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Wizbang Turns Two

Wizbang Turns Two

Two years ago today I started Wizbang with a rather inauspicious post noting the death of NBC's David Bloom and Atlantic Monthly's editor-at-large and a Washington Post columnist Michael Kelly. Day two found me bashing CNN's Eason Jordan, and it was off to the races from there.

The anniversary sort of jumped up on me, so I'll be back to this post later in the day with thoughts and thanks.


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Comments (18)

Congrats, chief!Th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Congrats, chief!

That means that I've officially been part of Wizbang for over half its life. I'm feeling a little woozy at that thought...


Happy Anniversary. Here's ... (Below threshold)

Happy Anniversary. Here's to many more bang-up years.

Happy Blogiversary!... (Below threshold)

Happy Blogiversary!

Well, I hope you had a part... (Below threshold)

Well, I hope you had a party! No picture of the three little Wizards (I mean the cute, tiny ones who live with you) and a cake with two candles?

Happy Anniversy.... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Happy Anniversy.

Congrats, guys! Looking fo... (Below threshold)

Congrats, guys! Looking forward to year three.

I can never quite believe t... (Below threshold)

I can never quite believe that I'm older than Wizbang.

Happy blogiversary guys.

The graphic in the upper le... (Below threshold)
Dave A:

The graphic in the upper left corner is the candle on the birthday cake, right?

Start acting your age.... (Below threshold)

Start acting your age.



Seems like just yesterday y... (Below threshold)

Seems like just yesterday you were a newbie, seeking to maximize the benefit to yourself of Rat Race linkage. You've come a long way in two short years!

Happy 2nd, I've only been v... (Below threshold)

Happy 2nd, I've only been visiting for a month or so, but I think this blog kicks butt! keep going, it's a great thing to look forward to with an evening scotch.

Congrats!... (Below threshold)


Hey cool! We practically sh... (Below threshold)

Hey cool! We practically share a blogiversary!

Great work, guys. Here's to many more years.

Love you guys! Now where's ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Love you guys! Now where's the party and/or some links to hot looking babes (like Iris). Woot!

I already asked him to post... (Below threshold)

I already asked him to post some babes, Old Coot. he won't deliver!

Congratulations! You have a... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! You have accomplished a tremendous amount. You should also be proud of being in the minority of large blogs with comments and trackbacks enabled, regardless of the aggravation they likely cause.

I've always thought of Wizb... (Below threshold)

I've always thought of Wizbang as my gateway to the blogosphere. It's the one I check first every day to see if anything interesting is going on. Happy anniversary. Please keep it up!






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