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Outrage Of The Day

James Dao in The New York Times does a pretty good job of summarizing an amazing case of criminal students and clueless administrators that played out in Columbus, Ohio last month.

A high school principal in Columbus, Ohio, has been fired and three assistant principals suspended without pay because they failed to notify the police last month about accusations that a 16-year-old special-education student had been sexually assaulted in the school auditorium by a group of boys, one of whom videotaped the incident, school officials said yesterday.

The principal and her assistants not only failed to report the incident but also urged the girl's father to avoid calling the police out of concerns that reporters would become aware of the assault, according to statements given to school investigators.

If you read the The Columbus Dispatch story, "Mifflin incident steeped in chaos," you find that the negligence of the principal and the assistance borders on criminal obstruction of justice. Most peculiar is the suspension of vice principal Richard Watson who lead the schools botched handling of this disturbing incident. Watson and the other assistant principals were suspended, but not fired for their actions, or rather their inactions...

Via: The Bluestate Conservatives


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Comments (13)

I read about this horrible ... (Below threshold)

I read about this horrible incident the other day and literally hung my head in sorrow for the abused child (said to be kind, socially aware and considerate).

Interesting that the school has a permanent local police officer "posted" at the location (who was away when this abusive incident occured). For a school with 800 students, that a police officer has been posted there as dedicated presence already indicates a concerning situation, suggests a situation not in control by the school itself (I don't know why, just saying, that's the situation).

There surely are reasons why the two assistant principals haven't been discharged (probably has more to do with what's being advised by all and what's in need in the interim for the school's function, however not acceptable keeping the entire group of principals is to my view).

The entire environment at the place appears awful and when incidents like this happen, unfortunately, it makes me wonder what else has taken place already that hasn't become known outside their (or anyone's) closed society.

The abuse against the special needs student is hideous, particularly since the child's disability involves a serious speech impediment. Those who committed the abuse against the child are (d'oh) far more troubled than the special needs child and, despite their ages, should not escape criminal punishment.

I hope that the pending criminal charges against the two assistant principals is successful, given that they took pains to actually instruct against involving law enforcement about such a horrible crime of abuse.

Watson and the other as... (Below threshold)

Watson and the other assistant principals were suspended, but not fired for their actions, or rather their inactions...

Cheesey Peezey people! It is down right IMPOSSIBLE to fire a bad teacher/ principal/ administrator in the public school system!!


Long time viewer of WIZBANG... (Below threshold)

Long time viewer of WIZBANG, first time poster. As the father of a developmentally delayed 16-year-old daughter this incident made me sick to my stomach. Shame on the administrators for trying to sweep this under the rug. Fire all of them who were participants. Prosecute the fiend who did this, as well as the masses who showed total disregard for decency, responsibility, and humanity. Kudos to the girl's father for keeping a level head and doing the right thing without having to be arrested for assault!! Personally I'd have gone off on all of them. They would have been the ones to call the police...on me!

Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks to Kevin, (et al), and to all who contribute. If I don't get totally flamed here I'll post again. Signing off from Milford, New Hampshire.

These are instances where c... (Below threshold)

These are instances where capital punishment makes sense to me. People who do this have gone beyond the pale. There is no explanation for this that doesn't find its root in evil.
Frankly, I would have been far happier if the principal beat the crap out of these boys than trying to cover for them. Sure, he would have been fired, and probably sued as well, but at least decent people could respect him. This way, he's fired, will be sued (by the girl's parents) and has no respect.

Nor should he have any resp... (Below threshold)

Nor should he have any respect. Well said. Thank you.

I am furious that a vice pr... (Below threshold)

I am furious that a vice principal who knows that the girl is special needs (developmental delays and speech impediments) can expect me to believe him when he says he watched the videotape to see of there was coercion and there wasn't so he didn't call the police. I believe he watched the tape with his co-workers adn male pals, and I think he should never be permitted to be around young people again.

The girl is special needs. He did not need to watch the entire video tape to see if the girl was coerced. He knows that as a special needs student only 16 years old that she is not the guilty party, especially when one of the males involved was an 18 y.o. adult. Even if all the youngsters involved were in full capacity of their faculties, a responsible adult in charge would have called all their parents immediately. Given the developmentally delayed child's involvement, he needed to call her parents and the police instantly. Teachers adn school administrators are mandatory reporters of child abuse.

Thom, we also have a daughter with developmental delays. She's 18. I know how you feel. This case makes me want to spit.

I'll bet the MSM is in a qu... (Below threshold)

I'll bet the MSM is in a quandry over this situation. They want to vilify someone but how can they dare to vilify someone who is a member of "today's educational system"? Maybe next week, the MSM, the teacher's union and the dnc will find some way to link the entire episode to Karl Rove.

No child left behind.... (Below threshold)

No child left behind.

Should you want to vent, my... (Below threshold)

Should you want to vent, my post on this (should be in the trackbacks on here as Number 2 Pencil) has a link to the local school board directory containing the email addresses of the board members who voted not to fire anyone besides the principal. I urged my readers to (politely but emphatically) contact them.

This also made me sick to m... (Below threshold)

This also made me sick to my stomach! I hope the poor girl's father sues the shit out of the school district as well!

... avoid calling the po... (Below threshold)

... avoid calling the police out of concerns that reporters would become aware of the assault ...

Cheese of Nazareth (PA), do "they" think?

At a loss of words to type ... :( I hope someone gets "medieval" on those adults who obstructed justice!

What sort of boys are we ra... (Below threshold)

What sort of boys are we raising here??? I have 3 sons and the thought of them ever even ALLOWING this to happen around them, much less participating in it makes me want to puke. It isn't just the boys who did it, it's the ones who watched. They are just as sick as the rest.
Was there not ONE decent boy anywhere that would have done the right thing and first KNOCKED the living hell out of the boy who started it and then called 9-11?
I know ya'll will probably not agree with me, but the internet and things like HBO movies have alot to do with this. These boys see all kinds of smut here on the net and think it's ok. Don't even get me started on the crap and sickness that is as easy to get to as a click of a mouse.
We reap what we sow.

This is truly a disturbing ... (Below threshold)

This is truly a disturbing case- Ohio voters and parents should be outraged! I certainly am!

Today, Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman was interviewed by Glenn Beck, and his inability to show leadership was truly embarrassing. I posted the audio on my blog if you care to listen.






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