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Lebanon's Pulse of Freedom

Lebanese opposition protester shouts anti-Syrian slogans during a demonstration in Beirut Martyrs square, Lebanon, Monday March 14, 2005. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese answered an opposition call for a massive protest to demand a full Syrian troop withdrawal, resignations of security chiefs and an international investigation into the death of former Premier Rafik Hariri.(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Pulse of Freedom is web site for Lebanon's March to Freedom & Democracy, published by the protesters at Martyrs' Square, Beirut, Lebanon. The group has electricity in Freedom Camp, as well as four computers and a broadband wi-fi connection. They're publishing their blog from the heart of the struggle for freedom. The Lebanese government has 10 days to call for elections and Pulse of Freedom is a vital source of information. As Nabil Abou-Charaf writes today:

Today marks the two-month anniversary of Tent City. Five days after the assassination of Hariri on February 14th saw the construction of the first tent down at Martyrs' Square: an expression of disgust towards this atrocious act and as a sign of respect for Hariri's grave . It started with six youth putting up a single tent, and quickly multiplied until forty youth occupied tents by the next day. Today, the population of Tent City is 700.
See Also: The Revolution Will Be Blogged [Spirit of America]

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Reading the comments sectio... (Below threshold)

Reading the comments section on Spirit of America (your link), I now see in realtime the power of love...among those pictured (that link), a beautiful girl who it seems everyone wants to meet...meanwhile, the leader of their webproject guy is fabulous to my eye.

They write that they need media attention. 'Wonder why they aren't receiving any.

Editorial Board guy, Jad, I... (Below threshold)

Editorial Board guy, Jad, I meant earlier.

And speaking of, everyone s... (Below threshold)

And speaking of, everyone should read this post at the "Done With Mirrors" blog:


I would bet we'll see a new round of attention on Lebanese freedom-lovers in about 9 days or so.

man Kevin sure loves that o... (Below threshold)

man Kevin sure loves that one picture. I don't blame him....she's hot.

Yeah I can't get over that ... (Below threshold)

Yeah I can't get over that girl either, she is lovely.

Thanks, Kevin, for keeping ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin, for keeping the subject alive. These are historic and dangerous times we're witnessing, both for freedom in the Middle East and what repercussions failure will bring worldwide.

Will Franklin, I read your link. (Btw, what event are you predicting to occur within 9 days?)

I shudder too for the courageous woman in Beirut (quoted in the link) who is counting on American public support, while AP only ran one picture on the pro-democracy movement since March 30th (versus 37 pictures of pro-Syrian, anti-American demonstrators):

"If we didn't think we had American support we would never have done this. They would kill us. We need you. It is just a fact."

How about this Sully quote:... (Below threshold)

How about this Sully quote:

"... the impermissibility of any sexual act that does not involve the depositing of semen in a fertile uterus ...."


For some reason I thought it when I saw the pic...

Every blogger should have a... (Below threshold)

Every blogger should have aco-contributor that looks like this.


Did you see the Lebanese fl... (Below threshold)

Did you see the Lebanese flag being waved in St. Peter's square yesterday? Fantastic!

More Hotties for Democra... (Below threshold)

More Hotties for Democracy!!

On a more serious note, this is possibly the most important thing to happen since the fall of the Berlin Wall. I sent $100 to SOA to help support their effort, and you should too. Freedom and democracy are the right of every human being.

BR,The event to ha... (Below threshold)


The event to happen in 9 days: read their blog regarding the countdown to May 29...

May 29? (he asked on... (Below threshold)

May 29? (he asked on April 20)

Okay, thanks, WF and McGehe... (Below threshold)

Okay, thanks, WF and McGehee. I found this at their site:

"The countdown has begun. Time is ticking as we edge towards the May 29th deadline for the elections and, consequently, the April 29th deadline for the election law and public notice for general parliamentary elections."

(I thought originally their demands were for the Syrians to leave Lebanon. So I got happy when I thought Will was referring to a Syrian withdrawal within 9 days! I guess that's another countdown. Both events are needed.)

I hope the participants of ... (Below threshold)

I hope the participants of Tent City who will be going around the small villages to inform the people of their voting rights for the upcoming election will also be live-blogging. A dual purpose can be served: getting the word out and some measure of safety if the internet world is watching.

Who needs AP and the rest of the MSM! They're just a camouflaged hole, pretending to cover the news, but in fact suppressing it.

If we can't be there to help the pro-democracy Lebanese with our 2nd Amendment arms (like the Americans who went to help in 1936, Spain), at least we can keep vigil with them via the internet.






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