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Royal Wedding Scrapbook

What did we learn today from the subdued civil wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) Parker Bowles Porsche BMW Audi?

First we learned that a royal wedding doesn't make hideous headdresses any less hideous. In this case the headwear problem seems to be hereditary (Camila left, Laura Bowles right).

Picture / APLaura Parker Bowles (front), Princess Beatrice (top L) and Princess Eugenie leave the Guildhall in Windsor, southern England. Picture / Reuters

Next we learned that unless she's wearing the royal tumbleweed, the new Duchess of Cornwall is pretty hard to pick out from among the commoners.

Picture / AP

We also learned that Queen Elizabeth still has it. In her toast to the newlyweds she started out with a horse joke. The previous royal recipient of "horse" jokes, Princess Anne, defied the laws of nature and produced this thoroughbred, Zara Phillips:

Picture / AP

And yes we learned that those boys of Diana's are still cute, or at least William is. No doubt the young Princes both got an eyeful of this...


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Comments (13)

I can't decide if she looks... (Below threshold)

I can't decide if she looks more like a broom or a peacock.

Sarah Buys is way too young... (Below threshold)

Sarah Buys is way too young to have made the mistake of leaving the loo without noticing the back of her dress got caught in her Depends after pulling up.

Then again, maybe she had one too many before the ceremony.

Well have been wondering si... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well have been wondering since yesterday what they thing was growing out of her head.

She paid some designer way too much for that thing-whatever it is.

Hmmmmmm..... you guys lead ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmmm..... you guys lead off with a gay rape cartoon, pics of hot brit chicks and Saberkitten (nice!). Way to start a Sunday!

Every time I start to exten... (Below threshold)

Every time I start to extend a bit more graciousness and consideratin to the British Royals, they defy receipt, what with, particularly, Princess Anne's daughter there (Zara Phillips) and that toast by the Queen.

I actually found myself growing fond of the Royal Tumbleweed over time, while although I loved the first hat itself that Camilla wore (the Royal Festoon, I think it can be called), it sure did look as if Prince Charles married the Royal Festoon itself and that Camilla was secondary.

The tackiness and awfulness that was the Zara Phillips appearance (and behaviors) was truly and terribly the bottom of the reach. Whoever allowed her, Royal (ahem) or not, to appear as she did, is surely the same handler that allowed Prince Harry to leave the vehicle dressed as a Nazi.

Just saying, it is obvious from certain POOR CHOICES that certain Royals insist on displaying, as to taste and decorum, that truly renders them not worthy of too much social regard. And then they display their bank accounts and it all seems just so much the embarrassment for the rest of us.

However, Prince Edwards' tw... (Below threshold)

However, Prince Edwards' two daughters (top photo, right of frame in background) were remarkably poised, well coifed and dutious. It's great to see that they didn't inherit the early behaviors of their mother as to "public appearance gaffaws" -- however, Zara Phillips seems to have picked up that trend, unfortunately.

I found the hat thing very interesting, however.

The Queen's hat was beautiful and beautifully top drawer, as in, "I'm Still Ruler of All I Survey". The hat she wore was nearly pompous but saved by that lovely tag of dear yellow peeking out among the well chosen (and limited in number) white feathers, and, along with that large, hard edge top, the entire piece was astoundingly 'powerful' in comparsion, particularly, with Camilla's dutiful "I'm wheat, I'm blowing in the wind, I'm single strands of edible bits" (Rolling Tumbleweed) hat.

The comparisons between the two statements displayed by those two, combined with Queen Elizabeth's choice of positioning on the stairs after the (second) ceremony was remarkable in announcement: as if the Queen announced, "I'm Royal, she isn't, and then there's 'the' son who is but is not in this relationship".

But, it was the Queen's bla... (Below threshold)

But, it was the Queen's black gloves that sealed the statement for me.

For reference:<a h... (Below threshold)

For reference:



Not everyone can pull off w... (Below threshold)

Not everyone can pull off wearing firestarters on their head. Not that they can...

Andrew and Fergie's girls are gorgeous. I guess I hadn't seen photos of them since they were little ones.

June is busting out all over.

royal tumbleweed... (Below threshold)

royal tumbleweed

Heh. My wife saw that ... thing ... on television at work and when she came home she asked me what it was (like she thinks I watch royal weddings live on TV ... anymore).

I'll have to tell her this comes from the official Wizbang glossary of aristocratic headgear.

What does it say to the fin... (Below threshold)

What does it say to the financial condition of the Royals that Zara shows up after trolling secondhand clothing shops for a 60's outfit?

- Is that an Emu in your ha... (Below threshold)

- Is that an Emu in your hair, or are you just glad to see me....

All I can say is it's a goo... (Below threshold)

All I can say is it's a good thing Charles and Camilla didn't have any kids. They're quite homely people. Even Harry didn't escape his father's "tired old horse" look. William got lucky inheriting his mom's face.






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