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Media Matters Smears Drudge For Linking To AP Story

Liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America attempted to smear Internet gossip columnist Matt Drudge for attempting to smear Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) by linking to an Associated Press report that falsely suggested that Kerry and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar (R-IN) "may have blown" the cover of CIA officer Fulton Armstrong.

Rather than direct their watchdog ire at the Associated Press (who were responsible for the story), or the major newspapers that ran the story like The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian UK, The New York Post, etc., Media Matters elects to attack Matt Drudge for merely linking to the story. Examples of the headlines are shown below:

Los Angeles Times - Senators May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent

Drudge headline - Kerry Blows CIA Agent Cover?...

Drudge's transgression appears to modifying an AP headline to focus on Kerry, while ignoring Lugar. No offense to Senator Lugar, but his name hardly captures reader interest the way a former candidate for President does. Nowhere does Media Matters accuse mainstream news outlets of attempting to smear Kerry (or Lugar) by running the AP story, that honor is reserved for the one site that merely linked to a wire service copy of the article. By leading off with an attack on Drudge, Media Matters shifts the focus off the real story - the shoddiness of Associated Press reporter Anne Gearan's research. Even rudimentary web research on the name Fulton Armstrong indicates that his "cover" was not blown.


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Comments (14)

Drudge Derangement Syndrome... (Below threshold)

Drudge Derangement Syndrome?

Media Matters are acting li... (Below threshold)

Media Matters are acting like a bunch of idiots? I'm shocked...shocked I say!

Media matters are basically... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Media matters are basically schills for the MSM.

Media Matters...funded by S... (Below threshold)

Media Matters...funded by Soros, to a great degree, yes?

I do note of late a huge ramping up of the ankle-biting gossip-mongering by the left media to and about anyone else. I think it's time for a line to be drawn, though I have no idea how that would be/could be represented.

They'll denigrate by any means possible -- mostly deceptive, dishonest means -- anyone who isn't controllable, who isn't beating their stupid tin foil drums.

Unfortunately, they seem to sucker in a certain number of readers based upon pretty colors on websites. Cigarette manufacturers do the same thing.

"Adios hypocrites" Lord I... (Below threshold)

"Adios hypocrites" Lord I wish he meant that.

I'm in the Republican Party... (Below threshold)

I'm in the Republican Party

[looks down pants]

Nope, no penis.

Doesn't Oliver Willis work ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't Oliver Willis work for Media Matters?

Yes, Darleen, you're right ... (Below threshold)

Yes, Darleen, you're right about that: Democrats, the party of asses.

- The MSM is athwart in the... (Below threshold)

- The MSM is athwart in the massive failures of the past 5 years and the rise of the blogmecca. Did anyone of us suppose for a minute they would take their demise lying down and go quietly. Not a day goes by that some other non-reality news release ends up biting them on the ass. To think they won't inflate, embellish, and just plain manufacture any bad press they can is to ignore the deep anger they hold for all things conservative, and the blogsphere's voice on the right. I can no longer see any noticable difference between The National Inquirer and any MSM rag you care to name. They of the left continue to "blow their own cover" every day of the week. Tis a real pity we no longer have two viable parties in this country.

Poor David Brock. With all... (Below threshold)

Poor David Brock. With all the massive liberal media attacks on Republicans lately, he has to come up with SOMETHING this week to give George Soros his money's worth. Even he knows how pathetic he is. But when you're a whore for a guy who has been indicted in France recently for fraud,......what do any of us expect.

What a pathetic sad soul.......

Come on, you're talking abo... (Below threshold)

Come on, you're talking about a group led by an admitted liar, and whose most absurd act being a "media watchdog" was to protest AL MICHAELS for making a joke about John Kerry's flip flopping on a Monday Night Football broadcast.

Just checking--do any of yo... (Below threshold)

Just checking--do any of you actually read Media Matters, or do you just let your leaders tell you what to think about it? You would be a lot more convincing if you could factually refute Media Matters' critiques of the media. Even in this particular case, most of the Media Matters piece was critical of the AP story, criticizing Drudge only for his headline...which is pretty much what you guys are doing, come to think of it.

- Yes.... Some of us actual... (Below threshold)

- Yes.... Some of us actually review it, if for no other reason to see what Soros is up to next.....

Mark, LOL, thanks for rem... (Below threshold)

Mark, LOL, thanks for reminding me about the Al Michaels one -- I remember laughing my head off when I heard about that "outrage"......

Again, poor David Brock......






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