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Quote Of The Day - Overpaid Blogger Edition


Someone needs to do a color-coded Andrew Sullivan Outrage Warning System, ranging from "chagrined" to "appalled" to "disgusted" to "outraged" to "shocked" to "sickened" to "actually offended, though Lord knows he's not the easiest person to offend."

Pretty much it would quiver between "shocked" and "sickened" day in, day out.

Ace on Sully

Update: Ace made one up. Click it to see what else Ace is up to.

Comments (12)

Hey! Where is "gobsmacked"... (Below threshold)

Hey! Where is "gobsmacked" in that list?

You missed the worst level ... (Below threshold)

You missed the worst level of outrage: "Scared Straight"

The only problem with this ... (Below threshold)

The only problem with this system would be that it would flash between colors like a frickin' "Simon" game until eventually locking up on "Permanently Gob-smacked".

If only I knew how to do Flash, I'd make this in a heartbeat.

Why should anyone care what... (Below threshold)

Why should anyone care what Andrew Sullivan thinks? He used to interesting to read until the gay marriage issue came up. Then it became painfully obvious that to him gay marriage was the most important issue out there. Not the GWOT, not illegal immigration, not social security, not taxes, nothing is more important his right to marry "the boyfriend". I understand his support for this issue, but give it a rest. There are a lot of other things a damn sight more important, but he now sees everything through the filter of gay marriage. How can anyone take him seriously now?

How many shades of lavender... (Below threshold)

How many shades of lavender are there?

Everything for Andrew revol... (Below threshold)

Everything for Andrew revolves around the "little head".
He used to be one of the most forceful defenders of Bush and the WOT until it suddenly occured to him one day that Bush wasn't going to support homosexual marriage (like that was a big surprise). So he started writing articles like "The Conservative Case for Kerry" and trashing George Bush. And the Abu Graib pr0n pics that showed female soldiers leading naked men around on leashes probably traumatized his excitable psyche irreparably.

I just don't understand how anyone can take him seriously any more.

Are you guys still reading ... (Below threshold)

Are you guys still reading Sullivan? I thought he took the donations and ran off to Europe, or something?

YES...BUT...IS HE SHAKIN... (Below threshold)


Tom H...Pink. I w... (Below threshold)

Tom H...

Pink. I was thinking shade of pink.

Maybe we could alternate pink/lavender/pink/lavender...

He (sully) has gotten terminally fussy.

Ace has a color-coded chart... (Below threshold)

Ace has a color-coded chart up on his site now. Allah had a hand in making it.

And you might want to change the wording of that whole "Ace on Sully" thing. Wouldn't want Randy Andy construing it as an invitation or something.

"Be not afraid," Andrew... (Below threshold)

"Be not afraid," Andrew

From Jesus Christ, not the ... (Below threshold)

From Jesus Christ, not the Anti Andrew one:

"Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."






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