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Cardinal Ratzinger Elected Pope Benedict XVI

The white smoke has flowed and the bells have rung. German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was selected as the 265th holy father on the second day of the conclave. He will be known as Pope Benedict XVI. [The 16th]

Newly elected Pope Joseph Ratzinger of Germany waves to the crowd from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican, Tuesday, April 19, 2005. (AP Photo/ Andrew Medichini)



New Pope Elected on Second Day of Conclave [AP]
Biography of Pope Benedict XVI [Carpe Bonum]
Cardinals' Detractors Hang 'Dirty Laundry' [Guardian]
Books by Pope Benedict XVI [Amazon]
Blogger Roger Cadenhead wins the papal domain landrush [Workbench]

Reaction roundups: Michelle Malkin, The Moderate Voice


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Comments (16)

2 hours? Why so long?... (Below threshold)

2 hours? Why so long?

Sadly, you're probably righ... (Below threshold)

Sadly, you're probably right...
Some pics:


It is Ratzinger (pretty con... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

It is Ratzinger (pretty conservative from what I have seen on him) and he is now Benedict the 16th.

I think that, what with the... (Below threshold)

I think that, what with the world being at war and everything, it was inevitable that we would either get a Benedict XVI or an Urban IX.

I was hoping it would be Gu... (Below threshold)

I was hoping it would be Gudio Sarducci.

Oh well. Ratzinger's old, so there's still time.

Very interesting.... (Below threshold)

Very interesting.

Man, the Democratic Undergr... (Below threshold)

Man, the Democratic Underground people are disgusting:


The only way the Church wou... (Below threshold)

The only way the Church wouldn't be ridiculed by non-Catholics and CINO for its choice of Pope is if the College of Cardinals elected an unmarried female abortion doctor who enjoys long walks on the beach while high on crack.

Jeff Harrell: Can you tell ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Jeff Harrell: Can you tell us more about the significance of the name? I found an article on Live Journal stating that the last Pope Benedict ruled from 1914 to 1922. Of course, that covers the period of WWI. This suggests to me that this Pope anticipates presiding over a period of great trials and tribulation.

sean, you forgot lesbian in... (Below threshold)

sean, you forgot lesbian in your statement!

Dave, I wrote something ver... (Below threshold)

Dave, I wrote something very short about this on my blog. The even shorter version is that Benedict XV is remembered for pleading for peace during the Great War. Urban II, of course, launched the First Crusade in 1095. Given that we're in the middle of a low-grade world war right now and it's the radical Muslim fascists against everybody else, I thought it was kind of inevitable that we'd get either a Benedict or an Urban. We got a Benedict. Literally.

Whether this has anything to do with what the new pope was thinking when he chose his name is a subject on which I staunchly refuse to speculate. But symbolism is interesting even when it's unintentional.

Brilliant. Elect a 78 year ... (Below threshold)

Brilliant. Elect a 78 year old to replace an 86 year old. Just absolute brilliance ain't it.

pharm, they weren't looking... (Below threshold)

pharm, they weren't looking for someone to have a great lasting significance on the church, especially after having a Pope as long-lived and as strong as JPII was.

Dave, Benedict XV was known also as somewhat of a modernist, which is kind of interesting. I'm almost surprised he didn't choose Pius (an anti-modernist). However, Benedict XV was also known for attempting to reunify the eastern orthodox churches under the Catholic church (Paul VI definitely did so when he removed the excommunication of the churches), so who knows where he will lead.

Cousin Dave....very interes... (Below threshold)

Cousin Dave....very interesting! I'd love to see a link to that content, if you have a moment to share.

I do perceive a certain awareness in Pope Benedict XVI about our world's climate that is very significant to his service, beginning at this time. One of the other Cardinal candidates spoke out recently (read about it in NewsMax) that he believes that certain biblical prophecy is now becoming apparent, developing.

suz, you mean about the pre... (Below threshold)

suz, you mean about the previous Pope Benedict XV? There is plenty of information regarding him online.

just do a google search :P

Just thought you might want... (Below threshold)
Jennifer A. Cazes:

Just thought you might want to know this is the 267th pope not the 265th. The 265th pope was John PaulI. (John Paul the 1st) Anyways just thought you might want to know that fact






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