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Britney Spears - Accesorizing For Pregnancy

One of the many clues that pop-star Britney Spears was pregnant was a decided change in her out-and-about accessorizing over the last couple months.

Out: Bit Bit Spears


In: Frappuccino


Nearly every Britney paparazzi pic in 2005 features Mrs. Cletus Federline holding a sugary coffee confection. The the annoying dog-like accessory has thankfully vanished...

Comments (13)

you know, caffeine can indu... (Below threshold)

you know, caffeine can induce a miscarriage, so you're supposed to lay off the caffeine during pregnancy, especially the first trimester....

You've gotta let this Britn... (Below threshold)

You've gotta let this Britney Spears thing go, man.

It's unhealthy.

Kev, can you post a disclai... (Below threshold)

Kev, can you post a disclaimer or something when you're going to post pics like that, man. I almost clawed my eyes out after scrolling down to see those. Geez...

Lol, I was thinking, rememb... (Below threshold)

Lol, I was thinking, remember what happened to the dog (Lady) when the baby came in "Lady and the Tramp" and then I couldn't proceed farther in thought laughing at the consideration of who was the Lady and who the Tramp in this situation...

But I LIKED Bit Bit!... (Below threshold)

But I LIKED Bit Bit!

So that's the culprit --- t... (Below threshold)

So that's the culprit --- those frappucinos are about 800 calories apiece.

Now if only the annoying do... (Below threshold)

Now if only the annoying dog-like Britney would disappear...

amen and pass the ammunitio... (Below threshold)

amen and pass the ammunition Bullwinkle. She is very annoying. Time to put her in a toaster.

She sure wouldn't co-star w... (Below threshold)

She sure wouldn't co-star with Kirsty, but maybe start a new TV show, "Fat Ex- ______" [you fill in the blank - might make an interesting mid-week contest].

Hey, you know, maybe when l... (Below threshold)

Hey, you know, maybe when little Cletus or Lurlene is born, Britney will become so enthralled with being a mother that she'll drop out of the entertainment business completely and we'll never hear from her again, ever.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Will she be celeb number tw... (Below threshold)

Will she be celeb number two to be photographed topless and bloated on the balcony of a posh resort smoking at around 8 months pregnant? I seem to recall zero backlash against Katherine Zeta Jones who was puffing away till near delivery time. Britney is the avid smoker, I doubt someone with that little will power will be able to drop the habit, pregnant or not.

She's in the entertainment ... (Below threshold)

She's in the entertainment business? She has yet to do anything that I would find entertaining.

Well, except for her Tammy Faye impression posted on another thread...

Well, I'm now agreeing abou... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm now agreeing about the tarnished presentation that Britney Spears now makes (and has for a while).

What it is, to my view, is that she, like many other females, capitalizes on exploiting the "young girl" thing and then she, like everyone else, grows up and the act no longer works.

Unless she reinvents herself as an act, an image to promote and finds "new fame" via that process, she's now ground down. As in, the original concept that was "Britney Spears" now no longer exists and she appears to fail to notice (making it even worse).

About smokers, if every glamourous smoker had to show the interior of their lungs on the front page of tabloids, I assure you, there would be n.o...o.n.e buying a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g affiliated with their name/image, other than pathologists and lab technicians, perhaps a few darkly confused laypersons.






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