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Quote Of The Day - Bazillionaire Edition

"We need to realize that the next generation of people have a different set of expectations of the kind of news they will get, including when and how they will get it, and who they will get it from."
Rupert Murdoch addressing a luncheon crowd at the American Society of Newspaper Editors conference on Wednesday.

Murdoch: Newspapers Must Stop Fearing Web [E&P]


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Comments (4)

...different set of expe... (Below threshold)

...different set of expectations of the kind of news they will get...
The Truth.

...including when...
its actually relevant

...and who they will get it from
I like it... but I hope he doesn't mean O'Reilly.

O'Reilly's show is not news... (Below threshold)

O'Reilly's show is not news and is not presented as such. It's opinion, and clearly stated that it is. It's a talk show and while I realize that some people aren't capable of making the distinction after years of liberal opinion shows with catchy names like CBS NEWS, ABC NEWS, and NBC NEWS masquerading as legitimate news the thing that should tip everyone off to O'Reilly's show is the name of it, The O'Reilly FACTOR. We had the Rather Factor calling it's self news, the Jennings FACTOR calling itself news, and the Brokaw Factor calling itself news all those years so I can kinda understand your confusion. Try to remember that, life will be easier for you and you'll look quite a bit smarter too, you know, like you recognize the difference between a talk show and a news report.

B.O. stinks.Bill O... (Below threshold)

B.O. stinks.

Bill O'Reilly is a media Demi-God/ratings-whore.

Correct, his show is not news. When he talks about "the folks" he is not talking about anyone that uses any media outlet the He doesn't approve of (i.e. this one!).

His show is a scam. B.O. is the newscaster equivilant of Sen. John McCain.

Again, B.O. stinks.

Rupert who?... (Below threshold)

Rupert who?






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