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Ultimate Hilarity

The funniest thing you'll read all week. Former WWF champion, Ultimate Warrior isn't having the ultimate week. It seems everyone else is administering Hulk Hogan elbow drops to him.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Something Awful (3 pages)

Related: College Republicans apologize for Ultimate Warrior appearance at University of Connecticut

h/t Jon Henke, Ezra Klein, and Atrios


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Comments (6)

Here's the "queering don't ... (Below threshold)

Here's the "queering don't make the world work" clip. I had this and three others up (you'll notice the lethalwrestling.com sig in the video) but it led to massive destructocity of our bandwidth.


And the sordid tale of how I started the whole mess.

Um... sorry?

Long time lurker. Love this place guys. :)

Destrucity...<a hr... (Below threshold)





A methodology one of warrior uses to combine his knowledge of reality with the strength he has in an undeniable belief of an
invocation by his higher self, a supreme being - a creator of the existent universe he consciously perceives. The application of
Destrucity to his life, a continuum of disciplined action, reminds him to never obscure faith and reality. He cannot substitute
one for the other. He must abide by an inviolate truce, one, he and he alone, constructs and reveres. Imposing a standard that
a warrior's life is an end in itself. Knowledge is his means to fulfill this purpose - pay allegiance to his standard. His end,
making conscious effort throughout his life to increase it's inherent value towards a reward - his reward - happiness. The one
and only tool he has to obtain this - the greatness of his life as a human being. Faith in being the recipient of such greatness
cannot, however, be used blindly, to increase, stated more boldly - rescue, the life we have been granted. It is only by
consistent, practicable, volitional, rational effort that man can achieve a state greater than he is born. Doing otherwise -
refusing to do so - constitutes death, not the living of life. Destrucity is the application of one's guidelines governing this effort -
one's own volitional effort.

Hollywood Hogan.Ma... (Below threshold)

Hollywood Hogan.

Marvel granted the WWF (now WWE) license to use Hulk, and they're not renewing, so The Hulkster is now the Hollywoodster.

Hogan used a leg dro... (Below threshold)

Hogan used a leg drop.


Brian, Marvel lost the cour... (Below threshold)

Brian, Marvel lost the court case. Hogan now owns the trademark "Hulk Hogan."

WWE is entertainment. I puk... (Below threshold)
Tom Johnson:

WWE is entertainment. I puked when I first saw wrestling, because I thought it was real. Acutally, the acting is better than that on many soap operas.
Unfortunately Vince McMahon will not be in the ring anymore. He tore some ligaments in a recent stunt. Too bad, he was one of the best actors.
But UW? Too many steroids, man. Way too many. Too bad for him--he will succumb to heart disease in a relatively short time because of the 'roids.
The patent paranoia of his lawyer may indicate some 'roid use on his part as well.






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