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Mae Magouirk hits the Media Mainstream

The mainstream media is joining us irresponsible bloggers in reporting on the Mae Magouirk case. (I hope they got permission from the self appointed "truth cops" of the blogosphere.)

The Birmingham News and the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution have finally caught up to the story and are reporting what you could have heard in the blogosphere and World Net Daily almost a week ago.

Also, Ken Mullinax, nephew of Mae, will be on Hannity & Colmes tonight on the Fox News network. No word if bitter bloggers will protest that they are listening to his side of the story.


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Comments (18)

Actually, this has been on ... (Below threshold)

Actually, this has been on the Birmingham evening news for about a week or so. I don't read the local papers so I can't attest to that. But it has been getting news coverage here.

It's been on the local tele... (Below threshold)

It's been on the local television news in Atlanta for almost a week now.

It hasn't been on any news ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

It hasn't been on any news or in any newspapers in the NH.

The WND articles and various blog posts are the only places I have seen any coverage.

heh- Maybe I should rename ... (Below threshold)

heh- Maybe I should rename it:

"Mae Magouirk hits the Linkable Media"

You gotta hand it to the gr... (Below threshold)

You gotta hand it to the grand daughter --- her timing is impeccable.

Isn't Kens side of the stor... (Below threshold)

Isn't Kens side of the story the only one available at the moment?

I'm all ears for an alternative, but so far, there isn't one.

This story is so murky. On... (Below threshold)

This story is so murky. Only one side is really coming out...and there seems to be a lot of details that are unclear.

If you think the story should be out there more...why not investigate it more thoroughly than the "journalists" and WND and get it out there?

Carla: Shall we put thumb s... (Below threshold)

Carla: Shall we put thumb screws on the granddaughter and make her talk? Also, medical and court records are not public records.

Don't worry. We know all t... (Below threshold)

Don't worry. We know all the work you did to get this story out. Thank you.

Well I confess that I would... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well I confess that I would love to hear from the grandaughter.

Also, aren't court records public?

JustMe: Not all co... (Below threshold)


Not all court records and not all court hearings are open to the public. I don't know if these are or not. Either way, they wouldn't contain a transcript of anything said in court, including testimony, unless someone contacted the court reporter and paid for it. It would probably contain the court's findings, but of course, those are one person's conclusions.

Insecure much, Paul?... (Below threshold)

Insecure much, Paul?

There are some court findin... (Below threshold)

There are some court findings made part of the court order that was based on an agreement of the parties. It is already published on the internet. The petition for the siblings is also out on the internet and makes for interesting reading regarding Beth Gaddy's involvement in Mae's finances prior to Mae's illness. See pages 20 through 23. The living will and POA are there as well. They are all here: http://www.blogsforterri.com/docs/MagouirkOrderApril1%5B1%5D.pdf

What I'd really like to see are the affidavits of the grandchildren that may have been attached to their motion for TRO and emergency guardianship--if that's how they do it in Georgia.

Hat tip to Straight up with Sherri: http://straightupwsherri.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the links, I wil... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Thanks for the links, I will read them later tonight, when I have more time.

>Insecure much, Paul?... (Below threshold)

>Insecure much, Paul?

nah just annoyed.

I too would like to hear th... (Below threshold)

I too would like to hear the "loving" grand daughter explain her actions. Hopefully, Mae will file a complaint against the grand daughter and the hospice for trying to kill her. I really am concerned when I read that the grand daughter teaches at an elementary school. It is sickening to me that someone like that is teaching children. If I still lived in Atlanta, I would go out and picket her school and her home. We all learned from the Schiavo case how very important it is to have a living will but how do you protect yourself against evil, greedy relatives. I'm leaving everything to the Humane Society so my relatives will have no incentive to send me off for the dirt nap sooner than the Good Lord calls me!!

I think he may be bumped. I... (Below threshold)

I think he may be bumped. It is 40 min in the show and Bob Dole is coming up next

According to Blogsforterri,... (Below threshold)

According to Blogsforterri, he got bumped to Wednesday. Also, the family is appealing tomorrow for Mae's brother and sister to be allowed to visit.






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