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Sick call

A humble virus has done what my critics and detractors have not been able to do:

They have laid me low and kept me from blogging.

I have several topics I wish to discuss, which I fully intend to once I can comfortably spend enough time at the keyboard.

Screw AIDS, forget Ebola, to hell with cancer. I want tons of federal money poured into eliminating the scourge that is viral gastroenteritis...


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Well if it is anything like... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well if it is anything like the stuff my kids and husband had over the last week, I can feel for you. I feel like spraying my house down with bleach in hopes that I continue to miss this one.

Wow...They did the... (Below threshold)


They did the same thing to the Indians years ago.

Would you mind going to the DNC and sneezing and coughing on anyone you see?


Sorry to hear about your ga... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear about your gastretus.

Get well soon.

Jay, my older brother came ... (Below threshold)

Jay, my older brother came back from 6 months in India last year with malaria, helicobacter pyloris and gastroenteritis. I've been on the receiving end of projectile vomiting and have seen how unpleasant an illness it is. Get well soon.

I've been on the receivi... (Below threshold)

I've been on the receiving end of projectile vomiting and have seen how unpleasant an illness it is.

I'll take your word for it Sorta, since the way you found it out seems a bit much in the name of empirical research. ;-)

Sorry ... to read of... (Below threshold)

Sorry ... to read of your plight! That's jest' downright shitty! ;)

I guess one should avoid eating uncooked shellfish, prepared in contaminated water while "enjoying" one's self in a banquet hall, cruise ship, dormitory or campground? Sorta' takes the "fun" and "challenge" out of one's life ... ;)

Rest, relax and watch a good Supervolcano movie with Scottish accents and holograms ... If this doesn't help, take two ________ (you fill in the blank) and call someone in the morning ... (Sure, SA ... it's easy for you to make light of someone having vile, foul fluids coming outta' both ends!) :(

Dude, I'm on the job. As a ... (Below threshold)

Dude, I'm on the job. As a Food Safety Mgr at a restaurant chain, viral gastroenteritis is the LAST thing I want to see happening....

ugh! Been there and it's no... (Below threshold)

ugh! Been there and it's no fun. After a week in Aruba I finally went to see my Dr and he prescribed Cipro and Omeprqazol (sp) and within a couple of days, All better. Try it!!!!

Damn this small laptop keyb... (Below threshold)

Damn this small laptop keyboard! I meant to spell Omeprazol. I'm serious Jay.. Ask for it. You'll be ever so happy that you did. I thought I was going to die because I had always heard that there was really nothing you could do for a viral "thing" but let it run its course. NOT TRUE. The recovery was amazingly fast. Slight residuals left but miles better within 24 hours.

Just Me...Wipe dow... (Below threshold)

Just Me...

Wipe down door knobs, lightswitches, phones, keyboards, remote controls, faucet knobs...all those daily items that *everyone* touches....with lysol or bleach water or something that will KILL the buggers. It's also not a bad idea to throw about a cup of bleach in the dishwasher for a few loads.

The virus is making the rounds in Hawaii, too. So is pink eye. ugh.

feel better soon! Have som... (Below threshold)

feel better soon! Have some tea and jello :)

Arrgggh...that stuff is nas... (Below threshold)

Arrgggh...that stuff is nasty! Get well soon.

I KNEW that you were sick cause I believe in ESP! hehe...thanks for the comments btw.

Right after my 7 year old went into the hospital for a month stay with a serious injury my 2 and 3 year olds got Roto Virus...fun fun fun till the daddy takes the T-Bird Away....

Everyone is well now. Zofran (sp?) is your friend in that situation...


Wow, Brand name and generic... (Below threshold)

Wow, Brand name and generic recommendations all round! Here's a synopsis of good medical advice, perhaps more for the readers than you, as it sounds like you are now better.

The big thing is to remain hydrated, which means stopping the losses from above and below and then replacing them orally. A prescribed antinauseant is the only way to stop uncontrolled vomitting unless you have a real skilled acupuncturist available. The old standbys are Phenergan and Compazine, but Zofran or its new replacements (at 100 times the cost) will also work and only give you a headache instead of making you zone out. Even Benadryl, which most folks may have around the house, is a mild antinauseant. The PPI drugs for Reflux and Ulcers, or the H-2 Blockers like Zantac, will dry up stomach acid, decreasing nausea, but more importantly decreasing fluids in the stomach (less to puke) and thus decreasing stimulation of other digestive juices that instead of being reabsorbed lower down just exit the back door. You make up to six quarts of these fluids in you gut a day, and if the infection is preventing them from being reabsorbed, well, lets say that you get to flush a lot. I rarely use them however for typical infectious gastroenteritis.

If you arent puking, and are not on a lot of oral meds that it could interfere with, a quick dose of 4 oz Pepto Bismol will bind viral particles/toxins and often abrogate the diarrhea (for traveller's diarrhea, a Cipro-like drug and Lomotil or Immodium are necessary if this doesn't work). Clear fluids until you are keeping things satisfactorily, the the "BRAT" [bannanas, rice, applesauce, toast] diet until all nastiness has departed help speed your recovery. Fluids are best room temperature - Goldilocks (not too hot, not too cold). Water, bannanas and soda crackers will replace everything you need.

HANDWASHING, or using an alcohol gel like PURELL, is so important to prevent spreading this (and any of the other myriad of viral and bacterial illnesses that plague us). Da bad guys get on your hands, which then make it to your eyes, nose and mouth and then cause your cold, strep throat, sinusitis, flu, pink eye, gastroenteritis, and most of those things you get childhood vaccinations for that are no longer threats to most of us anymore.

I see tons of people a day that are sick, have to get right in their faces to look in their throats and ears, and touch them to examine them carefully. (I'll use gloves for the real sick ones, if there are "body fluids" to avoid.) I use the alcohol gel and it is great. I used to catch stuff when I used soap and water back in the Dark Ages, but the gel has kept me well. If I miss one use, I risk what we call a "self-critiquing" event. If I could only get the family to use the stuff, I'd probably never get sick. All the stuff I get comes from them!

A dilute bleach solution (1:10) or your fav "Lysol" type spray are great surface disinfectants. Don't forget that phones, keyboards, and doorhandles are great ways to share the joy of viral infections. Sharing bar soap and towels are also ways to share the bugs.






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