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Andrew Sullivan - "I Feared The Worst. I Was Wrong"

Andrew Sullivan (October 27, 2004)

..[I]t is simply foolish to ignore what we have found out this past year about Bush's obvious limits, his glaring failures, his fundamental weakness as a leader. I fear he is out of his depth and exhausted. I simply do not have confidence in him to navigate the waters ahead skilfully enough to avoid or survive the darkening clouds on the horizon.
Andrew Sullivan (April 12, 2005)
IRAQ: It behooves me to write that I'm chastened - and extremely heartened - by the progress we're making in Iraq. The elections were obviously the key - and they should have been scheduled at least a year before they were. But it's equally true that the constancy of our amazing troops, and the magic of democracy, are turning this long hard slog into a long hard slog with an end in sight. The criticisms of the past endure. But the fundamental objective seems to be within sight. The right decision - to remove Saddam - is no longer being stymied by wrong decisions. I feared the worst. I was wrong.


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/me applauds.Final... (Below threshold)

/me applauds.


The cynic might argue that ... (Below threshold)

The cynic might argue that Sullivan can only maintain enough cognitive dissonance to go after one political figure at a time, and so has decided to concentrate his fire on the new Pope for not being gay-friendly enough instead of concentrating it on Bush for not being gay-friendly enough.

I read that line completely... (Below threshold)

I read that line completely the opposite of how Henry did, and perhaps you, too, Kevin.

I read it to be Sullivan saying he feared the worst, and he was wrong (implying the following as train of though/suggestion) 'BECAUSE WORSE THAN THE WORST HAPPENED...' (Bush was right).

I'm thinking that Sullivan is waving a two edged sword there, perhaps assuming he's passing as hokay while getting in that jab just behind the back. You know, "love ya', my friend" and then the wallet's lifted.

I think Sullivan is resentful about the obvious (the 'gay marriage' fallout) and just can't get his head around anything else. His penchant for filtering information through his homosexuality has really warped his ability to reason about much anything socio-political except about resentment about 'gay marriage.'

It's a viscious circle, is what I mean, and he's shown his limits and they are way retrogressive from where he once was headed. His choice, free country, all that, but as to ideology, he's losing, if not lost and his and his are aware of that. Thus, the screed ensures.

They'll never thank President Bush, nor be level and realistic about Bush's Presidency, nor about the country as it is, among other key issues, and I find Sullivan a sad guy.

sorry, "...screed ensues."<... (Below threshold)

sorry, "...screed ensues."

I'm in a technical rush here, sorry, typos ongoing.

That sounds a little too mu... (Below threshold)

That sounds a little too much like "we succeeded, DESPITE the incompentence of Bush or the large number of screw-ups". He's heartened by the progress in Iraq, but not specifically by anything this administration has done. He still isn't really giving the President any credit.

Sure, it sounds good, if yo... (Below threshold)

Sure, it sounds good, if you skip over "elections were obviously the key - and they should have been scheduled at least a year before they were" or "The criticisms of the past endure."

Holding the elections a full year earlier would have led, IMO, to the instability which the likes of Sully expected, and often seemingly hailed. If "criticisms of the past endure" such as "Bush's obvious limits," "his fundamental weakness as a leader" and "I simply do not have confidence in him," then one has to ask what Sully is acknowledging he is wrong about. Sounds like he wants to have it both ways.

If you're looking for a mor... (Below threshold)

If you're looking for a more recent turnaround by Sullivan, compare his comments on his blog about Benedict XVI and his "Time 100" paragraph on Ratzinger last week. Aside from the "Rasputin" comment, the editors at Time managed to make his profile almost respectful.

Hmmmm.Andrew Sulli... (Below threshold)


Andrew Sullivan is discussing something that is NOT about gay sex?


Hey Kev? Could you explain ... (Below threshold)

Hey Kev? Could you explain why you or anyone else should care what Andy thinks? About anything?

But since Bush still doesn'... (Below threshold)

But since Bush still doesn't condone gay marriage, HE'S STILL EVIL!






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