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Topless Bar Gets Government Grant

A pub in North Queensland province of Australia that features with topless barmaids was awarded a $500,000 regional grant, while a proposal in the same area to improve water quality languished. The bar is getting the grant to expand, which means even more Aussie will be able to enjoy mugs and jugs.

On the topic of barmaids, Beer.com is back with Virtual Bartender 2 which is twice as good as version 1 because it features two barmaids as opposed to just one. Your wish is their command - for the most part.

Topless bar gets Federal grant [NEWS.com.au]
Virtual Bartender 1
Virtual Bartender 2

When you loose patience you can find the all the possible for VB2 via XML - Haxxor3ed (h/t forgetfoo)


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Comments (6)

What's te poblem here? Afte... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

What's te poblem here? After all, BEER and TITS are more important than water. Glad o see those Aussie's know how to spend that tax revenue. Heard Ted Kennedy helped them write the grant.

Australia has states (six, ... (Below threshold)

Australia has states (six, including Queensland), not provinces. Just FYI.

BEER and TITS are more i... (Below threshold)

BEER and TITS are more important than water.

Heh. It's for sure the government doesn't seem much interested in combatting that stereotype.

That's how they spend Tax p... (Below threshold)

That's how they spend Tax payers money

Also on that page down at t... (Below threshold)

Also on that page down at the bottom, there is a link to a story about tax dollars going to a grant to fund a bondage workshop.

It must be fun to live in Australia.

Those crazy Aussies.<... (Below threshold)

Those crazy Aussies.

A government study in Australia recently estimated that mothers who breastfeed produce $1.7 billion worth of milk and thinks breast pumps should be tax-free, since mothers are food producers.


A Sydney newspaper dubbed breasts a "treasure chest".






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