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Both Sides Feed At Congresses Trough

Eric Pfeiffer's Beltway Buzz has been highlighting the tendency of members of Congress to employee family members as consultants. Democratic spin notwithstanding, employing family is a decidedly bipartisan (and perfectly legal) affair on the Hill. The Buzz notes:

"In 2002, [Senator Barbara] Boxer paid her son $150,000 for professional services, more than any DeLay family member earned in a single year."
When it comes to cronyism in Congress, most everyone lives in a glass house.

Other Gravy Trains: Howard Dean, Bernie Saunders


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Comments (15)

But ya know this stuff is b... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

But ya know this stuff is bad, only when the GOP does it. As long as you have the "D" next to your name, anything goes.

- The whole red herring sur... (Below threshold)

- The whole red herring surrounding Delay is stalling on the part of the Dems wjile they try desperately to think of any viable counter-proposals to the conservative plank. They are just trying to buy time and tread water, hoping to minimize useful legislation and avoid justice up/down votes. Obstructionism by the party of the Ass, since they bring nothing to the table that hasn't already been rejected by the majority of voters.

What's pathetic and predica... (Below threshold)

What's pathetic and predicable about this whole thing is that MSM has been routinely reporting these kinds of stories, matter-of-factly, for years and years --- and yet it only becomes a Big Story when it's about a Congressman that MSM would love to take down.

The travel crap might be a little different, but shall we examine it objectively? Shall we look into every Congressman who has traveled to, say IRELAND and see how it was funded? Whether golf clubs were brought along? How about San Juan? Hawaii?

Has somebody alerted Oliver... (Below threshold)

Has somebody alerted Oliver Willis so he can put a big banner on his blog demanding the resignation of Boxer? Mind you, I'm not the biggest Tom DeLay fan in Texas, but consistency is consistency.

Let's see ... the moonbats ... (Below threshold)

Let's see ... the moonbats scream fucking bloody murder when they are notified by their friends in the "don't you dare call us liberal" mainstream media, and react with slightly less passion than they do when a Republican wants to cut taxes for the successful. The following day, with a little digging, it turns out that the resident socialist Sanders does the same thing, the eternally whiny Senator from California does the same thing, etc ...

Funny how they back away from their righteous moral indignation when they realize that they are doing the exact same things ...

:::sigh:::Babs is ... (Below threshold)


Babs is just a bad news buffet ... from her munchkin voice to rambling incoherence to bouncing checks to keeping junior in cracked-crab and chardonny.

Have you seen the litt... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the dirt
And for all the little pigies life is getting worse
Always having dirt to play around in

Have you seen the bigger piggies in their starched white shirts
You will find the bigger piggies stirring up the dirt
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They don't care what goes on around
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what they need's a damn good whacking

Everywhere there's lots of piggies living piggy lives
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Piggies by George Harrison (Beatles)

DeLay isn't being brought d... (Below threshold)

DeLay isn't being brought down by the family issue. He's being brough down by the pile of everything he's been doing.

Including the questionable trips funded by corporations.

Don't fool yourself into thinking this has to do with one single issue.

I doubt not one of you have... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

I doubt not one of you have a clue as to why DeLay was censured 3 times by Congress for ethics violations? I doubt not one of you have a clue as to the evidence that brought the charges against 3 of his closes aides? I doubt not one of you has a clue as to the evidence gathered by newspaper investigations in Texas, and how they implicate DeLay?

But, you'll claim this is a political witch hunt, although the Texas AG has prosecuted more Dems (8 to 3) or dismiss a biased press.

What this looks like to the American people, is that you're defending DeLay - although you ain't got the guts to say it out loud! While each day, another leading Republican distances themselves from him!

How stupid are going to look when he does get indicted?

- Well Clive - People have ... (Below threshold)

- Well Clive - People have jumped to the snarling dog claims, yapping at Delay's heels for some time and still ni indictments. Is this revelation going to occur before we're all old and grey. As far as the trips thing I suspect that, like the nepetism non-issue, its common practice with Dems as well as Rep's. We certainly know in Boxers case it is. I hear a lot of rhetoric, see a lot of handwaving, but as yet no cigar. So how bout we wait to see who looks stupid in the end. So far the libs and their lap dogs, the MSM body media, are something like 2 for 60 by My count. They really need to invest in some research and accuracy Editors....

- Well Clive - People h... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

- Well Clive - People have jumped to the snarling dog claims, yapping at Delay's heels for some time and still ni indictments.

Thanks for proving my point Big Bang, because obviously you'd rather ignore hearing what evidence is out there. It shows an arrogant and reckless disregard for campaign contribution laws, with not much of an effort to cover it up. This ain't about legally putting the family on the payroll, it's about blatant fraud.

With all the evidence against Enron's Ken Lay, still no trial either. Do you really think, not one of those 3 aides have made a plea deal yet?

About the Ethics Committee,... (Below threshold)

About the Ethics Committee, that is, ahem, responsible for the 'censuring' actions levied upon Delay...guess who is on that Committee?

Guess. Take a big guess.

Hey Clive --- if it's about... (Below threshold)

Hey Clive --- if it's about "blatant fraud," then talk about "blatant fraud," cite your evidence and stop your futile harping on the subject of the post -

Here's the thing. I consid... (Below threshold)

Here's the thing. I consider myself fairly centrist, fairly moderate. I agree with the folks at Wizbang fairly often, but do disagree - sometimes vehemently - at times.

All this nonsense needs to get OUT of politics. Being elected to Congress is not a blank check to pay members of your family to sit around and tell you you're awesome, and I don't care WHICH party you belong to.

Frankly, I think all campaigns ought to be paid for with public money. I don't have a solution as to who is a legitimate candidate and who isn't, but the amount of sleazy money in Washington is disgusting.

The problem for the GOP is that they can't make the argument you are making. They can't say "Hey, Delay may be doing it, but look over there, Barbara Boxer is even worse." Because the answer to that is, "mmmmkay, that's nice, but you're the majority leader in the Senate, don't you have anything to say about the sleazy money here, or not"

They don't have an answer other than, well that's standard operating procedure in Congress. True or not, it's dirty, and Delay cannot deny this fact.

Hey Clive --- if it's a... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Hey Clive --- if it's about "blatant fraud," then talk about "blatant fraud," cite your evidence and stop your futile harping on the subject of the post

What you call 'harping' wavemaker, is my challenge to your willful ignorance of the evidence against DeLay!

But, I should not have to bring you such evidence if you're certain the man you're defending is completely innocent!






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