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Quote Of The Day - Revelation Edition

"While watching Siegfried and Roy, he had a sudden realization that what was wrong with the world was linked to the illusionists' treatment, dominance and unhealthy intimacy he saw them having with their animals."
Psychiatrist Norton Roitman, from his report on former Oakland Raiders kicker Cole Ford. Ford was arrested last September after shooting at the compound of Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas. [AP/Washington Times]

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dominance and unhealthy ... (Below threshold)

dominance and unhealthy intimacy

Do you think that's the problem between Jay and Elmo?

former Oakland Raiders k... (Below threshold)

former Oakland Raiders kicker Cole Ford


Duh, that should be LACES<b... (Below threshold)

Duh, that should be LACES

"Ford had been working as a... (Below threshold)

"Ford had been working as a laborer in the Las Vegas area before he was arrested."

From the RaidersRap.com fanclub review of 1998 season:

"An Oakland placekicker has ranked last in NFL field goal accuracy for the past two seasons. Cole Ford held the dubious honor in 1997, when he converted 13 of 22 attempts for an abysmal 59.0 percent."

Raiders Helmet to tinfoil helmet in a few years. Sad.

Hey, Cole may be crazy, but... (Below threshold)

Hey, Cole may be crazy, but you know...Siegfried and Roy being the root of all that is evil in the world has a certain logic to it...what better place to hide diabolical, world dominating genius but in Vegas lounge act?

Well, you know, even Steven... (Below threshold)

Well, you know, even Steven King positioned the Walking Man and Hell in Las Vegas.







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