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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

<font size=2>A golfer swings at the Drambuie World Ice Golf Championships in Uummannaq, Greenland, in 2000. Some golfers teed off this week in an ice-breaking tournament in the Svalbard islands near the North Pole(AFP/NORDFOTO/File) </font>

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (78)

FJORD!... (Below threshold)


Ah, How about that, a North... (Below threshold)

Ah, How about that, a North Pole in One.

I am so cool.... (Below threshold)
T. Pearl:

I am so cool.

HEY!!! Can anyone see my b... (Below threshold)

HEY!!! Can anyone see my balls???

John Kerry blamed his poor ... (Below threshold)

John Kerry blamed his poor performance at the Arctic Open on Secret Service personnel who failed to move a 15,000 foot peak on his drive to the 18th.

I'm sure glad we nipped tha... (Below threshold)

I'm sure glad we nipped that global warming thing in the bud!

1. Joe Schmoe, Sierra Club... (Below threshold)

1. Joe Schmoe, Sierra Club President, gets some exercise while pondering how next to convince the public to ban cars to eliminate global warming.

2. John Kerry, who served in Viet Nam, wonders when the Democratic party will permit him to return from Siberia.

Um, Jack... We put the tee ... (Below threshold)

Um, Jack... We put the tee on the red box.

The proposed Democrat alter... (Below threshold)

The proposed Democrat alternative to ANWR oil drilling: The ANWR Golf Classic!

Jesper was disqualified fro... (Below threshold)

Jesper was disqualified from the Oslo Invitational for carrying more than 14 seal clubs in his bag.

John Kerry, once again, con... (Below threshold)

John Kerry, once again, considerably off the mark.

Bill Clinton plays a practi... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton plays a practice round to prepare for future conditions in Hell if Hillary is indeed elected President in 2008....

1) "Damn, right in the snow... (Below threshold)

1) "Damn, right in the snow trap."

2) The Antartic Pro/AM tournament attracted a smaller audience than previously expected.

3) The Myth Of Global Warming was glaring obvious on the opening tee-off at Augusta National...

Coed Naked TundraGolf: Norw... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

Coed Naked TundraGolf: Norway Style!

VJ Sing will certainly comp... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

VJ Sing will certainly complain about the SPIKE MARKS this guy is gonna leave.


It was sooo cold they allowed Jimmy to hit from the lady's tee.

Following the successful im... (Below threshold)
Rootless Cosmo:

Following the successful implementation of twice-elected President Hilary Clinton's pro-environmental policies, ex-President Bill Clinton tees off at Augusta National this July. Clinton commented, "There's only one way to keep warm on a day like today - if you know what I mean."

Intrestingly enough, his ba... (Below threshold)

Intrestingly enough, his balls are blue.

"Just my luck, the only san... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

"Just my luck, the only sand trap north of the Sahara desert and I land in it"

18th hole, Eskimo Pie Open<... (Below threshold)

18th hole, Eskimo Pie Open

And after 2 rounds of the “... (Below threshold)

And after 2 rounds of the “Hoth Open”, it’s

Vader 126 under

Skywalker 96 under

Solo 14 over.

Next week it’s the “Jedi Masters” live from Naboo.

Well, Tiger, at least it st... (Below threshold)

Well, Tiger, at least it stopped raining.

It may well have been Flori... (Below threshold)

It may well have been Florida in April, but as he teed off Michael Schiavo knew what it felt like to be out in the cold.....

It was while teeing off on ... (Below threshold)

It was while teeing off on the artificial 150-acre ice golf course set up on the Veranda Deck that Tom first considered the possibility that cruise ships really were getting a little bit too big.

Unseen from his vantage poi... (Below threshold)

Unseen from his vantage point, the hapless golfer doesn't realize the danger as the mountain peeks at him from around the ice floe, getting ready to pounce...

Haha Bill KKKlinton haha Hi... (Below threshold)

Haha Bill KKKlinton haha Hitlery haha I'm an asstard.

And that's the women's</... (Below threshold)

And that's the women's tee...

Kerry discovers Otherameric... (Below threshold)

Kerry discovers Otheramerica.

John Kerry, after being tol... (Below threshold)

John Kerry, after being told 'it will be a cold day in hell before you are ever president', attempts to make it come true.

Paul finds a refuge from a ... (Below threshold)

Paul finds a refuge from a horde of fire-breathing libertarians.

On the Greenland in one, an... (Below threshold)

On the Greenland in one, and a two-putt for a par 3.

Earth Freezes Over; Huma... (Below threshold)
jeremy in NYC:

Earth Freezes Over; Humanity Doomed; Augusta National Still Refuses to Admit Women.

--headline, New York Times

A cure for the flightless c... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

A cure for the flightless condition of penguins.

"...and after I play a few ... (Below threshold)

"...and after I play a few holes to relax, I'll move that other pile over there..."

Al Gore takes some time off... (Below threshold)

Al Gore takes some time off before his next Global Warming speech.

Shortly before giving a spe... (Below threshold)

Shortly before giving a speech on global warming, Al Gore gets a round of golf in.

Did anyone think ahead of t... (Below threshold)
El Mondo Hummus:

Did anyone think ahead of time about what color our golf balls are? Now how are we gonna find them?!

"Cinderella story outta ... (Below threshold)

"Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former dogsled salesman and now about to become the Masters champion."

I am personally rejecting A... (Below threshold)

I am personally rejecting ALL of my many submissions and casting my vote for MATT.

He deserves it with FJORD!

Impressive! Very impressive.

Sven tees off at the last k... (Below threshold)

Sven tees off at the last known all white country club in the world.

Yeah, I think Matt got a ho... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Yeah, I think Matt got a hole in one with, FJORD.

Not thinking through the ra... (Below threshold)

Not thinking through the ramifications after discovering a genie in a bottle, Fuzzy Zoeller uses his third wish to become a member of an all-white country club.

Drive for Snow putt for Dou... (Below threshold)

Drive for Snow putt for Dough.

The President's foursome te... (Below threshold)

The President's foursome teeing off yesterday at Army Navy Country Club. President Bush remarked, 'Global warming is a conspiracy against America.'

The scene from last July's ... (Below threshold)

The scene from last July's Brett Favre Celebrity Golf Classic in Green Bay.

On this lovely July day in ... (Below threshold)

On this lovely July day in Newfoundland, golfers teed off at the 1st Annual Trailer Park Boys Tourney, to be followed by a delectable buffet featuring seal flipper pie.


The Canadian seal hunt gets underway with no protesters in sight.

John Kerry inspires yet ano... (Below threshold)

John Kerry inspires yet another blog site - "www.GolfFansforTruth.us"

ANNOUNCER: "Looks like Tige... (Below threshold)

ANNOUNCER: "Looks like Tiger Woods is going to win the North Pole Invitational because he's the only golfer with bla-"

John Kerry goes on a seriou... (Below threshold)

John Kerry goes on a serious fact finding mission to see what all the fuss is over ANWR.

It made no difference how h... (Below threshold)

It made no difference how he modified his swing, the pingu never got past 322.5 feet.

Only 2,560,311 yards to the... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Only 2,560,311 yards to the 12th white (green) at McMurdo Sound.

Chris DiMarco tees off at t... (Below threshold)

Chris DiMarco tees off at the inaugural Mount Everest Invitational

I gotta agree with Rodney; ... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

I gotta agree with Rodney; Matt's "FJORD!" made me LOL.

George Bush attempts to mel... (Below threshold)

George Bush attempts to melt the icy blue heart of the Democratic Party. Howard Dean is out of frame searching for balls.

Damn it, I hit that tree ev... (Below threshold)

Damn it, I hit that tree everytime!

Stop whacking your balls of... (Below threshold)

Stop whacking your balls off
that glacier.

Alone in the arctic with nothing but his backscratcher, our bohemian hero does the one thing he knows best: tantric yoga.

I know, I know, but with gl... (Below threshold)

I know, I know, but with global warming this will be a great course in 25 years and you can't beat the green fees.

...and now, a Golf Channel ... (Below threshold)

...and now, a Golf Channel exclusive report...Augusta National unveils their new "Tiger-Proof" prototype golf course in testing for 2006. Despite the new format, Hootie Johnson reiterates that women *still* don't have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming members...

Augusta National announces ... (Below threshold)

Augusta National announces its new colorblind memebership policy at the newly designed first tee.

ANNCR: Moments later, an ai... (Below threshold)

ANNCR: Moments later, an aide reached into the butthole of the great moose, and plucked out... -dramatically holds up a golfball-

KERRY: "Is that a Titleist?"

"Eat your heart out, Hawkey... (Below threshold)

"Eat your heart out, Hawkeye!"

Antarctic research into the... (Below threshold)

Antarctic research into the science and theory of boredom yields a surprising breakthrough.

George Steinbrenner sends J... (Below threshold)

George Steinbrenner sends Joe Torre out for a round of golf to make clear what his future will be if THAT happens again.

Retief Goosen discovers why... (Below threshold)

Retief Goosen discovers why Greenland will never be the site of the PGA championship.

Did you ever wonder what ha... (Below threshold)

Did you ever wonder what happened to former President Gerald Ford? In this feature report, Sports Illustrated tracks special cases of golfers who have found themselves off target, off the course, and just kept on going.

As Travino says: "You can talk to a fade, but a hook won't listen."

Primitive life discovered o... (Below threshold)

Primitive life discovered on Mars.

Its...Its in the h... (Below threshold)


Its in the hole.

In a scene that can only be... (Below threshold)

In a scene that can only be described as prophetic, John Kerry kicks off his 2008 Presidential Election bid.

Colin Montgomery: "Hand me ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Colin Montgomery: "Hand me my Mashie."
Caddy: "Uh, Don't you mean your, Niblick?"
Colin Montgomery: "No my Mashie, I see a baby seal I want to club on the way."

"So when did David Frost st... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"So when did David Frost start designing golf courses?"

"A good walk, ruined."<br /... (Below threshold)

"A good walk, ruined."
-Will Rogers.

The search for the elusive ... (Below threshold)

The search for the elusive arctic eagle.

"Ice Tee"... (Below threshold)

"Ice Tee"

Bullwinkle:323.5</... (Below threshold)
Sporting his new golfing du... (Below threshold)

Sporting his new golfing duds, Michael Jackson has found a new way to chase little boys

"Wow, you sure do get a goo... (Below threshold)

"Wow, you sure do get a good bounce here."

Mark was unaware of a polar... (Below threshold)

Mark was unaware of a polar bear's land speed until after he severely sliced his ball.

"Ok, did you see where t... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Ok, did you see where that ball went? Damn these white balls."

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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