the first war b... (Below threshold)

I could see the first war being about the oil, Faith+1. Would you have really wanted that particular individual to be in control of that much of the world's oil supply? Think it would have been over 30%, but I'd need to verify that.

The thing that is odd about the prices to me is the fact that predictions have us using 2.4% more this year, but reserves are at 5.8% above last year.

I personally think that the major concern is refining capacity, that is about maxed out. It doesn't matter how much crude we can produce if we can't turn it into somethihng we actually burn.

Of course,t he question I keep asking myself if there is such high demand, where is it all going and where are the lines? Who is unable to get fuel?

I've heard China mentioned alot as having greatly increased demand over last year... getting my "The Truth is Out There" hat on and reading stories about large increases in Chinese military spending makes me go "hmmmm"

I have a hard time understa... (Below threshold)

I have a hard time understanding why it is considered so smart to adhere to narrow mindedness when it comes to interpreting the world we live in.
Maybe it IS or ISN'T about oil , but since when do we expect the likes of Bush and Cheney to be looking out for the good of MOST people? Maybe it WAS about oil, and please take note that even though the price a barrel has reached record highs, it has not negatively affected the margin of the oil and energy companies, quite the contrary. And where do B & C have their roots? So who exactly is taking advantage of who? And why does one defector's voice irk so many people? My guess is maybe because he's pointing out the dirty laundry withing the party house, and nobody appreciates that.

Coupla points: If we do go ... (Below threshold)

Coupla points: If we do go into Iran, we'll need a draft I'm kind of wondering who amongst you are going to volunteer to fight this noble war? Please email me back in that the draft boards are being set up as we speak. I'll make sure the proper authorities get your name. Remember: they want boys and girls up to the age of 39.

Faith: The oilmen who run the country make huge profits by keeping oil prices high. In fact, if you read Greg Pallast, who's independent, there was a dispute between the oil companies and your crazy neocons over destroying OPEC. The oil companies won. They like OPEC and they like the high prices that articial shortages create. I mean, if you don't like 3 a gallon gas, don't vote for oilmen!

Three: Of course it's about oil. It's not about democracy building that's for sure. As for the actions of the Iraqi resistance, please study the actions of the French resistence. They didn't just kill nazis, they killed people who worked with the Nazis.

Philip Shropshire

This guy is an idiot. I'm ... (Below threshold)

This guy is an idiot. I'm glad that loser joined the loser party. I heard what he said on the radio and he talks like his **** haven't dropped yet. Glad he's gone. We don't need any gutless wimps.

Somebody has confused being... (Below threshold)

Somebody has confused being irked with finding humor in. I don't think anyone is mad, but I do think the majority of reasonable people enjoy a good laugh at the moonbats.

Speaking of moonbats, it wo... (Below threshold)

Speaking of moonbats, it would seem that we have infestation of them on this thread. Anybody know a good exterminator?

"They didn't just kill nazi... (Below threshold)

"They didn't just kill nazis, they killed people who worked with the Nazis"

Agreed, Philip.. however they did not set off bombs as people were leaving church, at least not that I am aware of. If you know of such a case, give me a city and a year...

How long did it take Europe to "settle down" after WWII? The US came into Iraq and was viewed as a liberating force by the citizens. However, at some point in time, there is a shift in view to where the aforementioned "liberating" force becomes and "occupying" (sp?) force. That happened in WWI as well

About the moonbats flutteri... (Below threshold)

About the moonbats fluttering around (this thread), my best hunch is that someone smelled 'blood and oil' and shared a link on a certain forum or other and like fruit bats to the mango, moonbats come to Wizbang...the scent of 'blood for oil' will lure them every time.

About an "angry god," whoever suggested earlier this thread, they confuse God with bitter fruit. It happens to those with no faith.

Scott, we've killed anywher... (Below threshold)

Scott, we've killed anywhere from 40000 to 100000 Iraqi civilians. We kill them in the streets, we kill them when they look the wrong way, we kill them in Mosques, there's even a filmed incident of an American soldier killing some guy in a mosque...It's a war. The French resistance murdered people. I presume it was quite brutal...were they nicer about it? I'm sure the Iraqi resistance is just as brutal as we are...although there is a hint of a sunni/shia civil war...

And Scott: If we liberate that Iranian oil, we need fresh cannon fodder. You sound like you're volunteering. The enlistment age is up to 39. Can I send your name to our local draft board?

I forget to mention this: w... (Below threshold)

I forget to mention this: we also bomb hospitals...

Whew, the smell of pachouli... (Below threshold)

Whew, the smell of pachouli oil is overwhelming. Moonbats beware, Bushitler might be monitoring this thread. He'll certainly be sending the CIA your way once he's had Jim Jeffords, um, retired.

Hmm, don't remeber seeing e... (Below threshold)

Hmm, don't remeber seeing estimates that high, Philip, but I'll check around.

Feel free to send my name in, but draft boards don't exist anymore... BTW when did Iran get mentioned in my comments?

The main difference I see betweent the French resistance and what is going on in Iraq is that the French we're fighting an invading force with the eventual goal of re-establishing the previous government.

For arguments sake, I'll concede the "invading force" part, but note the last part.

The only force in Irag right now that seems to have any semblance of credibility in that regard is the Mahdi Army based mainly in Basra I believe. It is at least lead by Iragi's (al-Sadr being one). And from what I have been able to learn they do target mostly US military, but "reasonable" or "justified" civilian casualties are acceptable.

But I don't think that these guys are doing most of the civilian killing. It is the other insurgants led by non-Iraqis. It is not even Baathists working out Syria, the most wanted is Jordanian. Who's government are they finghting for? The don't seem to be fighting for anything except CONTROL.

You almost sound as if you believe that US forces would intentionally kill civilians. Does it happen, sure, as you said: it is war. However, I don't believe that there is a US strategy to use civilian deaths for strategic or tactical advantage. That is what Saddam did when he gassed the Kurds. That is what the terrorists do when when they set off a car bomb outside a mosque.

Actually, the draft boards ... (Below threshold)

Actually, the draft boards were supposed to come up with a two month action plan by March 31st. Shouldn't you know this? In other words, the draft could be up and running no later than June. Another point: Jeffords didn't pick his June date out of the air. Those are the dates supplied by both Seymour Hersh and Scott Ritter, who have a habit of being right, as opposed to right wing bloggers who swore up and down that Saddam was going to kill us any minute now...

As for targeting civilians, that has been the US strategy before namely in Latin America, where we murdered all kinds of civilians and church leaders through our use of "death squads". And of course the guy who came up with this concept is John Negroponte, our new viceroy in Iraq if I recall correctly. I'm not sure if its encouraged, but it certainly isn't discouraged. Soldiers who kill civilians in Iraq are just about as likely to get punished as cops who kill kids in Pittsburgh: not at all. You tell me what message that sends....

I guess in that sense, draf... (Below threshold)

I guess in that sense, draft boards do still exist, but are just not active. Selective Service has always maintained a mechanism for re-activating them should need arise...

Again, I don't see that strategy being exercised in Irag. Can it happen? Sure, I think we both agree it is a war

Out for the weekend, be safe

It seems that all but one o... (Below threshold)

It seems that all but one of the moonbats have flown away. I guess they didn't like the bitter fruit offered here. This one remaining one though, is one of largest specimens I have seen. No need to worry though, he'll be mistaken as kid on the streets of Pittsburgh and shot by the police. Of course, they'll be aquitted of his murder because the eeeevil Emperor Bushitler and his "new viceroy in Iraq" will pack the bench with totalitarian, er I mean, conservative judges.

"You almost sound as if you... (Below threshold)

"You almost sound as if you believe that US forces would intentionally kill civilians"

Scott, I am interested in why you find it hard to believe that people like Philip think that way. Sadly, there is a fringe collection of misfits and loonies who really DO hate America, and really DO think that way. It is an easy mistake to think we understand liberals based on our person friendships or what appears in the MSN. We think these people are the loony left, because our understanding of man is seen through the lens we know.

But the even loonier left is often hidden in corners, on college campuses, and organizing rallies against anything that defines Americans, American culture, and American institutions. They can all be found at this site, a melting-pot for Americans who hate themselves and their country:


George Bush has been a econ... (Below threshold)

George Bush has been a economic liberal, Joser. Spending way too much on prescription drugs, federal education, etc. He and the Republican congress have been spending like drunken sailors on you, the poor people. Love them, Joser.

The burden of proof is on you to provide evidence that Iraq was "all about the oil." That is such an intriguing fancy, up there with grassy knolls and Roswell's UFO. Show proof.

But it is time to move on, Joser. The war is over and you find yourself on the wrong side of freedom as liberals have for the past 40 years. Freedom will spread in the middle-east, and history will judge you unkindly for opposing it.

"I could see the first war ... (Below threshold)

"I could see the first war being about the oil, Faith+1. Would you have really wanted that particular individual to be in control of that much of the world's oil supply? Think it would have been over 30%, but I'd need to verify that."

Scott, I wasn't real clear with my tongue in cheek. What I really meant to say was "If the war was about oil then GOOD. Oil is arguably the most valuable resource used by this country and without it millions would suffer."

There are few resources in this country that contribute to the well being of the citizens of this country than oil. It makes food, clothing and materials move through here and the rest of the world. We should fight for it. We don't need to control it exclusively just make sure no one else gets a monopoly on it.

"No blood for oil" is almost a stupid head-buried-in-the-sand statement as "violence never solves anything".

Getting some oldies but gol... (Below threshold)

Getting some oldies but goldies in this thread. Short of a massive nuclear attack on the US, There. Will. Be. No. Draft. The military, from the top on down, are dead-set against it. An order to impliment one, short of the aforementioned nuke strike, would likely result in the mass resignation of the Joint Chiefs. I'm not even going to dignify the Chickenhawk meme with a response.

Kbiel:he dares ... (Below threshold)


he dares to reveal the deep dark secret of the Bush administration: George Bush and Dick Cheney have a secret love child whom they will be promoting in the 2008 elections!

Even more scandalous, she's black!


like fruit bats to the mango, moonbats come to Whizbang...

Oooo -- I like this!

Pretty much everything h... (Below threshold)

Pretty much everything he's done as president is to make the rich richer.

He's also made the dumb dumber. For example: YOU>

one thing is certain, he su... (Below threshold)

one thing is certain, he sure is polarizing.

I have, for some time, advo... (Below threshold)

I have, for some time, advocated trading the State of Vermont to Canada for the Province of Alberta.

Both, it seems to me, would be happier with the politics of their new countries. Hey, Canada could use some cows, and we always need more trees.

Speaking of cows, imagine losing Jeffords, Sanders and Leaky in one blow. Since bribes are known to be equally effective with Vermont politicians and the present Canadian Government, all that remains to be decided is the amount

Christ, I don't know what's... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Christ, I don't know what's worse: having most of my elected representatives be of the Moonbat Party or having the rest of the country blithely assume that I'm everyone who lives in Vermont is a moonbat. The GOP in Vermont is slowly but surely making a comeback from the staggering hit it took during the hippie invasion of the 1970's. Part of that comeback is actually running realistic candidates for office (instead of insane transexuals and doddering old fools) and actually trying to win elections rather than just giving up. Most of this is done without any help from the national GOP who, like most of you, has written off Vermont as a lost cause. But the lesson that the Vermont GOP has been learning (even if it has to get beaten into their heads with a mallet) is that there are no lost causes and no state, county or district should just be ceded to the opposition. And there has been some success. For example, Vermont has its first Republican governor since Dickie Snelling took his final swan dive and the dark days of Howard the Terrible began. By the way, who's the governor of "Cow Hampshire?" Oh, that's right John Lynch, Demmycrat. As the Democrat party in Vermont gets ever more splintered and has to fight for a dwindling constituency with the really whacko Progressives and as the VT GOP regains its confidence and ability to campaign Vermont will move ever more to the right. No surrender!

Governor Breck: us conserv... (Below threshold)

Governor Breck: us conservatives and Republicans in California know exactly what you mean, given the state's abundant and realistic characterisation as being Democrat dominated, and even among the most Left of those at that all here in the state.

So when do we get all that ... (Below threshold)

So when do we get all that free oil, anyway?

Cause it's fuckin expensive right now.






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