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Feds Roundup 10,000 Fugitives

Kudos to law enforcement nationwide for making a dent last week.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 10,000 fugitives, many wanted for violent crimes, were rounded up over the past week in a coordinated nationwide effort led by U.S. marshals, law enforcement officials announced Thursday.

Officers from 960 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies took part in the search, which coincided with Crime Victims Rights Week. The dragnet caught 10,340 people, some of whom had two or more outstanding arrest warrants.

More than 150 of those arrested were wanted for murder, another 550 were sought on rape or sexual assault charges, and more than 600 had outstanding arrest warrants for armed robbery, officials said. Among those captured were 150 gang members and 100 unregistered sex offenders, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said at a news conference announcing the results of "Operation Falcon."

...The dragnet was the largest ever in numbers of arrests and involved local, state and federal authorities, said Marshals Service spokesman David Turner. Previous coordinated roundups resulted in arrests in the hundreds, but did not involve as many officers or agencies, he said.

Chances are that lives were saved merely by taking these wanted fugitives off the street. Now if we can just get them to hold another roundup next week...


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Comments (8)

Hopefully, several hundred... (Below threshold)

Hopefully, several hundred of those captured were here in Detroit.

The amount of violent crime committed here by people already wanted on warrants for serious crimes is rediculous.

The Detroit Police Dept. which is under federal oversight doesn't seem to be in a big hurry to pick them up.

A local news station tracked several down just by showing up at their homes.

You have to ask, though, th... (Below threshold)

You have to ask, though, that if they can round up 150 wanted murderers and 100 sex offenders by working a little harder and co-ordinating a little better, why weren't they brought in last week?

Does this mean the Democrat... (Below threshold)

Does this mean the Democrats will no longer have sufficient Senators to maintain their fillibuster? Or does it require a quorum to vote for cloture?

On the one hands it's great... (Below threshold)

On the one hands it's great that they did it, but it begs the question why the hell was it necessary? If I were them I would have tried to keep this quiet. Why announce to the world that they had been doing such a lousy job in the first place?

Can I come out from under m... (Below threshold)

Can I come out from under my desk now?

And yet, the <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

And yet, the Butcher of Southeast Asia still walks the streets of America a free man…

I thought Pol Pot was dead.... (Below threshold)

I thought Pol Pot was dead.

Pol Pot was the Butcher of ... (Below threshold)

Pol Pot was the Butcher of CAMBODIA, Mikey...






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