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Quote Of The Day - Higher Education Edition

"If CU ever had to fight for their dollars, you'd see Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson and the entire editorial staff of the Weekly Standard named visiting professors quicker than you could say the words "academic freedom."
Phil Mitchell, a recently terminated professor at the University of Colorado, addressing a state legislature committee hearing. From David Harsanyi's Denver Post column,

Previous Coverage: How To Get Fired At CU?

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This is precisely why highe... (Below threshold)

This is precisely why higher education should be considered outside the realm of normal market economics -- unless you believe it's simply a subset of journalism as this professor seems to. Bring on Professors Limbaugh and Coulter?!? No thanks.

To be colloquial here, I'm ... (Below threshold)

To be colloquial here, I'm wondering how it is that, to liberals, conservatives are negatively characterised as being "stupid" while it is liberals who fail to comprehend and academically understand conservatism and conservatives.

As in, if there's any overwhelming indication among the U.S. educational system that there is a preponderance of and toward "stupidity" and compromised academic processes, if not intellectual abilities, it is that liberals and liberalism are limited in intelligence.

The entire tradition of liberalism stems from certain communist and marxist authors who did, in fact, indicate an inability to comprehend conservativism and condescended to and about that which they didn't comprehend. Thus, I GUESS, the inaccurate populist opinion of prejudice that conservatives are "stupid."

Which means to my view that liberalism is, in fact, the last bastion of the desperate retrogressive holdout. They are still beating down that which they do not understand and most sought refuge among academics. Thus, we get what we have today: highly threatened academic perspectives demanding liberalism as that the greater society be, represent, emulate. They've attempted to carve out a territory in the U.S. via the academic process, unfortunately.

Hey, my opinion. Not like I wasn't saturated in liberalism in every college I ever attended, and in most my work environments afterward among media and the arts.

Interesting ideas (from tha... (Below threshold)

Interesting ideas (from that article/your link):

Mitchell believes it will take affirmative action to restore ideological balance. And he believes this can only be accomplished by adding the word "political" to campus diversity statements.

Mitchell's finest suggestion, however, is certainly not a new one: Give state higher-ed funding directly to students in the form of vouchers and let them choose whether they want to attend a college that employs a Ward Churchill or a Phil Mitchell.

I'm a student in Colorado. ... (Below threshold)
Warren P:

I'm a student in Colorado. CU only receives 7% of their budget from the state. Due to the Tabor amendment even that will be gone in a few years. My opinion is they should cut their loses now and give the state the finger. I'm a conservative and I've never been harassed by liberal teachers, most of them are good people. Politicians using this to try and limit free speech are the bad guys

Of course Leopold missed th... (Below threshold)

Of course Leopold missed the obvious point - CU lets go a professor who has garnered high praise for his teaching ability, even won awards, because he is conservative and keeps on a fraud like Ward Churchill.

I remember university - really good professors, real teaching professors, were like rare jewels to be treasured.

Churchill is neither a good speaker from what I've heard and seen even though the libs trot out to his lectures nor does his body of research warrant any prize, especially as it now appears much of it is fake or stolen, as well as the fact he got the job in the first place under false pretenses.

Wow is that the kind of university system you want to live under?






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