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Violating the laws of physics

This morning, I achieved the physically impossible:

I put $30.00 of gasoline into a Chevy Cavalier.

While filling up, I commiserated with the guy at the next pump.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. They made me pre-pay to gas up my scooter, and it only took $0.61 to fill the tank."

My mileage has diminished even more with him and his scooter plastered to my grill and hood, but somehow I really don't mind. I think it's worth it.



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Comments (24)

<a href="http://www.costco.... (Below threshold)
Dang! How big of a tank in... (Below threshold)

Dang! How big of a tank in the Cav? I am guessing somewhere 12 to 17 gallons.

I wonder how long it will b... (Below threshold)

I wonder how long it will be before we see more "gas-jackings" than "car-jackings"

Driveaways from gas pumps h... (Below threshold)

Driveaways from gas pumps have been on the rise, that's for sure (according to the guys at the convenience store next door).

The really funny part is listening to someone with an older, badly-tuned car complain about prices, when they could get an extra 25% gas mileage just by putting in some new plugs and tuning things up in general.

My mileage has diminishe... (Below threshold)

My mileage has diminished even more with him and his scooter plastered to my grill and hood, but somehow I really don't mind. I think it's worth it.

His own mileage has gotten even better. Maybe you should have let him plaster your Chevy across his handlebars.

Sticker Shock - no longer i... (Below threshold)

Sticker Shock - no longer is the price of the new car. I FILLED it up yesterday. 3/4 of a tank - 35$ and that was after shopping for gas and saving .14$ a gallon by going a block away!

yay for scooters. i'm glad... (Below threshold)

yay for scooters. i'm glad people are finally selling them in my neck of the hellhole woods now

When you get home scrape hi... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

When you get home scrape him and the scoter off. Mileage will > 08-12%. Box him up and ship him to Teddy.

You're not actually comp... (Below threshold)

You're not actually complaining about the price of gasoline being too high, are you? Good grief, now that would be a funny joke.

Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Rah Rah... (Below threshold)

Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Rah Rah Rah!

If only we could run our ec... (Below threshold)

If only we could run our economy on hot air, s9 would be our salvation.

...and in the news, the fir... (Below threshold)

...and in the news, the first new oil refinery in the United States since the 1970s has been approved by the EPA. It's going to be in Yuma, Arizona, and would be fed with a pileline from Mexico.

what we really need is to u... (Below threshold)

what we really need is to use natural gas. LNG for power production is amazing (cogeneration or cogasification).

either that...or nuclear</p... (Below threshold)

either that...or nuclear

nuclear power would be great....we just need the government to step a hand in..all those francophile hippies need to actually LOOK at france. They're 80% nuclear power....and they call US hypocrites?

I have to believe that my e... (Below threshold)

I have to believe that my early days of driving and buying gas for less than 30 cents/gallon are long gone, as are the days of gas wars and gas selling for 20 cents/gallon.

Wait till summer Jay - it's... (Below threshold)

Wait till summer Jay - it's going to be a lot worse.


Speaking of natural gas, wh... (Below threshold)

Speaking of natural gas, why hasn't anyone come out with a way to recycle the methane in human flatulance? Even with weak efficiency, I bet I could drive cross country on two burritos and some wheat germ... ...and round the world with the in-laws as passengers.

McGehee writes: I... (Below threshold)

McGehee writes: If only we could run our economy on hot air, s9 would be our salvation.

I guess this is supposed to be a joke.

I'm not the one complaining about the price of gasoline. I paid $2.99/gal to fill up yesterday, and I think that's a hell of a bargain.

We've got a long way to go before prices get to where they were in the last oil price shock (corrected for inflation). You should quit bitching and do something useful with your bandwidth while gasoline is still cheap and plentiful.

Henry writes: ...... (Below threshold)

Henry writes: ...we just need the government to step a hand in...

Typical liberal welfare-state do-gooder. I bet you never saw a government program you didn't want to see expanded.

Why do you liberals hate the free market?

As I repeat every time I he... (Below threshold)

As I repeat every time I hear Americans complaining about gas prices, count yourselves lucky. I drive a 1.1 litre Fiat Punto, and I have to put £10 in the tank every couple of days - to fill the tank costs about £35 (about $65). Filling up the car costs me about 1/8th of my salary.

Petrol. In. England. Costs. Four. Times. As. Much. As. In. The. US.

We need to use more clean b... (Below threshold)
Hank Rutherford Hill:

We need to use more clean burning, fuel efficient propane. C3H8. God's gas.

Sortapundit, I kno... (Below threshold)


I know the feeling. I'm in the US, formerly from the UK (actually, formerly from Salford, Manchester which is your neck of the woods)..

Anyways, I hear people always complaining about the petrol prices, frankly, I still think they are a bargin, although in the US you drive a lot more, and the public transport isn't as good.

I don't think there is a house in the UK that isn't within walking distance from the Pub and a corner shop. In the US, I have to travel 3 miles roundtrip to get a pint of milk.

I don't get it.Ci... (Below threshold)

I don't get it.


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