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The 10 Spot - BlogHer Edition

Ten stories from female bloggers you may have missed.

  1. Kate McMillan wonders if Canada's Adscam scandal runs all the way to the top. The current PM is parsing speech like Bill Clinton in front of a grand jury [small dead animals]
  2. A badge worn with honor, Internet scold. [Ilyka Damen]
  3. Accidental Deb wonders how long it will take to stop noticing the accent. [Accidental Verbosity]
  4. "[B]arhopping is fine, if your primary hobby is getting drunk." [sugarmama]
  5. Breast Implants and Culture Wars [Dynamist]
  6. When politically correct liberalism collides with politically correct liberalism [Althouse]
  7. The "culture of death" does not exist. Comment sections that quickly veer off into name calling still very much alive. [a small victory]
  8. PETA - The laughs just keep on coming. [Yourish]
  9. Pant suit or skirt suit for your job interview? Apparently it makes a difference. [peskyapostrophe]
  10. Paging Venomous Kate, where are you Kate? [Electric Venom]
If you're wondering about the BlogHer in the title, it's a reference to the BlogHer conference in July.

Feel free to join in with your own items by female bloggers via Trackback. If your blog software doesn't provide that capability, you can use the Wizbang Trackback tool.


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Comments (7)

Great list! Kevin, thank yo... (Below threshold)

Great list! Kevin, thank you so much for helping spread the word about the BlogHer conference on July 30. Hope to see you there.

I'm no longer assured about... (Below threshold)

I'm no longer assured about nor sure of what groups based upon female gender is for and about. Having tried to participate in some of those in the entertainment industry, they seem to foster separation and conflict more than...well, the point should be do the work.

Seen far too many of these sorta things, finding them a tad dated, as to purpose. I can't write here that because I'm female, my ability to write is modified one way or another for these primary reasons: I've always been female (have no ability to compare the existence as it is with any other reality) and the fact that writing is a lone activity (for the most part, even among collaborators, who share by single author contributions arriving at a collective).

Not every female is bitchy and, unfortunately, there are many higher profile bloggers who are both female and bitchy and it only serves to reinforce negative stereotypes. Perhaps that's why they're popularly read: comforting to find your negative assumptions reinforced. Tedious, is what I say while I look around for some silent time. Anywhere. Else.

Dunno. A conference about blogging is odd enough but about females blogging as female bloggers...obviously, I'm not going to attend/participate.

As long as the conference d... (Below threshold)

As long as the conference doesn't have an afternoon conference entitled, "Pretty Colors! And How to Blog!! Them!!!!," it may have a chance. However, a surefire indication that there the conference is droopy would be if they have an awards ceremony for "Gurlz Who Blog!! With Cats, and, Oh, Yeah, Wonkette!!! with pink nametags and tablecloths and napkins with napkin rings and pens (just listen to all that clicking!!!) and...

The concluding ceremony, hopefully, will not be entitled, "At My Command, Unleash Hellish."

sorry..."the Conference doe... (Below threshold)

sorry..."the Conference doesn't have an afternoon SESSION entitled..."

Comment sections that qu... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Comment sections that quickly veer off into name calling still very much alive.

I didn't do it. Not this time anyway. I can inspire a lot of it though. One of my few talents.

I can't get the Wizbang tra... (Below threshold)

I can't get the Wizbang trackpack to work for me this time. Bummer.

-S-, now there isn't anything wrong with pink...;-)

Ha, Rightwingsparkle, I lov... (Below threshold)

Ha, Rightwingsparkle, I love pink. Just not everywhere.






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