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Deflation In The Stupidity Market

Golden Place, the online gambling company who always seem to end up being the top bidders for eBay items that make the news, has bought yet another worthless piece of junk, a time machine. Fortunately for their CFO the market for novelty items appears to have peaked. The top bid for the non-functioning time machine was $647.59.

Unsurprisingly the same putz has another "find" available for auction - a shrinking machine, currently available for bids exceeding $60.95.

Semi-related: Faithful See Virgin Mary in Salt Stains [Rueters/Yahoo!]


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Comments (5)

The shrinking machine shrin... (Below threshold)

The shrinking machine shrinks the wealth of whoever buys the machine.

Anyone who saw Napoleon Dyn... (Below threshold)

Anyone who saw Napoleon Dynamite is thinking --Ouch!

[Napoleon Dynamite straps himself into the time machine]
Kip: So are you ready?
Napoleon Dynamite: Yeah, hold on... I forgot to put in the crystals.

I respect the hell out of t... (Below threshold)

I respect the hell out of the Golden Palace and what they have done. Every morning I wake up to the mindless drivel of FM morning drive time. When the Golden Palace buys one of these moronic items, all the FM radio shows, Morning wake up shows on TV, and Living Sections of the papers print the story of how stupid ol' Golden Palace bought this ridiculous item. Well, I would bet that dollar value for all of the publicity they get is astronomical .

So to the PR person at Golden Palace, I hope you get a great bonus this year. You deserve it!

That shrinking machine won'... (Below threshold)

That shrinking machine won't sell. Being large is OK now.

I see salt stains AND the V... (Below threshold)

I see salt stains AND the Virgin Mary!






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