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Double standard from a Massachusetts Democrat? Who'd'a thunk it?

Boston's mayor, Thomas "Mumbles" Menino, is a big proponent of cutting down driving in Boston. He's pushed for car pooling, hybrid vehicles, and even put forth a tax on driving into the city.

Recently, Hizzoner Da Mayor needed a new vehicle for tooling around town on official business. So the city forked over the money for a Ford Expedition, the second-largest SUV in the Ford stable (shadowed only by the Ford Excursion, which is occasionally mistaken for the Exxon Valdez.)

Here are the numbers on Mumbles' new wheels:
14 MPG city mileage
28 Gallon fuel tank
Approximately $60.00 to fill up
Curb weight: 5352 lbs.
Sticker price: starting at $30,000.

I guess Hizzoner is too classy to ride around in a minivan:
18 MPG city mileage
16 Gallon fuel tank
Curb weight: 4275 lbs.
Sticker price: around $24,000.


(Note: Freestar minivan chosen to keep the comparison within the Ford family. Other minivans might be even better.)


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Comments (6)

Great site! Adding it to m... (Below threshold)

Great site! Adding it to my blogroll!

Do as I say, not as I do. ... (Below threshold)

Do as I say, not as I do. Learned it from John F. Kerry (I own/don't own SUVs) himself.

Menino, of course, was last... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

Menino, of course, was last seen taking up the cause of drivers who feel they should be able to park cheap near Fenway Park rather than braving the grueling two-block walk from the Kenmore T station.

He should talk to our mayor... (Below threshold)

He should talk to our mayor, Kwame (the Gangsta) Kilpatrick about getting a deal on that Expedition.

Kwame was able to get a one year lease on a Navigator for his wife for only $25,000.00.

Love the Exxon Valdez joke.... (Below threshold)

Love the Exxon Valdez joke. I usually go with the "Besides the Great Wall of China, it's the only manmade object visible from space" joke, but I might like yours better.

Or like Michael Moore flyin... (Below threshold)

Or like Michael Moore flying around in the Time Warner private jet (for his book tour) while denouncing evil, greedy corporations.






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