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Wizbang Midweek Contest: Getting Down In The Gutters -- The Results

For absolutely no rational reason whatsoever, I'm blaming my recent illness on holding such a tasteless contest as the last one during the Interregnum following the death of Pope John Paul II. With that in mind, I am hereby abdicating my responsibility in choosing the winners.

But not to fear. I am hereby opening the comments section here for you to choose your favorites. That's right, I'm "open-sourcing" the selection process. Please, no ballot-stuffing; I can tell by your IP if you try to vote over and over for your favorite dirty-sounding words and phrases.

So have at it. And please, for my digestive tract's sake, keep it relatively clean...


Comments (4)

None of the above, heh.... (Below threshold)

None of the above, heh.

You blaming the Pope???... (Below threshold)

You blaming the Pope???

He's finally mentioned - a heartbreaker for me - and you blame your flu on the pope?



"Philately"That's ... (Below threshold)


That's gold, Jerry! GOLD!"

For a mid-week contest...Hu... (Below threshold)
no other choice:

For a mid-week contest...Humpday has my vote.






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