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Carnival of the Vanities Redux

The Carnival of the Vanities, a weekly listing celebration of bloggers self-selected best work, is now over two years old. Over time traditions and norms that hosts are expected to conform to have evolved. Here's a list of expectations off the top of my head

  1. All submitted entries should be included. Discarding any submitted entries is very, very bad.
  2. Using a theme is encouraged to the extent that the theme doesn't overwhelm the material.
  3. Leave your politics/religion/sexual preference, etc out of the Carnival, unless they are integral to your theme or just really funny.
  4. Positive editorializing about submitted posts or blogs is encouraged.
  5. Negative editorializing about submitted posts or blogs is very, very bad. If you've got nothing nice to say about an entry, then don't say anything. Just provide the blog name and link and move on.
Hosting the Carnival is not like writing a blog post or a short story; conceptually it's much closer to writing a press release than traditional blog writing. As with all press releases, always put a positive spin on things...

This weeks host, Socialist Eurofag (as he is known in his own comment section) at yeah whatever, telegraphed his intentions to ignore the expected civility of the Carnival in his announcement last week.

Everyone is welcome on a strictly nondiscriminatory basis, although I will be ferociously rude about you if you are a/ a dumb rightwing regressive Yank, b/ a dumb Yank, c/ a Yank, d/ illiterate. Only kidding!
Except he wasn't really kidding...

Laurence Simon has this to say about the 134th edition of the Carnival:

There have been times when the weekly caretakers of the Carnival of the Vanities have demonstrated a lack of respect for the traditions and ceremony of the office, presenting the content with fairness and without malice. However, rare is the time when the one entrusted with carrying the burden has done nothing less than drop it in the mud and stomp on it.

I declare Dr. Zen to be a Blogheretic, and they must be cast out! Ground into the dirt! Burned from the Book of the Holy!

Rather than just complaining, Lair actually writes a more proper version, called Carnival of the Vanities #134 - Avignon Edition. Go read it now...

Maybe this is why so many enjoy hosting the Bonfire of the Vanities, where bloggers submit their worst posts and the host is encouraged to mock them...


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Comments (14)

Thanks for laying this out ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for laying this out clearly. I know many people were pretty pissed off about the whole affair.

I am hosting the COTV next ... (Below threshold)

I am hosting the COTV next week, and was also wondering about the "traditions." I was leaning towards including only posts which were, by my subjective standards, good but it seems from your post that all submissions should be included. Upon further reflection, I think that inclusion of all submissions is probably the best thing to do, as it allows the reader to decide what is good and what isn't.

If anyone has any further suggestions, please email me and let me know.

I hope my <a href="http://s... (Below threshold)

I hope my intentional breaking of the rules was within the boundaries of good taste. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it and my mocking was done in jest.

Sharpie- (as usual) you get... (Below threshold)

Sharpie- (as usual) you get it.

If it is a roast it is humor... That wasn't a roast.

BTW it should be proclaimed throughout all the land, Laurence Simon rocks.

Laurence asked others to jo... (Below threshold)

Laurence asked others to join him in rewriting the Carnival. I wonder, if there are enough takers, who will be the first wag to round them up in a Carnival of the Carnival of the Vanities.

I would actually like to se... (Below threshold)

I would actually like to see a Special Olympics of the Vanities.

The idea would be that you let the most hateful, snide, cakesniffy liberal gleefully snark all over people's posts. Then he is both figuratively and literally eviscerated by the hordes of sane bloggers waiting in the wings.

I did it out of love for th... (Below threshold)

I did it out of love for the medium. Zen shows no respect or love for the medium he pollutes and denigrates.

I don't care if Reynolds links. In fact, I would rather he didn't. This wasn't done for an Instalanche. This was done to set things right.

The only reward I seek is that people continue the tradition and demonstrate that unlike the MSM, bloggers can round up their own best in a democratic, fair, and friendly way.

Must be the week for carniv... (Below threshold)

Must be the week for carnival exclusions. There has been a little bit of a controversy at the carnival of the capitalists over this week's host deciding to throw out half the entries.

I think carnivals are a great opportunity to let lesser-known bloggers get attention, and I don't like when people get cut. And yes, I say that because I am a "lesser-known blogger"

The only thing more fun tha... (Below threshold)
Dr Zen:

The only thing more fun than smacking the racist prick is watching his whiny associates snivel about it. You might expect a round of applause for any old shit that you post, geezer, but the truth rules on Yeah Whatever. Laters.

I think he likes you, Paul.... (Below threshold)

I think he likes you, Paul.

Dr. Dumbass:RACIST... (Below threshold)

Dr. Dumbass:

RACIST? Get off the pipe, wanker. There's nothing racist about IFOC--YOU are the racist. Truth on your site? For whom, Skinheads? Nazis? Islamofascists? Stalinists? Which "truth"?

Don't even bother answering. You don't deserve an audience, and I won't be listening/reading.

Um... actually, I *do* enga... (Below threshold)

Um... actually, I *do* engage in a bit of racism now and then. I mean, let's face it... the Condi crack in the Barney picture could be construed as as one.

When does a race-based joke become racist? When it's told by someone who isn't that race. Double-standard, but it's the prevailing standard of the times.

But when I last checked, Palestinians weren't a race. Just a political fabrication as an extention of the war of attrition and genocide by the regional Arab populations.

Did Beth just make Dr. Zen'... (Below threshold)

Did Beth just make Dr. Zen's point there?

Above all else I want the t... (Below threshold)

Above all else I want the truth.

Three cheers for Dr. Zen:

Hip Hipp Horray!

Father Luke






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