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Funniest. Gay. Prison. Rape. Cartoon. Ever.

I'm a big fan of the internet comic strip "User Friendly." Sometimes, though, its humor is a bit too geeky for the casual reader.

Not this morning.

Ah, sweet justice...



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Comments (4)

umm...subject o' cartoon: ... (Below threshold)

umm...subject o' cartoon: perhaps that was the point by the spammer. As in, you know, there just aren't any accidents.

Love it! All I can say is ... (Below threshold)

Love it! All I can say is phuck phishers.

Interesting, Aaron...I was ... (Below threshold)

Interesting, Aaron...I was just writing about Gawker Media, other thread here...and look what I found when Googling (+ "spam") Gawker's Cylogy web host "service partner., theplanet.com.."

Among others, the Nigerian scam.

Ha, Gawker Media (employer of Wonkette, among others), hosted up with Cylogy, who also hosts THE UNITED NATIONS' website.

And soon to host Arianna Hu... (Below threshold)

And soon to host Arianna Huffington's "Publishing" group...all in one basket, it appears.






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