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Castro hails Cuba elections as "world-class"

The real question does Jimmy Carter concur?

HAVANA (AP) -- Millions of Cubans elected municipal assemblies across the communist-run island Sunday in local elections President Fidel Castro defended as ''the most democratic in the world.''

After voting at a Havana school, Castro told journalists that Cuban elections are impartial and free of fraud.

''This election is the most democratic in the world, there is no doubt,'' Castro said. ''No other country has a system like this.''

He's right about no other country having a system like theirs, but that's about it.

Comments (11)

You mean the Peanut Farmer ... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

You mean the Peanut Farmer wasn't there to "observe"!!

So do you think some leftie... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

So do you think some leftie will point to Cuba as an example of good democracy?

"World class"He soun... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

"World class"
He sounds like Donald Trump: "These elections will be the classiest elections in the world. 'Dere gonna be huge."

Is that one of those "one c... (Below threshold)

Is that one of those "one choice only" commie elections?

Was the OSCE there? I doub... (Below threshold)

Was the OSCE there? I doubt it.

Cuban ballot:

Two choices for Havana Mayor;

Raúl Castro - communist party
Luis Gomez - communist party

Care to see the rest of the ballot?

Cuba, not the best of looki... (Below threshold)
cuba mio:

Cuba, not the best of looking places, but of course we can all say that there are places similar to this picture in our land of the free home of the brave. Now the U.S. is the the greatest country in the world and I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. but lieing to readers that have never been Cuba is not fare also. We constantly ridicule a gov't that has not been any different than any other. I am sure we can all come up with examples of different countries who have done worse and are doing worse. ETC. (colombia, guatemala) just to mention a few. at least I can say that I lie my head to sleep in peace. There are no random drive by shootings.. Ok Iknow some will mention the some type of cuban gov't execution, but doesn't it happen all over the world? cuba is mine through the good the bad and the ugly. I will always love this country, for those who say that if you send money to your family in cuba will help the gov't sustain it self then you must not love your family, because by not sending your family money your only hurting them. Fidel is already wealthy, he doesn't need your money, your family does

Someone asked if thi... (Below threshold)

Someone asked if this was a one-party ("commie") election and the answer is NO - there was no involvement by the Party in the election. Delegates were chosen at the local level in neighborhood meetings, there is not requirement for party membership - and many current members are not party members. There are religious leaders, farmers, workers of all stripes ... a far cry from the millionaires we have "representing" us. Outside money is banned and voters vote on people they usually know or... or read their posted biographies.

''This election is the most... (Below threshold)

''This election is the most democratic in the world, there is no doubt,'' Castro said. ''No other country has a system like this.''

Thank god!

Jimmy Peanut left Cuba last... (Below threshold)
Will Pickering:

Jimmy Peanut left Cuba last Friday. Either he was too embarrassed to stay around for the farcical elections, or he already knew his favorite candidates would win.

Cuba mio, I've got to belie... (Below threshold)

Cuba mio, I've got to believe you're a fraud. I mean I've read many accounts of the derrumbes (collapsing buildings) in Cuba. It's not a fluke thing. By the way no other western country has had a 45 year tyranny. And to compare Cuba to the poorest countries in the world to make it seem like it's not so bad, that's ridiculous. Cuba has one of the hardest working people's and the Communists are always bragging about literacy etc. yet the country is in the shitter. You can't have it both ways. The system is bankrupt. And if you love your family you might let them suffer short term if it means freedom long-term. We call that "tough-love".

we have been trying this fr... (Below threshold)
cuba mio:

we have been trying this from the day he took over power ( fish fan) The only fraud is you. Leaving your family to live they way the do whe you live here in the states with more tahn waht you really need. You would probably want to pay 500 a month for a car than send your family 100 a month. He has been in power since since 1946 ( thaT IS REALLY SHORT TERM). fIRST i WAS NOT PRAISING CUBAS GOV'T BUT JUST POINTING OUT THE FACT THAT CUBANS ARE BETTER OFF THAN MANY OTHER COUNTRIES. SO fish fan I bet you haven't told your family the reason why you don't send money to them, probably to embarass. Your a typical come m. you rather let your family suffer and attmept to be right. Fidel is leaving when he is damn ready to, you nor I can't do anything about it. you should blog on babalublog.com. they will like your support of ignorance. the owner of the blog site VAl isa commie also. he doesn't let anyone blog on his site unless the agree with him. then he insults you.. your probably not a cuban after all. I go there every year and help my family. too bad you don't.






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