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Software Upgrades Complete

Several portions of the site software have been upgraded. I haven't seen anything that's broken as a result of the upgrades, but let me know if there are any issues.

Aside from the latest updates to Movable Type and Blacklist, I've added these tools:

Workflow - A new Movable Type plug-in that adds workflow management to muti-author blogs. Very cool
Moderate - A plug-in that adds moderate capability for trackbacks (and comments) to entries older than a specified number of days. Very effective against trackback spam.
SpamLookup - Which appears to be the killer app for comment and trackback spam. We'll see about that,, though the extra management features for comments and trackbacks appear to be worth implementing it alone. Put it this way, the developer of MT-Blacklist (Jay Allen) has switched to is testing SpamLookup for his own personal use...

New Comment And Trackback Policy

Comment and trackbacks are open as they've always been. Comments AND trackbacks to older items (2 weeks) at Wizbang are now moderated. This allows us to keep the conversations open on those items while protecting against the comment and trackback spam those items naturally attract. This will be most noticeable for those of you pinging older Wizbang items. The trackbacks will not immediately appear, they'll have to be approved first. Once your domain is approved the first time your trackbacks to older Wizbang items should not get put into the moderation queue anymore.

Update: Jay Allen notes that he's testing SpamLookup as a sole line of defense. It's worth noting that he's been very impressed. My own take is that the combination of Blacklist, SpamLookup, and Moderate used together seems to be the best current solution. Ideally the Blacklist and SpamLookup interfaces would (or could) be merged.


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Comments (2)

Fabulous. I sure am eager ... (Below threshold)

Fabulous. I sure am eager to install these MT upgrades, too! Excellent features!

I never said I switched per... (Below threshold)

I never said I switched permanently. What I said was, to evaluate SpamLookup's efficacy, I had disabled Blacklist during the test.

Given the high rate of success, I may keep it this way for a while. However, since SpamLookup targets the spammers' methods of access, it is surely only a matter of time until they route around the damage.

We shall see...






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