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Man Arrested For Spitting On Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is out on the road hawking her new tell-all memoir, but apparently one Missouri man decided to let "Hanoi Jane" know how he really felt about her.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Police said they arrested a man for spitting on two-time Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda during a book-signing stop in Kansas City Tuesday night.

Fonda, 67, spoke at Unity Temple, in The Plaza shopping district, about her new best-selling book, "My Life So Far," and her new movie with Jennifer Lopez called "Monster-In-Law."

At about 9 p.m., police said, a man who had been waiting in line for about 90 minutes, passed a book to Fonda and then spit a large amount of tobacco juice into her face.

Michael A. Smith, 54, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, which is a city charge.

While Fonda is contemptible, even she deserves not to be spat on. To her credit, Fonda declined to Fonda press charges.

Jane Fonda Hanoi Radio Broadcasts [3rd Marines]


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Comments (48)

Gee, think if it had been j... (Below threshold)

Gee, think if it had been just a pie, he would have walked?

She's hawking the book, and... (Below threshold)

She's hawking the book, and the veteran hawked something else entirely.

Shoot wavemake stole my lin... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Shoot wavemake stole my line.

Arrested? Should have been ... (Below threshold)

Arrested? Should have been given the option of receiving a medal or monument.

Big tobacco will be blamed.... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Big tobacco will be blamed.

The link to enlarge the pic... (Below threshold)

The link to enlarge the picture is broken. The "%2F"s in the link should be "/". Here's a working one: Enlarge Picture

[Ed - Fixed. Thanks]

If there is any justice, in... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

If there is any justice, in about thirty years, there will be books written that this was entirely an urban legend, and that no one ever actually spat on a Leftist.

She made her biggest blunde... (Below threshold)

She made her biggest blunder right in the middle of my Dad's 2nd tour of Nam and during a time when I was oversensitive to all the hatered spewing at all vets who returned to the US . I doubt that I would have spat at her but I surely would have told her that I still harbored ill will at what she did but that I'm a biger person and forgiveness was in order. Oh, and I would NOT have purchased the damned book either so to be in the line for 90 minutes probably would not have been an option for me.
Sad that the ignorant action of one hold so much hatred for so many.
Are we all guilty of something stupid for the sake of attention? yeah, I think we all sort of are. Does she deserve to be forgiven, yeah, I think she sorta does.

Cowards run, don't they?</p... (Below threshold)

Cowards run, don't they?

She's been spitting on most... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

She's been spitting on most of us for most of her life.

There is no statute of limi... (Below threshold)

There is no statute of limitations for treason. She should be tried and if convicted imprisoned or executed as is appropriate.

Ohhh gee, I think that, in ... (Below threshold)

Ohhh gee, I think that, in the spirit of grace we find ourselves in with the election of Pope Benedict XVI, we should show some Christian forgiveness to Jane (he said, sardonically).

I don't suppose the media c... (Below threshold)

I don't suppose the media checked to see whether the man was a Vietnam veteran who, upon his return to America after serving his country honorably, was spit on by the anti-war lunatics being led by Fonda?

I'm not saying that would make this right, but it'd certainly put his actions into perspective.

Debra,Sins should ... (Below threshold)


Sins should be confessed; Forgiveness should be asked for; and forgiveness should then be given. But, this is not a perfect world.

When the sins are denied? No. Listen to the broadcasts she made. For supporting Communism--loudly and explicitly? No. For ignoring the victims after Vietnam fell (remember the "boat people?")? No.

She did great damage to America, for which she remains unrepentant. Should she be spit upon? No. But, she should be challenged.

Spittle was too good for he... (Below threshold)

Spittle was too good for her. He should have been a little more creative.

I didn't say that I liked i... (Below threshold)

I didn't say that I liked it....I'm merely stated that we have all done stupd things, said stupid things and been forgiven for the stuid things we've done and said.
I can;t stand Hanoi Jane...but I don't hate her. She is a dumb hollywood type plain and simple. My Dad received a rough welcome home from Nam and if he can get past it so can I.

Easily my favorite line of ... (Below threshold)

Easily my favorite line of her broadcast, " there is no more prostitution as there was during the time when this was a French colony". AAAAAHAHAHAHA, you gotta be kidding me!!

Don & skybird have the righ... (Below threshold)

Don & skybird have the right idea, if you ask me. I don't give a hoot for Hanoi Jane, anymore than she cares for the USA. She can lick the wet end. Oh - and I'll forgive her as soon as she's sorry for what she did, but from what I've read, she's not sorry.

I'm glad they arrested him.... (Below threshold)

I'm glad they arrested him. I hope the spit presses charges.

She should not be spit on. ... (Below threshold)

She should not be spit on.

She should be tortured by the Communists in a N Vietnamese "re-education" camp, and then forced to live in abject near-starvation poverty while doing hard agricultural hand labor 14 hours a day for her entire life, the fate she helped inflict on millions of Vietnamese.

A Hank Williams Jr. line co... (Below threshold)

A Hank Williams Jr. line comes to mind. Wonder if it was Beech-Nut or if the guy was thinking about the next line in the song (A Country Boy Can Survive).

I'm glad they arrested h... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

I'm glad they arrested him. I hope the spit presses charges.

Okay, that was pretty funny right there. :)

First, there is no excuse f... (Below threshold)

First, there is no excuse for this behavior. It can, by miscalculation, turn into a fracas where real harm is done.

That being said, I understand the impulse. This woman is detestable.

If you don't like her, picket the store, ask people not to enter while she is there.

Vietnam was long ago. But,... (Below threshold)
Richard Gagnon:

Vietnam was long ago. But, many of us still remember those who gave support to our troops
and those who did not. Ms. Fonda did not give
support to our troops. She was only thinking
about herself. She has to live with herself
knowing that millions of other Americans
do not think well of her. I don't hate her
but I don't like her either. She is a great
example of a person that was given the opportunity to excell but did not know how to
be a true patriot.

I believe a bucket of cold water would of been my choice.

God Bless America

Richard Gagnon
Viet Nam Vet - 1966/1967

They should fine him $1.00 ... (Below threshold)

They should fine him $1.00 and make her share a hut with a water buffalo and work a rice paddy for the rest of her life.

Are we sure the guy arreste... (Below threshold)

Are we sure the guy arrested was the guy who spit? I'm thinking Roger McDowell was lurking...

("BACK...and to the LEFT")

Comments above - goes to sh... (Below threshold)

Comments above - goes to show how decent and forgiving conservatives are. Meanwhile, liberals have a T-shirt out instructing Delay to commit suicide.

I'm with TallDave, Don and Raven. First, render unto Caesar... then let God forgive her later.

I think what this Vet did w... (Below threshold)

I think what this Vet did was wrong and low-life.[Almost Dummie like].I think something more civil and creative could have been dreamed up.Hanoi Jane has served some "time" though;just being married toTed Turner.How he treated her was as bad as what this Vet did.If only she had to perform in a Three-Way with Turner and Ted Kennedy,Then I would almost say she served her sentence.

She deserves far wor... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

She deserves far worse than to be spit on.
I never understood why someone didn't punch her out decades ago.

Yeah, but, nice and all but... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but, nice and all but isn't Fonda still promoting communism?

Not that she can't, lawfully, but I think the point about her being deserving of forgiveness for her past remarks/behaviors is entirely moot, since what she wants is to regain social acceptance but she hasn't denounced her former positions and beliefs. She's just now behaving 'prettier' about them, but she's stil promoting and funding the very same political positions she always has been.

Our modern age now makes it alright for many variable issue promotions, particularly when you get a media campaign going with other sympathetics, but it still doesn't render treason as being alright. Even when some people think it's "progressively" acceptable (do what you want, believe what you want, say what you want, it's all relative line of rationalization for various).

Fonda, even on that interview she recently conducted, never came out and denounced the political positions that she promoted in her earlier years, she just says she now woulnd't say what she said then about "the troops," but she never and isn't now saying that what she did was admittedly treasonous, that she regrets the politics she then promoted because she still is.

Jane Fonda IS a traitor and should be held accountable for that. Yes, she says she's a christian today but so did Reverand Jim Jones.

And, her religious beliefs ... (Below threshold)

And, her religious beliefs do not make treason alright. She's still responsible for her behavior to the country. I'm glad she's seen the Light but the Light doesn't also make what she did alright and unimportant and certainly not something that she is accountable for.

...UNaccountable for...... (Below threshold)

...UNaccountable for...

She also puked her way to t... (Below threshold)

She also puked her way to thinness while making more than $40 million selling fitness videos, convincing a lot of unsuspecting women that she maintained her figure by a different exercise other than regurgitation. She's admitted the anorexia but I haven't heard a word about refinded the money she really didn't need and swindled from people who did. Limosine liberal, liar, very rich thief, con artist deluxe, traitor and communist, what a combination! If she could only figure out how to murder a few million she could become an honorary Chirac.

As someone who's pissed on ... (Below threshold)

As someone who's pissed on her urinal targets, all I can say is that I hope the guy had good aim. Really I don't see the big deal... liberals are throwing pies at Conservatives for expressing their opinion. This is a woman that went to a country we were at war with, a country that killed 50,000 Americans, and commended them!!!! Imagine if this were 2002 and she went to Afghanistan and appeared with OBL. I particularly love the irony... if I had done it, I wouldn't have run.... I'd have stood proud.

I'd buy that man a beer anyday.

I also hope this starts copycatters...vets who at every booksigning she does spit on her. I hope it forces her to cancel the signings....I hope it costs her money.... because her antics gave support to our enemy....and in the long run, that costs Americans their lives.

A real American hero. He sh... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

A real American hero. He should be put up for a Navy Cross. I would have done it myslef but I dont have the bal-s. Given how liberal Bush has become it took more guts for him to pay her back than anything I ever did for a Bronze Stae. God bless him and God bless America. We still have brave men willing to do the right thing!

Makes ya want to take up ch... (Below threshold)

Makes ya want to take up chewin tabacco!

Greetings from Kansas City.... (Below threshold)

Greetings from Kansas City.

The next morning a local talk show was discussing this incident and the spitter called in. He was unrepentant. He said he was actually disappointed that Hanoi Jane wasn't going to press charges, indicating that he would have liked to have seen what woutd have come out in court.

It's hard to imagine she could have done anything more traitorous than the things she did do during the war, for which she should have been promptly tried and punished for. The pictures, the broadcasts on Hanoi radio enthusing about the communist paradise she was experiencing, the visit to the Hanoi Hilton. But no, she came home and enjoyed a career as a celebrated, major movie star for the next several decades.

I think it's important to r... (Below threshold)

I think it's important to recognize that during the war, her actions could be viewed as merely treasonous to her country. But in light of the horror and misery inflicted by those she supported, her actions should now be properly viewed as a crime against humanity.

I'm also struck that there ... (Below threshold)

I'm also struck that there by the many similarities to Walter Duranty's role in whitewashing the Soviet Communists' cruel murder by starvation of millions of Ukrainians.

I left Vietnam almost a yea... (Below threshold)

I left Vietnam almost a year before Hanoi Jane made her treasonous speech. However, I and most of the Vietnam Veterans I know have made it a point not to watch her movies, not to buy her books, not to contribute in any way to her financial success, and to encourage others to refrain from doing so. This is a far better way to show our lasting contempt for the childish, treasonous, and absolutely idiotic behavior of an over-pampered, spoiled airhead. I plan to continue ignoring Jane Fonda for the rest of my life. She doesn't deserve two minutes of my time.

Old Patriot, I hear you. B... (Below threshold)

Old Patriot, I hear you. But my hubby has a just one little wish .......he'd like to stand in front of her also and spit chaw all over her for those who aren't here to do it for themselves. He doesn't forget easy.

Not bad, but I am personall... (Below threshold)
Don 1967-1969:

Not bad, but I am personally hoping to out live her so I can find her grave and along with numerous other vets create a "Yellow River" for her to remain forever in! The good Lord can forgive. Those of us who have lived through and with this will chose if and when we will! And like others have said this is not a person with true remorse! From beyond the grave I'm sure she's cursed! USMC

How can people forget the t... (Below threshold)
Jesse Cox:

How can people forget the treason of a so-called celebrity who directly aided the North Vietnamese, or do her actions toward US POWs not count.

Tokyo Rose was sentenced to ten years for treason, and she never had ANY direct contact with the American troops. No one died as a result of her actions.

I have and will always believe that Fonda is a traitorous bitch. If she refuses to be big enough to take responsibility and seek forgiveness, why should she be forgiven?

Bottom line - She aided and... (Below threshold)

Bottom line - She aided and abetted the enemy. She insulted POW's to their face and then betrayed thoses who gave her notes with their SSAN's by giving the notes to NVA guards. She made anti-military broadcasts on radio Hanoi. And according to NVA Gen Giap and NAV Col. Buy Tin, Fonda, Joh Kerry and people like them boosted enemy resolve and thus prolonged the war. One last thing - when has any liberal EVER apologized for the way Vietnam Vets were treated? To hell with Fonda and those like her.

Pictures of this BITCH and ... (Below threshold)
Another Vet:

Pictures of this BITCH and John Kerry are displayed in a place of honor, to this day, in the Hanoi War Remnants Museum.

No matter how hard Fonda and her fellow liberals try to revise history, lie, or whitewash her treasonous actions, the bitch was carry that bag of festering garbage around her neck until she dies.

To hell with her, the cowardly anti-war hippies, and all of the communist-living bastards who betrayed America during that war.

Stop just a moment and look... (Below threshold)

Stop just a moment and look closly at the smiling faces of the enemy troops as she walked amoung them. Was this a USO show ? NO !
This was consorting with the enemy during was time. Spit on her ? Seems like a small thing when you look at the smiles she gave out >

where is this gentleman inc... (Below threshold)

where is this gentleman incarcerated at?
I'll put a Twenty Dollar Bill on his Books.
Better yet, I'll start a drive to pay ANY fines the Judicial System levies upon him.
All I can say, is I hope his Aim was true.

Oh, I love the comment: "They will probably blame tobacco companies".
thats priceless.

The bitch will always be re... (Below threshold)

The bitch will always be remembered as "Hanoi Jane"

I'll forgive her when the Jews forgive Hitler






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