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Culture Of Dog Life

Back during the countdown to the court ordered death of Terri Schiavo I noted a satirical story by Rachel Lucas about starving her dog to death. I said the difference in the cases is that she'd actually get in trouble for killing or maiming her dog. I wasn't wrong...

Man who beat puppy sentenced to 5 years [UPI]

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Let's not exaggerate too mu... (Below threshold)

Let's not exaggerate too much here (or just go along with WaTimes' misleading headline).

Spencer pleaded guilty to aggravated cruelty to animals, terroristic threats, arson, threatening a witness in an official proceeding, driving with a suspended license and possession of cocaine.

And a little Schiavo update... (Below threshold)
So, mantis, I'm guessing th... (Below threshold)

So, mantis, I'm guessing that you are reasoning here that taking Terri Schiavo's life didn't represent 'abuse' and/or some other objectionable act? Just curious.

A lot of people -- and animals -- are well fed and coddled right up to the point that their life is taken from them but unfortunately, the first, former two conditions don't apply to Terri Schiavo, while the latter does.

No evidence of abuse is not evidence that abuse didn't/doesn't occur. As in, "evidence of absence is not absence of evidence."

The point about Terri Schiavo is that she was put to death by gruesome circumstances. The thread premise -- that someone writes if they'd have starved their dog to death, that they'd have been punished, while it can't be done (and shouldn't be) to a human being wihtout punishment, at least -- still stands.

Why not test this point: stop eating and drinking everything and write to us at day ten and tell us how you feel about everyone else who refuses to give you food and water.

Another thing that truly bo... (Below threshold)

Another thing that truly bothers me (and many others), as if there was more about Terri Schiavo that wasn't bothersome:

EVIDENCE of abnormal injections on her arms -- no hyperdermics of any institutional type where she resided can account for the injections she was administered, and no one can account for who administered them. Probably Michael Schiavo, is my guess.

So, mantis, I'm guessing... (Below threshold)

So, mantis, I'm guessing that you are reasoning here that taking Terri Schiavo's life didn't represent 'abuse' and/or some other objectionable act?

No, I wasn't reasoning anything, just providing a link to a story dealing with abuse complaints that were filed; alleged abuses that were repeated here and on other blogs, often as facts. As far as the lack of evidence not proving that there was no abuse, sure, you're right about that. But I, and the courts, don't need to be convinced that abuse had not taken place, but rather that it had, and for that you need evidence.

If you want to have a semantic argument about whether removing Schiavo's feeding tube constitutes abuse or not, have it with someone else, because I've said nothing either way.

Awh, bak in tha wudz war I ... (Below threshold)

Awh, bak in tha wudz war I cum frum, a fella kin git in a hole lot more trubbl a shootin sumuns coon dog cumpard to da wife.

No, I wasn't reasoning a... (Below threshold)

No, I wasn't reasoning anything...

Must ... resist ... temptation ... ;-)

Ha, McGehee got the subtlet... (Below threshold)

Ha, McGehee got the subtlety. And here I was trying to be Ms. Holdmytongue...







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