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Slings And Arrows

What happens when Red State founder Mike Krempasky posts a diary at Daily Kos about the House version of the Online Freedom of Speech Act? This:

The only thing that would benefit the Democrats politically is if we stopped being so naieve as to believe the GOP about anything.

There is a reason not to believe these people. There is a reason to fear, hate, despise and fight them.

They will take your better, nobler instinct toward genuine cooperation and rape you with it. Every. Single. Time.

Trusting the GOP got us into the wonderful marginalized and barely-breathing position our party is in right now.

I'm tired of it.

I'm sorry if you think I'm being unkind to Krempasky. He'd do the same to me, every day of the week, twice on Sunday, if he thought it would benefit him.

Cant' you feel the love? It warms my heart to see a comment thread like that :-).

But seriously, somewhere around 200 or so comments into the thread the actual issue of the legislation is discussed, which is a good thing. It's an important issue for the blogosphere, and I'm proud to be working with Mike, Kos, and lots of other folks from both sides of the aisle to keep the FEC away from blogs and other internet media. Kos felt the issue important enough to promote Mike's diary to the front page of Daily Kos. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) sponsored the original Senate version of the legislation, and Mike was announcing a Republican sponsor of the House version of the bill. More at RedState and very simple question from Atrios as to why bloggers should be singled out for regulation.


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Comments (17)

Silly me, I always thought ... (Below threshold)

Silly me, I always thought it was their fault they are in the marginalized and barely breathing position they are in. How is it possible that a bunch of dumb hicks from fly-over country outsmarted the highly intelligent democrats? Could it be that their ideas for reforming society are looked at as moving the U.S. toward socialism one step at a time and the majority of voters don't trust them because of it? They can't even seem to engineer their own party so what makes them think they can engineer our whole society? A step in the right direction would be a step in the right direction but they continue to step in the other direction and then instead of believing it's even remotely possible that may be the reason they keep losing congressional seats and failing to win the White House they blame it on the republicans. Classic liberalism at work, take no responsibility but assign blame at the first opportunity.

I second the motion<... (Below threshold)

I second the motion

I'll third it ...S... (Below threshold)

I'll third it ...

Socialism is the anti-Christ.

(a little double-entendre there hehe)


Trusting the GOP got us ... (Below threshold)

Trusting the GOP got us into the wonderful marginalized and barely-breathing position our party is in right now.

I am always amused when the lefties start shouting about how great it is that their leaders are "finally fighting back" every time the Democrats announce their newest plan to obstruct, obsruct, obstruct but not actually engage in the battle of ideas by proposing any of their own. As long as they keep telling themselves that it's their trusting, co-operative, kindly natures that's holding them back and not their destructive politics and total and complete lack of any discernable interest in proposing actual ideas and persuading people of the superiority thereof, the GOP will continue to, in the words of noted political philosopher Tom Delay, "beat them like rented mules."

Still, it's encouraging that the majority of commenters on that particular thread have enough sense to realize that, on this issue at least, we all need to work together.

By the way ....Wha... (Below threshold)

By the way ....

What the hell do we need an "Online Freedom of Speech Act" for?

Someone ought to shoot this guy for not simply trying to repeal McCain-Feingold.


The Democrats don't believe... (Below threshold)

The Democrats don't believe the Republicans. The Democrats don't even believe the Democrats! Take my sister... I was talking to her last summer and it was clear that she didn't believe a single thing that Bush said about anything at all. To her, politics was all about figuring out what either side thought without any evidence whatsoever because not a single thing they said was true. What she found most amazing is that the red-state hicks were foolish enough to imagine that the public message was the true one.

And before someone says this is because Republicans lie... she felt the same way about Democrats. I see no reason to think she was alone in this when I consider Democratic attitudes toward Kerry last summer. He said the most amazing things to try to appeal to some middle ground (opposing gay marriage for one) but not a single one of his supporters believed what he said. They all TRUSTED that he was lying.

Oh, I should say that my si... (Below threshold)

Oh, I should say that my sister was involved with college Democrats including lobbying at the State level (so I suppose she's seen enough Democrat pols up close) and now has two Masters degrees and teaches science at a university.

Can someone please point to... (Below threshold)

Can someone please point to an example of the Democrats "genuine cooperation" on anything????

I liked the fact that Mike ... (Below threshold)

I liked the fact that Mike was polite, informative and willing to engage in actual debate, while buying-tinfoil-by-the-truckload Kimberly Stone kept up her constant screeching. What I found most entertaining, though, was that a lot of Kos' posters kept taking her to task for being a nutjob. Even better, she started reaming them out for having the audacity to argue with her.

Is she the future of the Democrat party? God, I hope not. If so, they're destined for a Whig-like future.

Joser fails to comprehend t... (Below threshold)

Joser fails to comprehend the definition of "cooperation."

I am questioning the legisl... (Below threshold)

I am questioning the legislation lead by Harry Reid, however. As in, questioning the sponsorship of the legislation by Harry Reid. Seems like a setback in and of itself.

And, the 200-comments down comment poses a pivotal objection based upon the (completely inaccurate) assumption that "we" (author's "we") "trusted the GOP..."

No, liberals have never, won't ever, and as pointed out in this thread, liberals by their very reasoning refuse trust and interaction with other philosophies. Which is the failure of liberalism, if any one thing can be identified as such.

Infiltrating the goal of the honorable "freedom of expression for bloggers" movement (which I support, Kevin) with these ongoing strange liberal tales, combined with Harry Reid's politics...well, seems like those are serious handicaps to the success of the goal.

Joser: there's no referenc... (Below threshold)

Joser: there's no reference available here about "all" liberals, but there is reference available here about you, specifically. That's the observation, earlier mentioned (here) (and I doubt that Google has found any "outrage" so far nor likely will, and isn't likely to make these thread contents some searchable Googlie).

Also, Google is known, identifiable and well touted as being a liberal promoter. They include aspects and information in searches that suits a pattern of information they chose to present. Not like ALL information about ALL things, including ALL human beings of ANY political bent are going to be available via a Google search. About anything, about everything.

Their site, their terms, they are entitled (to a degree but that's also questionable within some references, not pertinent to your thread tangent).

However, unless you are positing that *you* are *Google*, not sure you're making any relevant sense -- however, my opinion is my opinion based upon ALL the liberals I encounter, have known, know now, read, hear, observe when necessary, etc. (as in, equal to MY OPINION based upon MY EXPERIENCES), so I can conclusively support and endorse and confirm that my earlier comments about liberals as lacking tolerance is quite a fact. To my experience.

You write flame-bating material that attacks and insults on a personal nature conservative opinion and those who have conservativ opinion, ridicule an earlier individual who to my read has never harmed you nor dismissed you or otherwise provided any "inciting" episode that would draw your derogation of that person (here, this thread), so, again, where's the tolerance?

You're a liberal and you prove time and time again with your comments here that you are, indeed, quite intolerant of the opinions of others. Again my experiences and my opinion based upon those experiences is proved.

Intolerance to my view equa... (Below threshold)

Intolerance to my view equates with unwillingness to cooperate with others.

In reference to these issues about life and death, the point is keenly significant.

Pray tell -- what's the dif... (Below threshold)

Pray tell -- what's the difference between Daily Kos and horseshit? By the way, didn't I see Kos boozing it up with skin heads a couple of weeks ago?

2,500,000 links or 25 milli... (Below threshold)

2,500,000 links or 25 million links listed for liberal cooperation are meaningless if all but 6 of them lead you to sites that are saying there is no such thing as liberal cooperation. Cooperating with whom? French leftists? Fidel? Child molesters? Or if they lead to sites where liberals are cooperating with other liberals to destroy everything decent in America. Nice try Joser.

Check them out, if you can ... (Below threshold) "Well, just as an excercise... (Below threshold)

"Well, just as an excercise, I googled liberal cooperation and got over 2,500,000 hits. I also did conservative cooperation and got a bit under 2,000,000 hits. So I guess if your lazy ass wants some examples, your lazy ass is going to need to do some research."

Hehe, people say liberals are uncooperative and insulting. A liberal disagrees. His first sentence -- insults people by calling them lazy asses and a refusal to cooperate in either prooving or refuting the statement.

Touche Joser...couldn't have provided a more glaring example of what people were talking about...






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