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Vermont Senator Won't Seek Re-Election

Senator Jim Jeffords (I-VT) who has mostly disappeared off the national political radar since his defection from the Republican Party in 2001, will announce today that he will not seek re-election. Jeffords is reviled in conservative quarters as "Turncoat" Jeffords, for his 2001 defection from the GOP which put Democrats in charge of the Senate until after the 2002 elections.

Jeffords health is said to be the reason for his decision. Most recently he made a minor splash by adopting the conspiracy theories of the far left as his own.

Vermont senator won't seek re-election [AP/USAT]
Jim Jeffords Tin Foil Hat Fits Just Fine [Wizbang]


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Comments (8)

Guess he has worn out his u... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Guess he has worn out his usefulness to the DNC, and he knows the GOP doesn't want him back.

So now he will retire and turn up on MSNBC as a political know it all.

He doesn't have a major par... (Below threshold)

He doesn't have a major party to swindle for campaign funds again, I guess.

Maybe the Kim Philby of Ver... (Below threshold)

Maybe the Kim Philby of Vermont thinks he can get a better deal with the Liberal Party in Canada (they seem to pay well).

I understand that Jeffords,... (Below threshold)

I understand that Jeffords, not long ago, went to the House instead of the Senate chambers and had to be told that he was not in the Senate and had to be directed to the Senate. Maybe the building is large and confusing to get around in.

Well, Jeezum Jim was our lo... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Well, Jeezum Jim was our lone Representative before he became a Senator and handed the House seat to the member from Brooklyn.

Guess he has worn out hi... (Below threshold)

Guess he has worn out his usefulness to the DNC...

That happened on Election Day 2002.

...and he knows the GOP doesn't want him back.

He found that out the day after Election Day 2002.

He's just been coasting for the last few years, knowing he'd have a steady paycheck and the right to the attention of at least his home state's news media until his term expired.

Great news--we're having co... (Below threshold)

Great news--we're having cocktails.

Hard to believe it's been 5 years since this bastard stole my vote by switching parties a month after he was elected. In a state noted for its elected buffoons, Jeffords distinguished himself as the stupidest Senator in the nation. He betrayed his constituents, and the foundations of our democracy. A short 19 months after his traitorous act, he became profoundly irrelevant. He can't show his face in Vermont.

Today we can't tell if he is loosing mind or simply exuding his trademark duplicity. It doesn't matter. The only lasting contribution to our society he could ever make, was to remind us that treachery carries heavy penalties. No Senator will switch political parties for the rest of our lives.

Jimbo lost his mind a long ... (Below threshold)

Jimbo lost his mind a long time ago. Glad he's retiring. Go Jim Douglas!!!






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