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Quote Of The Day - Energizing The Troops Edition

"You need to explain why a vocal minority in the Congress is essential for a democracy and why it is essential for you. This fight is really your fight as well."
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), addressing newspaper editors on the dangers the GOP's 'Nuclear Option' to end judicial filibusters, at the opening session of the American Society of Newspaper Editors conference.

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- The idea of any sort of c... (Below threshold)

- The idea of any sort of cogent position or message has simply been left in the dust. The focus is simply opposing in everyway humanly possible, the conservative viewpoint or stance on any issue. Screw right, wrong, morality, character, or the effects on the constituency. Just oppose, oppose, oppose. As Darlene would say: Cue the "Welcome to munchkenland music". The libs are in such desperate disarray, they're down to outright begging the media to carry thier happless water. Hillery is hard at it too. Just with different sheet music.

Let me see if I understand ... (Below threshold)

Let me see if I understand this: we have a census every 10 years so we know how many people are where and we can redistrict. Then we have elections ever two (Congress) or six years (Senate). When one party gains the most seats, this is known as a majority. Am I correct so far?

The Constitution says the President chooses the judges, the Senate is to "advise and consent." There are 7 places in the Constitution where it is specified that a supermajority is necessary. Judiciary is not one of them. So what is she talking about?

We have so many checks and balances just getting to the daggone Senate that if these Senators don't start fighting back, I am going to start a Conservative Party. Republicans be damned. I don't hang out with spineless cowards with no principles. Thank you.

Perhaps this is just the en... (Below threshold)

Perhaps this is just the engineer-who-fell-asleep-during-his-breadth-requirements in me, but why is a minority "essential for a democracy"? Honestly, if anybody has an answer, then I'm genuinely curious. I'm not trying to be cute.

I don't remember "senator" barbara b0x0r commending me for my fulfilling my country's necessity of an opposition to an easily-opposable "president". Or even for fulfilling the necessity of opposition to her. God, it's so much fun watching my LIbEral friends being forced to vote for her. It makes up for my voting for the wastes-of-flesh that the California GOP sends up to the plate against her election after election.

Senator Boxer telling newsp... (Below threshold)

Senator Boxer telling newspaper editors what they NEED to do. We poor, ignorant readers "hear filibuster" and "don't get what it really means." Readers, let's encourage editors to do some research and see how truly traditional this "minority power " is when it comes to confirmation of judicial appointments. Also it would be helpful if the majority in congress would become equally as vocal as the minority. Maybe the vocal majority in congress could explain it to the people who hear filibuster and don't get what it really means. It would be helpful because the vocal majority understands it.

I am so glad to be leaving ... (Below threshold)

I am so glad to be leaving Califonication. I think the politicians do a sadly accurate job of representing the MAJORITY of their electorate at times. They sure ignore the true minority that speak only English and hold moral and religious values.

With both Sodom and Gomorrah's equivalents (SF and LA, both with names of a different religious connotation than their current reutation) within the borders here, (see http://www.abu.nb.ca/ecm/topics/arch5.htm for an interesting discussion on archeological finds, esecially about the grapes) I will not be turn back for one more peek...

"Readers, let's encourage e... (Below threshold)

"Readers, let's encourage editors to do some research and see how truly traditional this "minority power " is when it comes to confirmation of judicial appointments."

The research is done and posted. Via Hugh Hewitt, Gerry at http://dalythoughts.com/index.php?p=2983 has assembled and crunched the data from Truman to present. The picture as documented is way, way different than the Democrats are spouting. The obstructionism is quite clear when you look at the numbers. Bush's confirmation rate is at 51.5%, which ain't terribly high.

mensurationHas to ... (Below threshold)


Has to do with geometry formulas...

The MSM/DNC are, and have b... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

The MSM/DNC are, and have been, united against these judges for going on 3 years. Babs is just firing up the troops for another assult. After the bloodying they took in the 04 elections some are a little down.

Let's see......a Democrat t... (Below threshold)

Let's see......a Democrat telling newspapers what to write........isn't this business as usual?

Or preaching to the choir?

Poor Joser. It must be tou... (Below threshold)

Poor Joser. It must be tough always trying to think of a related come -uppance .........and never ever succeeding.

I feel for ya, dude.






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