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Link-whoring in a good cause

McGehee is a pretty good egg. He's a halfway-decent blogger, and sometimes even comes up with some good stuff. (BTW, you're going straight to hell for that one.) He's also notorious for beating far more worthy entrants in caption contests, but I won't name names.

Recently, McGehee noted that he was only a few links away from passing Democratic Underground on the Truth Laid Bare's rankings. And if there's one group I'd like to slap around a bit (even in this incredibly trivial way), it's the DUmmies. Even if it does mean (shudder) doing a good deed for McGehee.

Besides, I owe him after screwing him over on his prediction for visitor #250,000.


Comments (5)

Aaaaaand...linked. Hurrah!... (Below threshold)

Aaaaaand...linked. Hurrah!

McGehee has a blog?! He's ... (Below threshold)

McGehee has a blog?! He's a blogger?!


On the other hand, I unders... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, I understand that Jay Tea does NOT have a blog. And really has a thing about all things Catholic.

What's the deal, Jay?... (Below threshold)

What's the deal, Jay?

Aw crap. I was about to sa... (Below threshold)

Aw crap. I was about to say 'I always thought I'd linked him ages ago, but now you remind me - linked'"

Turns out I did link him ages ago. Still, mighty fine blogger. Good luck Kev.






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