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Fake Billboard, Real Doctor

You've got fake news winning Peabody Awards (The Daily Show), fake journalists restoring interest in White House Press Briefings (Jeff Gannon), and now there's fake geek blogs (Date4Dud). Dorky looking geek blogger Walter, who supposedly bought a billboard ad looking for a date turns out to be this guy:

billboardnew2 2.jpg

The Vories Medical Group in Charleston, SC thought that creating a fake blog and fake (and balding) geek blogger to run it would be a great way to market their clinic. They'll probably be regretting that tomorrow.

Jeff Quinton has additional details on on the story.


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Comments (5)

This is an example of why I... (Below threshold)

This is an example of why I left civilian medicine. It is just too blantant.

Good thing I had a sare keyboard - I yakked all over the old one reading this.

I thought it was kind of fu... (Below threshold)

I thought it was kind of funny, but he is deserving of a bitch slap from the blogosphere. A couple hundred fake appointments or calls to his office will slow him down a little.

That's money well spent. Th... (Below threshold)

That's money well spent. They put the word "p0rn" in the ad so it's gotta perform.


I thought the people fallin... (Below threshold)

I thought the people falling for the actual billboard as being really were funny. Paladin falling for Kevin's photoshop is even funnier.

I posted a link to my comme... (Below threshold)

I posted a link to my comment on this and they pulled it down.


Hey, did you photoshop that? I'm from Michigan. I have no clue if Vories has that kind of gumption.






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