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Police Use College Intern As Undercover Stripper

Former University of Dayton Criminal Justice Studies Program student Michelle Szuhay discusses her internship experiences.

State liquor control agents in Ohio stole the identity of a Cincinnati woman using her driver's license and Social Security number to establish a fake identity for a college student to pose as a stripper for a sting operation. The father of the woman whose identity was used (Hailey Dawson), and state legislators are upset that police are engaging in identity theft rather than enforcing Ohio's identity theft law.

The student stripper, Michelle Szuhay (show above), was paid $100 a night to strip at the Total Xposure strip bar in Troy, Ohio. Undercover agents posing as patrons watched her Szuhay's performances while looking for violations of liquor laws at the same time. The bar was ultimately closed, even though the undercover operation only revealed misdemeanor charges.

According to reports, Szuhay eventually became a little too friendly with the Total Xposure staff. Prosecutors charged her with perjury and obstruction of justice in the case. The charges were dropped, but prosecutors say they will be refilled.

Agents use woman's identity in strip-bar sting [AP/Akron Beacon Journal]
Michelle Szuhay discusses her internship experience (no mention of pole dancing) [Video/Text]


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Comments (20)

I'd hit it.... (Below threshold)

I'd hit it.

Could someone please explai... (Below threshold)

Could someone please explain to me why it was necessary for the state liquor control agents to have a stripper to "watch while they looked for violations of liquor laws?" What did this lady's presence add to the operation? Was she supposed to be distracting others or something? And my GAWDDDDDD if they're gonna find someone to strip under cover, they need to do better than this.

Why did they need the girl?... (Below threshold)

Why did they need the girl? Is there some reason they couldn't pose as patrons without her there?

I spy with my little eye a law-enforcement house badly in need of cleaning out.

Hmmm...we used to have that... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...we used to have that poster in our front office.

Getting paid to watch strip... (Below threshold)

Getting paid to watch strippers? I am clearly in the wrong line of work.

What about the fact that th... (Below threshold)

What about the fact that they stole someone else's Identification for this operation. Since when is my SSN up for grabs by any gov't official who deems it necessary!

That's got to be the most c... (Below threshold)

That's got to be the most complicated setup ever for getting to see the intern naked...

If Clinton would have been ... (Below threshold)

If Clinton would have been this crafty, the world wouldn't be laughing at the president that messed arround with a pudgy homely intern. BTW is monica in porn yet? Is the Intern?

“The charges were dropped, ... (Below threshold)

“The charges were dropped, but prosecutors say they will be refilled.”
Was that a Freudian slip or was that intentional?

This is standard. The want ... (Below threshold)

This is standard. The want to shut down the strip club and get the new intern out of here clothes.

If you are you are going to sting someone you can spend time on something better than this?

Perhaps someone selling cigarettes to kids or something?

The identity theft part is ... (Below threshold)

The identity theft part is mind-boggling, to be sure. It's as though the IRS wiped out the entire population of a town -- thousands of men, women and children murdered -- to "sting" a group of tax dodgers.

This girl gets around. a re... (Below threshold)

This girl gets around. a real Matahari. Her text link is about her internship with the Federal Marshals, and the article is about her working with the State authorities.

I like most the comments she made about "being marketable."

I wonder if she got to keep... (Below threshold)

I wonder if she got to keep her tips and if they were more than the $100 bucks the cops from DOS paid her nightly? Or did they pay her by "leaving" her tips?

how come no pictures?... (Below threshold)

how come no pictures?

I think the thing to rememb... (Below threshold)

I think the thing to remember here is...

Lordy, remind me never to go to a strip club in Troy, OH. Ick!

Any officer, and their supe... (Below threshold)

Any officer, and their superious, who were involved in setting up a fake identity, using stolen indentity of another resident, SHOULD be arrested and charged with identity theft. I think the woman whos identity was taken should sue sue sue until this Police Precinct, and the officers involved are completely Bankrupt. Its bad enough our personal info is being scammed by Data Merchants looking for money, but now Law Enforcement is stealing identities as well.

Well today (11/14/2005) i... (Below threshold)

Well today (11/14/2005) in the Dayton Daily news we find that the undercover liquor control officers had sex with this young lady as their PAYMENT from her to help her get this undercover cop job. They took advantage of her desire to get into law enforcement.
THEY exploited her in a way that was WORSE than what they accused TotalXposure of possibly doing.

Well I would fuck the shit ... (Below threshold)

Well I would fuck the shit out of her

First and foremost are any ... (Below threshold)

First and foremost are any of you queers posting this garbage cops. If not shut the fuck up. Second if you are cops were you assigned to the investigation led by the wonderful Ohio State Highway Patrol. They are wonderful investigators if your speeding down the highway. To sum up if all you have done is lapped up the lies printed in mass media dont make judgement calls.

Thank you Chuck... (Below threshold)

Thank you Chuck






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